Antique Sale on 08/11/17
10.30 am
Watcombe Manor Saleroom
Ingham Lane
OX49 5EJ

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1.      A Grainger and Co reticulated pot pourri vase and cover, on triform base, 6" high (damage to interior and cover), a Royal Worcester floral decorated miniature sugar and cream set and a similar shallow bowl (rim chips to bowl) £40-60
2.      An early 18th century Hispano Moresque shaving bowl with traditional design, 14" dia (restorations) £60-80
3.      A Spanish majolica charger with Don Quixote and Sancho Panzer decoration, 18" dia £30-50
4.      A Meissen blue and white decorated coffee cup, a similar saucer and a similar ashtray £30-50
5.      A Victorian floral transfer decorated toilet jug and bowl £20-30
6.      A Clarice Cliff centenary limited edition plate, 325/1999, and a Goebel's figure group after Norman Rockwell, two musicians, 5" high £30-50
7.      A Royal Worcester blush ivory vase, shape number 151, 3 1/2" high, painted with various fruit signed Ricketts, bearing puce mark to base, and a studio pottery bowl with a crimped wavy rim, indistinctly singed to base, 6 1/2" dia £30-50
8.      A Studio Szeiler recumbent cow and a companion donkey, 7" long £15-20
9.      A 19th century Stevenson & Hancock Derby porcelain plate, the central panel painted by H S Hancock, possibly of Derby Cathedral, the border richly gold painted floral and scroll decoration, painted puce mark and signature verso, 10 1/2" dia, £100-150
10.     A 19th century Derby "Tree" pattern oval meat plate and side plate, a Wedgwood plate decorated with birds, butterflies and flowers, bearing impressed marks verso, and other 19th century English porcelain £50-70
11.     A late 18th century Worcester porcelain "Fence" pattern teapot, 6" high, and a similar milk jug, 3 1/4" high £50-70
12.     An early 20th century Poole Pottery spill vase, shape number 201, bearing artists mark KS and impressed marks to base, 5 1/2" high £50-70
13.     A 19th century Barr Flight Barr 'Queen Charlotte' pattern cup and saucer, a Worcester First Period porcelain cup and saucer on blue scale ground, with panels of flowers, a Caughley fluted cup and saucer, with gilded flowers on white ground, a late 18th century Worcester fluted saucer painted with sprigs of flowers £50-70
14.     An 18th century Lowestoft "Redgrave" pattern dish, 4 3/4" dia, a Lowestoft "Dolls House" pattern tea bowl and a Liverpool? tea, 3 1/2" dia £50-70
15.     A 19th century blue and white Worcester cabbage jug, decorated with sprigs of flowers and butterflies, with large scroll ringed handle and mask spout, 8 1/4" high £50-70
16.     A 19th century Liverpool porcelain globular-shaped teapot, decorated with sprigs of flowers, 7 1/2" long £50-70
17.     An 18th century "Fence" pattern tea bowl and saucer, a Liverpool Pennington tea bowl and three other pieces of early English porcelain, including a Worcester saucer dish £50-70
18.     Four pieces of early 19th century blue and white English porcelain including a saucer dish and plate, a Worcester saucer dish and a fluted cup £50-70
19.     Five early 19th century English porcelain cups and saucers, each decorated in the Imari palette, including Coalport, Crown Derby, etc £50-70
20.     Four 19th century porcelain cups and saucers including Coalport, decorated with flowers on a cobalt blue and gilt ground in the manner of John Rose, and a Spode cup and saucer £50-70
21.     Five early 19th century English porcelain coffee cans, including Minton, Chamberlains Worcester "Finger" pattern, New Hall pattern 1153, a Crown Derby teacup, and a Caughley fluted tea bowl £50-70
22.     A group of early 19th century English blue and white coffee cans and saucers, various, including Coalport, New Hall, Miles Mason, etc £50-70
23.     A quantity of late 18th/early 19th century English porcelain, including a Caughley scalloped edge plate decorated with blue flowers, a New Hall? small jug, a larger jug and a blue and white Worcester porcelain pap boat £50-70
24.     A New Hall pattern 272 tea bowl and saucer a Derby cup and saucer decorated with sprigs of flowers, a Spode coffee can and other cups and saucers £50-70
25.     A Worcester "Queens" pattern cup, a Spode 557 cup, two similar saucers and various other tea bowls and saucers £50-70
26.     A late Victorian blue and white pottery meat plate, bearing impressed marks to base, together with a Copeland & Garrett "Saxon Blue" tree and well meat plate £50-70
27.     A pair of 19th century Continental porcelain floral encrusted candlesticks, 9 1/2" high £20-40
28.     A doll's 1920s Japanese blue and white part tea service for six £20-40
29.     A pair of late 19th century Continental porcelain figures, seated musician and a woman in period costume, 7" high, and a mid 19th century painted terracotta tobacco jar with demon faces, 6" high £20-40
30.     A Royal Doulton china figure, Balloon Man HN1954, together with a Royal Doulton figure, Balloon Lady HN2935, modelled by Peter A Gee £40-60
31.     A late Victorian Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain ewer, shape number 1668, with gilt handle, painted with sprays of roses, bearing puce mark to base and date code for 1895, 4 3/4" high £50-70
32.     A pair of late Victorian blue and white Wedgwood jasperware (cameo ware) two-handled urns, each with pierced cover, the body applied with classical maidens, each raised on circular feet, 9 3/4" high £80-120
33.     A matched pair of late Victorian Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain ewers, shape number 1587, with gilt highlighted scroll handle, painted with various flowers, raised on circular feet with beaded detail, 12" high £80-120
34.     A pair of early 20th century Royal Doulton stoneware vases, "Autumn Leaves", shape number 5746, bearing impressed marks to base, 8" high £50-70
35.     A mid Victorian Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain jug, shape number 1436, with gilt highlighted scroll handle, ribbed body decorated purple flowers, puce mark to base and date letter for 1867 £50-70
36.     An early 20th century Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain vase, shape number 991, with four lug handles, decorated with sprays of flowers, bearing green mark to base for 1901, raised on a circular foot, 3" high £50-70
37.     Three Poole Pottery stoneware models, wren on an apple, standing owl, and mouse on an ear of corn £40-60
38.     Three pieces of Poole Pottery Adams Stabler pottery, each decorated with flowers, bearing impressed marks to base, together with a Poole Pottery twin tone scallop shaped dish £40-60
39.     A pair of mid Victorian Royal Worcester blush ivory porcelain bottle vases, shape number 859, each painted with alternate panels of sprays of flowers, 11" high (one repaired to the neck) £60-80
40.     Five pieces of mid 20th century Wedgwood jasperware, including three trinket boxes and two pin dishes £40-60
41.     A late Victorian Royal Worcester blush ivory two-handled porcelain vase, shape number 1762, painted with sprays of flowers, raised on a gilt painted circular foot, 8 1/4" high £60-80
42.     A miniature Royal Doulton stoneware jug, applied with a plaque of the profile of Lord Nelson, together with a similar stoneware tankard, each bearing impressed marks to base £30-50
43.     A Royal Worcester porcelain spill vase, shape number G365, bearing green painted mark to base, 4 3/4" high £30-50
44.     A Royal Crown Derby porcelain side plate, pattern 2712, together with two pieces of Noritake porcelain, modern Royal Worcester pin dishes and various other china and porcelain £30-50
45.     A Staffordshire Gin and Water figure, a pair of Staffordshire figures with dogs, four assorted 19th century pot lids, in wooden frames, and other decorative ceramics £60-80
46.     A Royal Doulton Art Nouveau designed toilet jug and basin (rim chipped to basin), jug 2" high £20-40
47.     A set of four Capodimonte figures of cherubs representing "The Seasons", 6" high £30-50
48.     An early 19th century blue and white transfer decorated chestnut basket, a similar osier plate, four similar plates and a rectangular dish (some damages), an 18th century Worcester saucer dish with blue and white floral decoration (extensive crack), a smaller similar saucer dish, a late 19th century Worcester ivory jug, a blue and white tea bowl and a New Hall "Trench Mortar" pattern coffee can £60-80
49.     An 18th century Continental model of a tiger, 4 1/4" long (leg restored), a ceramic dish with a rabbit, 8 1/2" wide, and a Delft cow £20-40
50.     A Lambeth pottery female figure decorated vase by Philip Sutton 1987, 11" high (restored), a studio pottery dish with fish decoration, 10 3/4" dia, and a terracotta figure of a woman balancing on a ball, 8" high (one arm missing and one arm restored) £40-60
51.     A set of six butterfly decorated ribbon edge plates, 7 1/2" dia, and a number of other decorative plates £20-40
52.     An 18th century Delftware model of a recumbent cow, 6" long (horn restored), and a green glazed terracotta figure of a seated lion, 12" high (damages) £40-60
53.     An 18th century Derby porcelain figure of a flute player (one hand restored), 4 1/2" high £30-50
54.     A slipware two-division dish, 11" wide, a similar three-handled tyg dated 1653, 3 1/2" high, and a similar salt pig, 10 1/2" high (damages) £50-70
55.     A collection of assorted 19th century blue transfer decorated wares (damages) £30-50
56.     An early 18th century Bristol bianca sopra bianca plate with wavy rim and landscape with fisherman pattern, 8 1/4" dia £80-120
57.     An 18th century Delftware plate with chinoiserie decoration, 12" dia (restored) and a similar dish with floral decoration (crack and rim chips), 12" dia £80-120
58.     An 18th century Continental polychrome Delftware dish with bird and fruit decoration, 12 1/4" dia (restored), and a similar dish with fish design, 12 1/4" dia £40-60
59.     An English Delft? pottery charger, brightly decorated with sprays of flowers within a scalloped border, 13 1/4" dia, and a Delft bowl decorated with orange painted decoration, 9" dia £60-80
60.     A Delft pottery blue and white charger decorated with sprays of flowers within a cross hatched border, 12" dia, together with a brightly coloured charger decorated with a bird and fruit, 12" dia £60-80
61.     A Moroccan blue and white pottery bowl decorated with geometric patterns, 13 1/4" dia, together with a Delft blue and white baluster vase, decorated with village scene, 7" high £60-80
62.     A Delft blue and white pottery charger decorated with fisherman in landscape, 13 1/4" dia, together with one similar decorated with figure standing at a table within a floral border £60-80
63.     Five early Delft pottery plates, each of a different design, (all with chips to rim), 8 3/4" dia, together with a smaller Delft plate decorated with a mountainous village, 8" dia £60-80
64.     A 19th century Continental porcelain fern pot with figure decoration on a bleu celeste ground, 7" high, a similar trinket box and cover, 5" wide, and a 19th century Imari porcelain saucer dish, 6 1/2" dia £40-60
65.     A late 19th century Continental porcelain two-handled vase with figure decorated panel on a pink and gilt decorated ground, 18 1/2" high £40-60
66.     A Lladro porcelain figure, "Oriental Girl", together with a Lladro porcelain model, "Graceful Swan" £50-70
67.     A group of three Karl Ens Volkstedt porcelain bird ornaments, bullfinch and chicks, green finch and a woodpecker in flight £60-80
68.     A Rosenthal china figure of a nude woman holding a towel, 16" high £80-120
69.     A Lladro ornament of a cobbler art work, 10" high, and a Lladro porcelain model 'Lamplighter' £30-50
70.     Three cases of Royal Crown Derby porcelain handled knives and forks, with white painted handles with gilt detail, together with a three-piece Royal Crown Derby porcelain handled cheese set, decorated with butterflies and flowers £40-60
71.     A Goss biscuit portrait bust of W H Goss and a collection of Goss crested wares including Mons Meg, Roman oil lamp, Shakespeare's house, etc £50-70
72.     A pair of infant's Mabel Lucie Atwell figure decorated hotplates, with aluminium bases and stoppers, 8" dia £50-70
73.     A Royal Doulton Slaters lacework stoneware baluster vase with inverted flared neck, drilled as a lamp base, bearing impressed marks to base, 13 1/2" high £40-60
74.     Two Dartington glass shallow bowls, a wasp trap, an etched glass shade and chimney, etc £30-50
75.     A cut glass desk weight and six Victorian pressed glass door knobs £20-40
76.     A 19th century brown glass decanter with scroll handle and silver plated collar and stopper, together with a Venetian pink and white glass gimmel flask £50-70
77.     An assortment of old glass bottles, inkwells, etc £20-40
78.     Two Caithness pale blue glass vases, one etched with a wren, the other with daffodils, a Caithness mottled glass vase, a Mdina squat glass vase and a Sunderland dump glass weight £40-60
79.     A Moser cast and acid etched glass atomiser with plated mounts, 6 1/2" high, and a decorative green glass scent bottle stopper £20-40
80.     A Roman glass bulbous flask, 4 1/2" high (damages) and a smaller Roman glass flask (damaged rim) 3 1/2" high, a blow moulded flask of Roman design with figure decoration, 5" high, a Roman style lamp work vase, 4 1/4" high, an Art Deco cast glass scent bottle, in the Egyptian taste, 2 1/2" high, and a late 19th century glass dish with engraved waterlily decoration, 14 1/2" dia £40-60
81.     A large collection of assorted decanter stoppers £30-50
82.     A 19th century cut glass flared vase, on gilt metal stand, a mid 20th century cut glass vase, on a gilt metal and onyx stand, and an onyx cigar box £20-40
83.     A quantity of various cut crystal glasses, together with Villeroy and Boch Georgian design glasses, bearing etched marks to base £60-80
84.     A 19th century engraved glass claret jug and stopper, a late 18th century faceted decanter and other glass £100-150
85.     A set of six Stuart crystal wine goblets with conical bowls and cut decoration, 8 1/2" high £100-150
86.     A Cauldon porcelain part teaset, pattern "C4925", white painted body within a gilt Greek key border, bearing painted mark £30-50
87.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern 1128 bone china combination service comprising twelve soup plates, twelve dinner plates, twelve side plates, twelve cups, twelve saucers, two oval tureens and covers (one tureen cover damaged), an oval meat platter, a sauce boat and a stand £4000-6000
88.     A Royal Worcester "Blue Lily" pattern part service £20-40
89.     A Royal Doulton bone china "Tapestry" part combination service £30-50
90.     A late 19th century floral decorated part teaset and a Tams Ware "Dorothy" part dinner service £30-50
91.     A 19th century floral decorated bone china part dessert service, nine plates and three stands and other decorative china £30-50
92.     A matched "Indian Tree" pattern part dinner service and a Wood's Ware green "Beryl" part combination service £20-40
93.     A Minton "Downing" pattern part dinner service for six settings, thirty pieces approx £50-70
94.     A set of eight Royal Crown Derby breakfast cups with matching saucers and side plates, pattern 1128 £100-150
95.     A Noritake floral decorated part combination service for twelve, ninety pieces approx £50-70
96.     An assortment of decorative glass vases, ceramics, etc £40-60
97.     A set of seven Stuart crystal glass tumblers and other assorted part sets of glasses £50-70
98.     A 19th century black basalt porcelain teapot of silver shape together with a Royal Bonn porcelain salad bowl with plated rim and a pair of matching servers £30-50
99.     Three boxes of mixed ceramics, including meat dishes, etc £30-50
100.    A quantity of 19th century blue and white pottery and porcelain, various, including Spode, Wedgwood and other factories £40-60
101.    A Belleek heart-shaped latticework trinket dish, a pair of Imari porcelain dishes, green leaf moulded plates and other decorative ceramics and glass £30-50
103.    Two Royal Doulton Series Ware plates "Worsely" and "Falstaff", a Royal Doulton "Shakespeare", two other plates and a porcelain sherry barrel £40-60
104.    An Ironstone toilet bowl, a matching jug and other decorative china £20-40
105.    A collection of P M Butcher studio pottery, various, together with other studio pottery £40-60
106.    A collection of Royal Worcester bone china garden bird ornaments, various, a Crown Staffordshire porcelain model of a standing penguin, retailed by T Goode, and two porcelain wrens £40-60
107.    A group of Royal Doulton "Bunnykins" nursery china, together with various other children's wares, including a child's teaset, etc £40-60
108.    A collection of 19th/early 20th century blue and white export and other porcelain tea bowls, approximately 17 £80-120
109.    A late 19th century Chinese carved and pierced wooden vase cover and various ceramic vase covers, in wicker bottle carrier (damages), a stoneware model of a meerkat, 14" high, a green stoneware Silenus two-handle vase (restored) and other decorative china, various £30-50
110.    An assortment of studio pottery, various, including miniature teaset, etc £40-60
111.    An Art Nouveau green glazed pottery jug decorated child and a frog, the base inscribed Wagner (cover detached), a green dump glass paperweight and other assorted decorative items £30-50
112.    A pair of Lalique glass ornaments of birds (damaged), three glass sculptures of animals and a Swedish Marcolin glass sculpture of a fir tree £30-50
113.    A Royal Worcester china figure of the Queen, an Aynsley china two-handled vase decorated views of Sandringham, and other decorative ceramics and glass £30-50
114.    Three Crown Derby wall plates with yellow borders, centres painted landscapes by W E J Dean, an Aynsley Bermuda Islands plate dated 1962, and two other blue and white Statfjord plates £30-50
115.    A set of eight Wedgwood David Shepherd Wildlife Collection limited edition plates together with a copy of "The Man who Loves Giants", by David Shepherd £40-60
116.    A group of Hornsea and other fawnware ceramics £40-60
117.    A Chinese polychrome enamelled jar and cover with flowering tree decoration, 10 1/2" high £40-60
118.    A Chinese blue and white baluster shaped vase and cover decorated dragons, 21" high, and a Chinese polychrome decorated baluster vase decorated two panels of female figures, 12" high £70-90
119.    A Chinese, possibly Chung dynasty, celadon crackle glaze double gourd vase, with pierced hardwood stand terminating in three short feet, 10" high including stand £150-200
120.    A late 19th century Chinese gilded figure of a crouching bearded man, engraved various Buddhist symbols, raised on a shaped plinth base, 6 1/2" high £400-600
121.    A Chinese blue and white pottery baluster vase with everted rim, decorated with five claw flying dragons amongst clouds and flaming pearls, 18" high £100-150
122.    A Chinese purple flambe glazed pottery squat globular shaped vase, on hardwood stand with four scroll feet, 7 1/4" high £250-300
123.    A Chinese porcelain censer decorated with painted figures set in a garden scene, on an iron red ground, with twin serpent head handles, bearing six character mark for Kangxi to base, 6 1/2" x 4" £200-300
124.    A Chinese porcelain meiping shaped porcelain vase, with copper red decoration of flying dragon amongst flaming pearls, the neck and base decorated with geometric pattern, six character blue seal mark to base, raised on a pierced hardwood stand with four supports, 9" high £300-400
125.    A Chinese yellow ground porcelain tea bowl, saucer and cover, decorated with gilt painted Buddhist symbols, together with another Chinese porcelain tea bowl and cover, decorated with panels of flowers, on an enamelled green ground, each bearing six character Kangxi mark to base £200-300
126.    A Chinese pottery Claire de Lune glazed ribbed jardiniere, raised on an unglazed circular foot, 7 1/2" high £300-400
127.    A Chinese porcelain blue and white saucer dish decorated with flying dragon among flaming pearls, the reverse decorated similarly, bearing six character seal mark to base, together with other Chinese porcelain, various £50-70
128.    A Chinese blue and white porcelain baluster vase decorated with Chinese man seated in a garden, bearing six character Kangxi mark to base within double circle, 18" high £300-500
129.     A pair of blanc de chine figures, Kuan Yin, on lotus bases, 10 1/2" high (restored) £20-40
130.    Two 19th century Chinese crackle ware jars, 5" high, a smaller similar vase £20-40
131.    Three Imari bowls, two Imari plates, two lobed oval dishes and other Oriental ceramics £20-40
132.    A late 19th / early 20th century Chinese Ming design porcelain barrel garden seat, decorated with lotus flowers and leaves, 18 1/2" high £100-150
133.    A late 18th century Chinese blue and white pottery charger, designed in the European shape, painted with sprays of flowers, 11 1/2" dia £100-150
134.    A late 19th century Chinese Imari two-section planter, decorated with a mountainous village scene, with a river flowing, on bracket feet £120-180
135.    A 19th century Chinese Kraak porcelain blue and white charger, painted with flowers, within a border of various symbols, the reverse decorated, 12 1/2" dia £200-400
136.    A mid 20th century Chinese porcelain onion-shaped vase, decorated with flowers and butterflies, black painted calligraphy signature, iron red seal marks, and blue painted signature to base, 10" high £120-150
137.    Two early 19th century Chinese blue and white ginger jars and covers (damages) and a late 18th century Chinese blue and white meat plate with later European enamel decoration (restored) £40-60
138.    A Chinese blanc-de-chine porcelain figure of a Kuan Yin seated on a dragon, bearing impressed and seal mark verso, 10" high, in fitted silk box with certificate £40-60
139.    A Chinese carved ivory panel depicting figures in a village, 8 3/4" x 2 1/2" high, on carved hardwood stand £300-500
140.    A 19th century Chinese carved ivory needle case, another similar (lacking lid), a silver mounted ivory parasol handle and other ivory items £40-60
141.    A late 19th century Japanese lacquered and mother-of-pearl inlaid two-fold screen with bird and tree decoration panels, 17" wide x 36" high £40-60
142.    A carved and painted wooden figure of a seated Buddha, 32" high £50-70
143.    A Chinese carved pale green celadon jade figure, on carved hardwood stand, 3" high overall £80-120
144.    A Chinese pale celadon jade carving of a double gourd, 2 1/2" long £400-500
145.    A pair of Chinese carved hardwood water buffalos, each raised on a hardwood stand, 12" long £50-70
146.    A Chinese ivory Hotei figure, possibly 18th century, with areas of original gilding, 3 1/4" high £200-300
147.    A 19th century sectional carved ivory figure of a fisherman with a monkey on his shoulder, 8" high £60-80
148.    A Chinese reverse painted glass snuff bottle with figures and verse, 3" high, a smaller similar snuff bottle, 2 3/4" high, and two glass paperweights £20-40
149.    Two mid 19th century miniature ivory panels, painted in monochrome black paint of the Qutb Minar New Delhi, 2 1/2" x 1 3/4" £50-70
150.    An early 20th century carved ivory walking cane, the handle in the form of an elephant's head and male lion's head, 23" long, together with a pair of ivory glove stretchers, an ivory thimble and a small Indian ivory plaque decorated with a painted farming scene £40-60
151.    A complete late 19th/early 20th century stained and bleached ivory chess set, king height 2 3/4" high £50-70
152.    An elephant tooth knife handle, a carved ivory sectional puzzle, a hardwood and bone Commedia figure and other pieces of ivory, bone, mother-of-pearl, etc £60-80
153.    A modern cloisonne ginger jar and cover with floral decoration on a black ground, 7" high, and a similar plate £30-50
154.    A 1920s Japanese cloisonne baluster vase decorated with three birds in flight on a blue scale ground £40-60
155.    A preserved rabbit, "chef" at a table by a tree, 23" high overall £40-60
156.    A 19th century figured mahogany graphoscope/stereo slide viewer with adjustable stand and a number of stereo slides and photographs, mostly topographical £100-150
157.    A Hastie's patent Anchor Copying Press by J W and Co London, in mahogany and brass with cast iron handle £40-60
158.    A miniature long case clock in fretted wooden case, 29" high £50-70
159.    An Ansonia early 19th century mantel clock in walnut case and two mid 20th century mantel clocks £40-60
160.    A brass cased carriage clock with white enamel dial signed J.C. Vickery London (a/f) £30-50
161.    A Victorian cast iron turret clock movement by "H. Way Windsor" with pendulum, weight and winding handle £100-150
162.    An early 20th century walnut cased bracket clock with brass and silvered dial, 15" high £30-50
163.    DUPLICATE LOT 162 £100-150
164.    A brass "Hawk 18x" three-draw telescope, by Broadhurst Clarkson £30-50
165.    A Regency mahogany cased single fusee mantel clock with brass inlay decoration, the brass 'pineapple' finial raised on a carved stepped base with twin brass swing handles and pierced brass side panels, raised on squat bun feet, 19" high £100-150
166.    A late 18th century syphon tube barometer and thermometer, in mahogany case inlaid satinwood shells and paterae, silvered dial inscribed "Gobbi Casteleti", 38" high £80-120
167.    A watchmaker's lathe £20-40
168.    An HMV portable record player, in leatherette case, and a case of 78 rpm records £30-50
169.    A circular aneroid barometer and thermometer, mounted on wooden backboard £30-50
170.    A Dolland aneroid barometer, in carved oak case £20-40
171.    A 19th century oak cased stick barometer and thermometer with silvered register plate engraved "Burrow", 37" high £100-200
172.    A late 19th century marble cased mantel clock with lion surmount, 13 1/2" high £40-60
173.    A late 19th century ebonised and decorated mantel clock, Gothic design with eight-day striking movement, 16" high £60-80
174.    A late 19th century slate and marble drum cased mantel clock with white enamel dial and eight-day striking movement, 9 1/2" high, and a polished as mahogany mantel clock with brass square dial £40-60
175.    A late 19th century black slate and gilt mounted mantel clock with eight-day striking movement, 10 1/2" high, and a 19th century French black slate and veined marble mantel clock with eight-day striking movement and white enamel dial, 7 1/2" high £40-60
176.    A Midas combined camera projector, in leather case complete with instructions, and a Kodak camera £20-40
177.    An optician's trial lens set, in fitted oak case £80-120
178.    A brass pressure gauge by R Boehm & Co, in fitted case, and four magnifying glasses, one with plain ivory handle £50-70
179.    A late 19th century Bedouin brass Astrolabe/qibla finder, the gnomon in the form of a standing camel, 8 1/4" dia £80-120
180.    A brass camera lucida, in fitted case £80-120
181.    A 19th century Vienna regulator clock in glazed case, 33" high £100-200
182.     A mid 20th century Linscott electric engraving tool, a Bell & Howell Sportster movie camera and other assorted camera equipment £30-50
183.    A battery powered wall clock, in oak case, 27" dia £50-70
184.    A Hughes & Sons 3 1/2" sextant, number 28523, in fitted mahogany case £100-200
185.    An Olympus OM 1N SLR with F1.8 lens, a number of other 35mm cameras, light meters and accessories, etc £40-60
186.    A Bakelite airspeed indicator, Mark I XD 6A/415, impressed mark 19725/41, and a voltmeter, in mahogany case £30-50
187.    A copper coal scuttle, a coaching lamp, a hearth brush and a spring balance £30-50
188.    A metal corkscrew with turned bone handle fitted brush, a bone handled pickle fork and a silver hafted shoe horn £30-50
189.    A pair of white metal furniture mounts cast as bull's heads, a set of balance scales with horn pans, a brass tea caddy, candlestick, etc £30-50
190.    Two mechanical apple peelers, a Salter brass faced spring balance, a herb chopper and other kitchenalia, in galvanised metal tub £30-50
191.    A metal model of an elephant, a Persian brass ewer, a copper kettle and various other metalware £40-60
192.    A 19th century cast iron doorstop £30-50
193.    An Indian? metal travelling reliquary and an 18th century iron key £40-60
194.    A brass companion stand and implements, a folding spark guard and a kettle stand £30-50
195.    An iron plaque cast arms of Basingstoke and a gilt metal two-piece vase mount £30-50
196.    An iron fire back, cast armorial, arched top, 23" x 23", and a brass framed three lap spark guard £30-50
197.    A brass letter box, a door knocker and an Art Nouveau design desk blotter £30-50
198.    A set of brass long handled fire irons with stand and a pierced brass peacock fire screen £30-50
199.    A pair of decorative Victorian pierced cast iron panels and two similar circular panels £60-80
200.    A black painted cast iron boot scraper and a circular cast iron sundial/bird bath with duck ornament £20-40
201.    A wrought iron fire grate with fire back decorated fleur-de-lys £30-50
202.    A gilt brass three-light and floral relief decorated table centre with two glass and one brass liner, 12" high £40-60
203.    A pair of late Victorian brass baluster candlesticks, a copper and brass hammered jug, a copper alms dish, together with two bronze Shakespearean plaques, cast in the Black Country £50-70
204.    A 19th century bronzed metal statue of a rutting stag, 8" high (damages), and four pairs of deer antlers with skull plates, on wooden backboards £60-80
205.    A cast iron doorstop, formed as a sphinx, and one other door stop £30-50
206.    A pair of brass implement stands, after Christopher Dresser, two brass fire irons and a brass kettle stand £20-40
207.    A Victorian brass rail fender, 53" wide £20-40
208.    A collection of hammered pewter plates, trays, teasets, etc £30-50
209.    Five assorted 19th century pewter chargers, etc, the largest 16" dia £30-50
210.    A brass bell, a 12 lb artillery shell base, a brass coal bucket, a set of brass fire implements, a brass spark guard and other metalware £30-50
211.    A set of three brass long handled fire irons with stand, a brass implement rest and an Oriental engraved brass bowl £30-50
212.    Ferdinand Preiss: patinated bronze and ivory "German hoop girl", on onyx base, 8 1/4" high overall £500-700
213.    A set of early 20th century brass postal scales and a collection of assorted brass and iron weights £30-50
214.    A black cast iron fender with decorative square fluted brass rail and sphinx ornament, 60" wide £40-60
215.    A mid 19th century copper electrotype of a Renaissance dish with masks and scroll design, 15" wide £30-50
216.    An antique copper alms dish with embossed centre, 15 1/2" dia, a coffee percolator, a water jug, three funnels and a copper coal helmet £60-80
217.    Two 18th century pewter ladles, a pair of 18th century pewter spoons with shaped handles and a number of other 18th and early 19th century pewter spoons, various £60-80
218.    A collection of 19th century pewter measures (twenty-five approx) £80-120
219.    A Ouvet: a French Art Deco metal desk inkwell and pen rest, decorated WWI tin hat, three small cloisonne dishes and two enamelled dishes £30-50
220.    A wrought iron kitchen balance £20-40
221.    A wrought iron rush light holder/candlestick, on tripod base, 23" high £40-60
222.    A knife cleaner, a posser, wooden trug, a set of scales etc. £30-50
223.    A pair of horses' black painted hames £20-40
224.    Two coffin planes and two other planes and a Voigtlander folding camera, in leather case £30-50
225.    A mahogany wall bracket with scroll supporter, 11" wide £30-50
226.    A set of brass and wood mechanical bellows, two other pairs of bellows, etc £30-50
227.    An African carved wooden face mask £20-40
228.    A late Victorian mahogany miniature chest of three long drawers, 12 1/2" wide £50-70
229.    Belongs to L576 not 596 £60-80
230.    Five wooden tripods and camera parts, in leather cases and a barometer case £30-50
231.    A pair of slatted front wall hung magazine holders £20-40
232.    A collection of carved wooden animals and bookends £30-50
233.    A pair of 19th century Black Forest wall brackets, each carved with the head of a deer, 7 3/4" x 6 1/4" £60-80
234.    A late Victorian Tunbridge inlaid sewing box, complete with various sewing implements including hallmarked silver thimbles, etc £60-80
235.    A quantity of carved Eastern hardwood boxes and various other wooden boxes £50-70
236.    Duplicate of 232 £40-60
237.    A mahogany Lazy Susan, 15" dia, and a polished mahogany table lamp £20-40
238.    Two mid 20th century carved wooden panels, 24" x 6" and 23 1/2" x 5" £40-60
239.    A wooden scale model of a single scull with oars, 39" long, and a model galleon, 24" long £20-40
240.    An early 19th century Anglo-Indian inlaid walnut and tortoiseshell writing box, opening to reveal fitted interior and compartments, 12" wide, together with a Japanese ebonised and lacquered caddy decorated with an embossed scene of Mount Fuji, 6 3/4" wide (both in need of restoration) £60-80
241.    An early 20th century Egyptian marquetry inlaid fold-over chess board/box, complete with turned wooden pieces £40-60
242.    A mahogany billiards score board by Stevens & Sons London £30-50
243.    A specimen chest of three drawers £30-50
244.    A late 17th century carved oak panel, rosette acanthus design, 19" x 12", and a carved hardwood box of 16th century design £60-80
245.    An early 19th century mahogany and ebony strung tea caddy with inlaid shell paterae and a cribbage board £30-50
246.    A carved oak cresting and other woodwork, etc £30-50
247.    A 19th century violin and bow, in fitted case £50-70
248.    A three-section fishing rod by J Forest with spare tip, in bag, an electric shock generator, and two pairs of binoculars, in case £30-50
249.    An assortment of die-cast metal vehicles £30-50
250.    A large collection of assorted children's boxed games, toys, etc £30-50
251.    A three-section Hardy fishing rod (a/f), other rods, a landing net, a lacrosse stick, a bow, etc £30-50
252.    A Diana Model 20 .177 air gun £30-50
253.    An ebonised walking cane with white metal leopard's head pommel £40-60
254.    A double-handled Wakefield three-section fibreglass fishing rod and a similar rod £30-50
255.    A mid 19th century 2 3/4" brass fishing reel, by Jones, 111 Jermyn Street, with ivory handle £50-70
256.    A pull-along teddy on a tricycle, a figure of Santa Claus and a figure of Johnny Walker (some damages), etc £20-40
257.    A Hobson J C Scott double cane handled fishing rod, another double handled rod, a 54" bait casting rod with pistol grip, a similar rod and an associated carry case, four fibreglass rods, a Hardy gaff, another gaff, fishing gilets and a collection of books on fishing £30-50
258.    A Middle Eastern dagger with plain jade handle and blue enamelled metal sheath, 12" long (damages) £40-60
259.    A 1930s German D R P tin-plate toy of a male felt figure laying down on a sleigh and two felt animals £40-60
260.    An early 20th century plush covered pull-along bear, a stuffed fabric doll, etc £30-50
261.    Two inlaid marble chess boards and a quantity of boards for various games £20-40
262.    A Victorian wax head doll, in pink lace trimmed dress £30-50
263.    A set of six early 20th century painted fabric children's animal masks, each of differing design, together with various children's toys, wooden figures, dolls, etc £50-70
264.    A lady's ebonised parasol with carved ivory handle, two other ebonised black lace trimmed parasols, a collection of assorted walking sticks, umbrellas and two shooting sticks £40-60
265.    A collection of box and ebony chess pieces, various, and a mother-of-pearl inlaid chess and backgammon board £40-60
266.    A Silver Cross doll's pram £40-60
267.    A walking cane with repousse decorated silver pommel and two ebonised walking sticks with engraved silver mounts and horn handles £60-80
268.    A 20th century dress sword, by Wilkinson Pall Mall, with wired shagreen grip, plain blade and steel scabbard £50-70
269.    A boxed roulette wheel with cloth, a boxed set of gaming counters and a boxed greyhound racing game £30-50
270.    Three wood and brass fishing reels and various other fishing equipment, in oak box £30-50
271.    A WWII RAF blouson, a pair of RAF trousers, a dress jacket, two pairs of leather flying gloves, a pair of sheepskin flying boots, a flying helmet and a pair of goggles £80-120
272.    A Royal Ulster Regiment combat jacket, a quantity of tropical weight military uniform, a number of badges and other military accessories, shrapnel, etc £60-80
273.    An early 20th century felt bodied and celluloid faced doll of Mickey Mouse, 10" high £40-60
274.    A number of designer purses and a Guess wristwatch £40-60
275.    A leather holdall and two designer shoulder bags £40-60
276.    A late 19th century needlepoint panel, flowers, 19" x 29", in oval mahogany frame £30-50
277.    A Victorian Diamond Jubilee damask tablecloth, a green velvet bridge cloth and other tablecloths, mats, etc £50-70
278.    Lady Alexandra Pocklington: a medieval design framed tapestry panel, worked figure on horseback with assorted animals, monogrammed AP and dated 1923, 19" x 24" £80-120
279.    A framed medieval design tapestry panel, "Lady of the Fountain", 34" x 31" £30-50
280.    Assorted table linen, in suitcase £20-40
281.    Dianne Swift: three textile panels, two "Aurora" and the other "Landmarks", in stained frames £40-60
282.    A mid 20th century patchwork coverlet, 66" x 74" £50-70
283.    A 19th century Berlin woolwork panel, in maple frame, a smaller framed tapestry, girl with a cat and a 19th century printed silk programme, for the production of Romany Rye at the Royal Princess Theatre, with metal thread fringed edge £20-40
284.    A 19th century sampler by Ann Gilbert 1852, unframed, another sampler by Alice Hardacker, unframed, a black thread sampler 1822 and one other, unframed £30-50
285.    A tapestry panel of crewel and a woolwork panel of 16th century design, unframed £30-50
286.    An antique needlework and silver thread folio cover depicting a seated saint on a velvet ground (worn) £40-60
287.    A mock crocodile handbag, two black evening bags and one other evening bag £40-60
288.    A cream silk "military" style dress with red facings £80-120
289.    A Christian Dior bronze silk evening gown, labelled size 18 and number 2416 £80-120
290.    An Indian dyed leather and woven silken fabric hanging with turned and painted wood suspension bars, panel 32" x 39" £80-120
291.    A Finnish tan leather and fox fur lined and collared full length coat £60-80
292.    A Richard Payne brown fur, possibly mink, short arm jacket £50-70
293.    A Calman Links of London dark brown fur, possibly mink, half length coat £50-70
294.    A dark brown, possibly mink, half length jacket £40-60
295.    A dark brown, possibly mink, full length jacket £50-70
296.    Five vintage fox and mink fur hats, in a Harrods hat box £60-80
297.    A collection of assorted lace decorated table linen, etc £30-50
298.    A 1920s/1930s beadwork drawstring bag, decorated with bags, 11" x 7 1/2" £30-50
299.    An HMV mahogany cased wind-up gramophone, 15" wide £20-40
300.    A tub framer's "gold" dust/bronze dust £40-60
301.    A mahogany tea caddy with brass handle, a silver mounted Sherlock Holmes style pipe, a gilt metal cherub finial and various other decorative items £60-80
302.    A bottle of Offley port, another bottle of port and a bottle of Schloss Frier sparkling table wine £20-30
303.    A table lamp, formed as a drunk and lamp, and two clocks £30-50
304.    Four assorted bottles of port, four bottles of sherry and a number of other bottles of assorted liqueurs, vermouth, etc £50-70
305.    An assortment of glass marbles £20-40
306.    A German black tin hat with neck cover and a 20th century scrap book containing poetry cuttings, etc £30-50
307.     A modern samurai archers' equipment display, in glazed case £30-50
308.    An early 20th century pond yacht, hull 30" long (no mast or rigging) £40-60
309.    A collection of cast plaster Grand Tour seals £50-70
310.    A rosewood tea caddy containing a number of specimen hardstone eggs, etc £60-80
311.    A tortoiseshell and pique cheroot case, a miniature tortoiseshell pill box and a Chinese enamelled brass stamp box £40-60
312.    Six late 19th century stained leaded glass panels with floral design, each 17" x 21" approx, and a collection of related pieces £100-150
313.    A Victorian black morocco leather writing box by Leuchars & Son with brass carrying handle engraved "Rev John Oakley, Dean of Carlisle, 1882" £80-120
314.    A carved stone portrait bust of a young man, 17" high £100-150
315.    A turned marble column, 39" high (small chips) £80-120
316.    A 1920s velum dressing case with gilt mounted toilet jars, bottles and mirror lid, in fabric outer case, 12" wide £50-70
317.    A pilgrim's 19th century Holy Land bone and cypress cross in a bottle souvenir, 11 3/4" high, a pair of 19th century carved cork pictures, Conway Castle, in deep gilt frames, and a collage panel, bedroom with chair and slippers, and a silk embroidered panel, flowers and a vase, framed and glazed £30-50
318.    A 19th century papier-mache spectacle case, 6" long, a papier-mache oval snuff box with chinoiserie decoration, 3" wide, a leather jewel box, 10" wide (for restoration), and a quantity of Christmas decorations, in box £20-40
319.    A collection metal oil lamp fittings, candle shades, etc £30-50
320.    A collection of carpenters' hand tools, etc £30-50
321.    A collection of assorted metal furniture mounts, carved giltwood scrollwork crestings, etc £30-50
322.    An assortment of artists' paint boxes, a paper guillotine, etc £30-50
323.    A collection of ivory and turned wooden lace bobbins, together with a quantity of various early 20th century ivory crochet hooks £40-60
324.    A polished Blue John stone hand cooler, 2 3/4" long £40-60
325.    A collection of early and mid 20th century biscuit and other tins, etc £30-50
326.    A lacquered and inlaid panel for restoration, a framed birth certificate, a print mounted on a tinplate and other decorative items £30-50
327.     A papier-mache folio cover with inlaid glazed panel depicting St Paul's Cathedral, 12" wide, and a feather work panel, fighting cocks, 12" wide £60-80
328.    A ham stand, a hardwood stand, an artist's paintbrush base and other items, various £30-50
329.    A late 19th century brass Corinthian column oil lamp with cut glass reservoir etched green glass shade, 36" high overall £80-120
330.    A Regency design waterfall style pendant centre light £50-70
331.    A painted metal six-light pendant centre light £20-40
332.     A four-light ship's wheel pendant centre light and a ship in a glass bottle £80-120
333.    A wrought iron standard lamp, on splay support, a wrought iron ceiling lantern and two two-light wall brackets, various
334.    A circular chrome wall light decorated silhouette of a lady £30-50
335.    A collection of various brass table lamps, each of differing design, together with a porcelain lamp base £50-70
336.    "Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam", translated by Edward Fitzgerald, published by Adam & Charles Black, Soho Square 1909, a cloth bound edition £40-60
337.    A collection of cigarette and tea cards, some loose, others in albums £40-60
338.    A group of various leather bound vols, including "Byron's Works", published by John Murray, Albemarle Street, London 1832 £40-60
339.    A number of Wills cigarette cards including radio celebrities, garden hints and film stars, together with Brooke Bond tea cards and Ogdens photographic cards, military leaders £40-60
340.    A collection of World stamps, in albums, packets and loose £30-50
341.    A collection of first day covers and a number of mint stamps, mostly Great Britain £30-50
342.    A collection of World stamps, in three albums £30-50
343.    Four albums of World stamps, various £30-50
344.    A Lincoln stamp album of World stamps and a number of cigarette cards, in an album £30-50
345.    A quantity of silver plate, including Mappin & Webb, etc £30-40
346.    A Mappin & Webb embossed silver plated swing handle basket, a Mappin & Webb silver plated ice pail and cover, silver plated entree dishes and covers and various other silver plated items £50-70
347.    A collection of silver plated flatware £20-40
348.    Assorted plated cutlery, flatware and other plated items £30-50
349.    A silver plated entree dish and cover with glass liner, two plated coasters, a pair of plated candlesticks and other assorted plated items £30-50
350.    A quantity of silver plated flatware, various £30-40
351.    A French Christofle Coll-Gallia silver plated letter opener, the finial decorated African bust and lizard, 8 1/2" long £30-50
352.    A silver spoon and fork, in case, three silver pill boxes, a silver handled letter opener and a silver cased fob watch £80-120
353.    Three silver cigarette cases, a silver vesta case, 12oz troy approx, a silver plated knife rest and a chrome plated tea infuser and stand £100-120
354.    A silver and mother-of-pearl handled combined fruit knife and nut pick and a silver fruit knife with engraved handle £30-40
355.    Six silver thimbles, various £20-30
356.    A selection of silver flatware, various, 7.6oz troy approx £60-80
357.    Two contemporary Georgian design silver coasters with turned wooden bases, together with a silver topped glass pepper shaker £40-60
358.    A late 19th/early 20th century Dutch silver loving spoon with shaped bowl engraved with a seated lady with a bird on her hand, the handle terminating with a winged cupid, 4 1/2" long £50-70
359.    A Russian silver cheroot case, a patent white metal cigar case, a silver vesta case, a silver and abalone pill box, a silver mustard pot, a cased silver anointing spoon and an Indian white metal salt £120-150
360.    A set of six Italian white metal decorative teaspoons, a silver trumpet vase (a/f) and two cased sets of silver plated spoons £30-50
361.    A Continental 800 standard white metal cream jug and sugar bowl, a similar oval tray and a 750 standard soup ladle £80-120
362.    An oval silver trinket box with engine turned decoration to hinged lid £30-50
363.    A George III silver lidded ale jug, possibly Thomas Harper I, London 1799, with ribbed body, 'C' scroll handle, bearing presentation inscription for the Calper Hunt Hurdle Race, 1837, 8 1/2" high, 39oz troy approx £1500-2000
364.    A silver spoon and other silver hafted items, etc £30-50
365.    A pair of George VI hallmarked silver teaspoons, John Ginsell & Sons, Birmingham 1948, retailed by Mappin & Webb, together with a pair of sugar nips, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1909 £30-40
366.    A limited edition hallmarked silver gilt toadstool, 20/100, Christopher Nigel Lawrence, London 1976, the lift off cap revealing an elf sitting at a table, 5 1/2" high, together with a limited edition hallmarked silver mushroom, 10/2000, Christopher Nigel Lawrence 1975, 1 1/2" high £120-150
367.    A George V hallmarked silver heart-shaped trinket box, London 1902, the lid embossed with leaves, raised on four short feet, 3 1/2" high, 4 1/2oz troy approx £40-60
368.    A George V hallmarked silver tazza, on stand, Henry Wiffull, Sheffield 1906, the rim cast with leaf and shamrock decoration, raised on a circular foot, 4 1/2" high, 8.1oz troy approx £40-60
369.    An early 20th century Chinese silver scalloped edge bowl, embossed with bamboo shoot decoration within a Greek key border, raised on shaped foot, bearing mark to the base, 4" wide £40-60
370.    A pair of George V silver salts, John Edward Wilmot, Birmingham 1908, with fluted bodies, together with various silver mustard and salt spoons, and a needle case bearing import marks, the lid engraved with flowers, opening to reveal an engine turned interior £50-70
371.    A Continental silver casket with embossed decoration depicting musicians, 7.7oz troy approx £70-90
372.    A silver three-piece cruet set, in fitted case £40-60
373.    A silver specimen vase, a silver-backed hand mirror and a silver-backed brush £30-40
374.    A blue glass double ended scent bottle with white metal mounts, a cut glass hair pin jar with silver lid and an abalone and mother-of-pearl card case (a/f) £40-60
375.    A glass pocket flask with silver lid and removable cup £30-50
376.    A silver topped cut glass scent bottle, a silver trumpet vase with weighted base, a silver bonbon dish, a silver mustard spoon and a silver pickle fork £40-60
377.    A Chinese hallmarked silver rickshaw being pulled by a man, together with a hallmarked silver photograph frame, 5" x 3" sight size £40-60
378.    A contemporary silver thistle shaped goblet, Christopher Nigel Lawrence 1974, with textured bark finish, the bowl with plain gilt interior, on circular foot, 6 3/4" high, 15.1oz troy approx £150-200
379.    A Continental silver two-handled bowl with embossed cherub decoration, 6.2oz troy approx £50-70
380.    A late Victorian silver christening mug, Sheffield 1897, with 'S' scroll handle, raised on a circular foot, 5.8oz troy approx £60-80
381.    A Victorian heart-shaped photograph frame in the manner of William Comyns, embossed with angels and cherubs (strut missing), 7" high, together with a silver trophy, raised on turned ebonised stand, 4" high £50-70
382.    A green leather vanity case with part fitted silver vanity items including a silver topped glass spirit flask with removable silver cup £70-90
383.    A Canadian Ice 18ct white gold and diamond engagement ring, central stone approx 0.15ct, flanked six diamonds to each shoulder £150-200
384.    A yellow gold and aquamarine coloured single stone dress ring, size L £40-60
385.    A yellow and white metal diamond solitaire ring, 0.4ct approx, size Q £150-250
386.    An 18ct white gold, diamond and ruby half eternity ring, size Q, and an 18ct gold, diamond and sapphire three stone dress ring, size P (a/f) £200-250
387.    A pair of 18ct gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl cufflinks, five 9ct gold dress studs, various, and a Mexican silver pendant £200-220
388.    A 9ct gold hinged bangle with engraved decoration and a 9ct gold necklace, 25g £220-240
389.    A seed pearl necklace, two bracelets and other costume jewellery, various £30-50
390.    Three silver charm bracelets and a number of loose charms, on a card £40-60
391.    Two 9ct gold signet rings, a 9ct gold cufflink, a 9ct gold watch case, a 9ct gold cased wristwatch and a yellow metal ring £150-180
392.    Two 22ct gold wedding bands, 5.6g £120-130
393.    A Victorian 15ct gold navette-shaped brooch and matching earrings, 7.4g gross £100-120
394.    Two silver Albert watch chains, a silver pocket watch case, a silver decanter label and various other silver items, 5oz troy approx £40-60
395.    A silver cased open faced pocket watch with white enamel dial and subsidiary seconds dial, on silver Albert watch chain £50-70
396.    A gold half sovereign dated 1914, in 9ct gold pendant mount, 8.2g gross £120-140
397.    A box of assorted costume and other jewellery and watches, including a silver cased open faced pocket watch, two gilt metal lockets on chains and various other items £60-80
398.    A 9ct gold and opal single stone dress ring, size R £40-60
399.    A 9ct gold stone set 'Dearest' ring, size M, and a 9ct gold stone set cluster ring, size S £50-70
400.    A yellow metal mounted dress ring set single cabochon, size Q £40-60
401.    An amazonite bead necklace with white metal bolt ring £100-120
402.    An assortment of costume jewellery, in blue leather case £40-60
403.    A Palle Bisgaard Denmark sterling silver brooch of abstract form, a similar pair of ear clips and a modern silver ring, size P £40-60
404.    Henning Koppel for Georg Jensen, a silver brooch no 327, and a pair of Georg Jensen silver cufflinks no 74A £100-150
405.    A Cartier 14ct gold on sterling silver belt buckle £40-60
406.    A string of butterscotch amber beads, twenty-three beads ranging in size from 8mm to 28mm approx, 46.2g £100-150
407.    No Lot £60-80
408.    A gentleman's Omega Seamaster automatic wristwatch, stainless steel case, silvered dial with baton numerals and date aperture at three o'clock, later expanding bracelet (a/f), a lady's Omega Geneve wristwatch with silvered dial and baton numerals and a lady's Zenith wristwatch £100-150
409.    A group of eight unmounted shell cameos, each of classical busts of maidens £60-80
410.    A pair of 19th century gilt metal oval brooches, panels with cherubs and Putti, 2 3/4" x 1 1/4" £40-60
411.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cased Beuche-Girod wristwatch with engine turned dial and baton numerals, on brown crocodile strap £100-150
412.    A 9ct gold signet ring with engraved crest, 6.3g £50-70
413.    An 18ct white gold and platinum five stone dress ring set central sapphire flanked two baguette diamonds to each shoulder, size N £300-400
414.    An 18ct gold and diamond seven stone cluster ring, size O £250-300
415.    A late Victorian 9ct yellow gold propelling pencil, engraved with scroll decoration, 4 1/2" long £70-100
416.    A George V silver propelling pencil, Johnson, Matthey & Co, London 1932, with engine turned decoration, 4 1/4" long £40-60
417.    A 9ct yellow gold J W Benson of London gentleman's wristwatch with silvered dial and subsidiary second hand dial at six o'clock, on a brown leather strap £80-120
418.    A 9ct yellow gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, size J £70-100
419.    A WWI service and Victory Medal pair to 62286 PTE.W.G.Willis R. Fus, three ribbons, a cap badge and a Silver Jubilee Commemorative Medal, in original box with certificate £60-80
420.    Two old one-pound notes a ten-shilling note and a number of other banknotes, various £30-50
421.    A selection of mainly British pre-decimal coinage, including a Charles II silver fourpence dated 1674, and a small number of bank notes £40-60
422.    A rosewood box containing a number or Roman coins, metal detector finds, etc £60-80
423.    A collection of British pre-decimal coinage including made up specimen sets, etc £50-70
424.    A collection of various British and World coins, including wheel pennies, etc, all in a birch polished as walnut collector's cabinet, fitted eight drawers, on a plinth base, 13" wide £60-80
425.    A quantity of various Roman, Greek and other early coins £60-80
426.    A selection of British and World coins including a Staffordshire pottery one penny token dated 1813, a Cyprus forty-five Piastres coin dated 1928, and various other coinage, etc £50-70
427.    A collection of assorted Elizabeth II crowns, two sets of decimal coinage, other coins, a 1911 Coronation Medal and an 1887 Jubilee Medal £20-40
428.    After Claude Lorraine: a 19th century sepia engraving of classical ruins in landscape, a colour print, scene from Shakespeare, an 18th century engraving, view of St James's Park, in ebonised and gilt frame, Jim Munnion: woodcut, "Clappi Songs", 1/50, unframed, a pair of 18th century stipple engravings, the Wandering Nymph and Euphrosyne, two Cries of London prints and one other print, 19th century vegetable dishes, unframed £30-50
429.    H P Evans: a signed etching "London Bridges", in gilt strip frame, and Arthur Riscoe: a signed etching 41/75, "Brightling Sea Hard", in gilt frame £40-60
430.    Two Le Blond oval prints "The Image Boy" and "The Rabbit", in gilt mounts and frames £30-50
431.    W W Petrie: watercolour, lake scene with fishing boats and buoy (foxed), signed and dated 1900, 14" x 20", in gilt painted oak frame, and after Honthorst: a National Gallery coloured print, "Christ before the High Priest" £30-50
432.    A 19th century Japanese woodblock print, figures on a hillside by a building, and a folio of 19th century and other prints, various, including 18th century engravings, etchings, etc £40-60
433.    After Durer: a wood engraving, adoration of the Magi (fragment), 7 1/2" x 5 1/2", in pine frame £50-70
434.    After Havell: a 19th century aquatint "Datchet Ferry near Windsor", in gilt decorated frame, a hand-coloured map of Flanders and a number of other pictures, various £50-70
435.    After Voysey: an architectural print, in frame, another architectural drawing of London Commodity Exchange, and a Frith print, in frame £30-50
436.    William Daniel: a pair of 19th century coloured aquatints, "The Bay of Tongue" and "The Entrance to the Cave of Smowe", in ebonised strip frames £40-60
437.    Lisbeth Hostein: a limited edition coloured print, "Singing Chefs", 85/595, in pine frame, Angela Fielder: two coloured prints of Henley, and Sandra Coen: a signed print and a watercolour of Middle Hole Farm £40-60
438.    Four golfing prints, various £40-60
439.    John Piper: a coloured print, Dorchester Abbey, 22" x 31", in gilt frame £150-250
440.    A pair of 18th century hand-coloured prints, Italian scenes, in strip frames £20-40
441.    Frida Marston: a colour print faced board, river scene with waterfall, a hand-coloured photograph of a Cornish village scene, in strip frame, a pastel scene and a number of other pictures
442.    Erna Plachte: a pair of mid 20th century pastel studies, Venetian scenes, 9 1/2" x 13 1/2", in strip frames £20-40
443.    Lionel Edwards: a signed hunting print, in ebonised frame, John Leech: a colour print, huntsmen, in gilt frame, and one other hunting print £20-40
444.    Two Le Blond ovals, children playing with bubbles and children with small boats in a stream, in gilt frames £20-40
445.    After Landseer: a 19th century steel engraving "Lord High Chancellor of England", in maple frame, and Wallace Hester: a signed etching "Alleyns School", in ebonised frame £60-80
446.    H Bunbury: a pair of 18th century aquatints, comic scenes, framed and glazed, Linda Farquharson '86: a set of four lino prints and collage: the elements, fire, water, air and earth, in silvered frames and one other study of a swan, in silvered frame
447.    A collection of gilt and other picture frames £30-50
448.    A quantity of various small prints, pencil drawings and watercolours, together with a small quantity of early 20th century greeting cards £40-60
449.    Assorted gilt picture frames, etc £30-50
450.    A collection of 19th century coloured prints, in maple frames £20-40
451.    Gill Ray: a hand-coloured engraving, "Delicious dreams - castles in the air - glorious prospects", unframed, and a number of other unframed pictures, various £30-50
452.    A W Brown: a pencil signed coloured print, Continental town square with figures, 19" x 26", and an oil painting, Continental townscape with figure on steps, signed Grandi, 15" x 11" £20-40
453.    Jim Thompson: a pair of prints on silk, irises, a Helen Bradley print and eight other assorted framed prints £30-50
454.    Jan Van Velde: a 17th century engraving "Januarius" emblematic of Winter, in pine strip frame £30-50
455.    A Russell Flint coloured print, gypsies outside a church, two framed prints, figure studies, and an 18th century style black and white print after Piranesi, street scene £20-40
456.    Norden's Sussex: a 17th century hand-coloured map, in ebonised and gilt frame £80-120
457.    An early 19th century Continental portrait silhouette, "Herr Daub", 2 1/2" x 2 1/8", in ebonised frame £20-40
458.    A 19th century, possibly earlier, miniature portrait reputed to be Rev Dr John North, Master of Trinity College and Master of the Closet to King Charles II, in engraved gold frame, 4" x 2 /34" £80-120
459.    A quantity of 19th century and later portrait miniatures of ladies and gentlemen, mainly on ivory, some signed and annotated, together with some gilt frames for miniatures £150-200
460.    A quantity of various 19th century and later gilt frames, mainly for miniatures, together with a 19th century portrait miniature of a young woman dressed in mourning costume, in a walnut frame £80-120
461.    Isabella Hall Portslade (early 19th century): watercolour on paper, young child seated playing with chess pieces, signed and dated 1837, 5 1/2" x 4 1/2", in gilt painted slip frame £80-120
462.    A quantity of frames for miniature paintings £40-60
463.    A large group of frames, mounts, glass, etc, mainly for miniatures £60-80
464.    A group of 18th & 19th century miniatures on ivory, mainly portraits, and a 19th century Indian ivory panel, lovers
465.    Two Chinese watercolours on silk, birds and flowers, 17" x 43", in gilt strip frames £50-70
466.    H Bouverie: a pair of watercolours, river landscapes, "Soissons", 7" x 9", and a companion watercolour, "Audierme", in gilt frames £50-70
467.    An early 20th century watercolour, street scene with motor car, 3 1/4" x 2 3/8", in gilt frame, a watercolour sketch, coastal scene, 5 1/4" x 3 1/4", in gilt frame, and a watercolour sketch after Turner, boats on a lake, 6 1/4" x 4 3/4" in gilt frame £40-60
468.    Two watercolour sketches, 19th century sailing boats, a similar sketch, wagon by a coast, two Ascot scenes and a group of bathers, in gilt frames £30-50
469.    A folio of chalk drawings, nude studies, and a number of other watercolour and ink sketches £30-50
470.    A mid 20th century watercolour, extensive estuary scene, 22" x 14", in gilt frame and a similar coastal scene, 19" x 13 1/2", in companion frame £50-70
471.    A watercolour, lake and mountains, 18" x 25" £20-40
472.    John Hawthornthwaite: a pair of pastels, head and shoulders portraits of native North Americans, 21" x 17", and a companion drawing £30-50
473.    Mabel Kingwell: watercolour, three horses in moorland, signed and dated 1917, 7" x 11", in gilt frame, a pair of coloured prints, horses, and three miniature oils, poultry £50-70
474.    J Chambury: watercolour, sailing barges on the Thames?, signed and dated '72, 17" x 22", in gilt frame, and D C Bell: a pencil singed coloured print "Beached Schooners" £40-60
475.    A 19th century Japanese watercolour and bodycolour on silk, mounted samurai and attendant with Mount Fuji in background, 22" x 57" overall, in ebonised frame £100-150
476.    Helen Donald-Smith: watercolour, interior of a Venetian church, signed, 20" x 13", in gilt and painted frame £60-80
477.    Donald McGill: a watercolour and bodycolour cartoon, "only 'arf a pint again this morning, I says, an' I believe you've been committin' adultery with it even then, I says!!", 6 1/4" x 8", in ebonised strip frame £200-400
478.    R Halfright: watercolours, moorland landscape with shepherd and sheep, 20" x 14", in gilt frame £30-50
479.    Gerald Palmer: a pen and ink sketch "The Landlord's Visit", in oak strip frame, 7" x 8 1/2", and C Hunt: a watercolour cartoon "The Right Hon Sir Frederick Pollock, 1870", 5" x 8 1/2", in gilt frame £30-50
480.    A mid 20th century pastel study, view of Windsor Castle, 18" x 22", in strip frame £20-40
481.    Peter Rush: BBC TV 77 pencil wash and watercolour, girl leading a horse across a stream, in strip frame, 19" x 24 1/2", and a set of four pen, ink and watercolour studies, myths and legends, in strip frames £40-60
482.    An Italian gouache, Pompeian fresco, 4" x 14", in marbled frame, and a mid 20th century watercolour and bodycolours, figure in a darkened room, 14" x 21", in strip frame
483.    D Duncan RWS: a 19th century watercolour, beach scene with returning fishermen, 7" x 10", in gilt frame £30-50
484.    DuP Herne: an early 20th century watercolour, Horse Guards Parade from Whitehall, signed, 6" x 9", and another watercolour, stage coach outside an inn, signed G Faulkner, 4" x 5.5" £30-50
485.    A Quentin Blake pen, ink and watercolour sketch, cavemen, a similar sketch, elephant talking to figures around a table £30-50
486.    Nina Carroll: watercolour, French street scene, 15" x 19", in gilt frame, Valerie Petts: watercolour, river landscape, 7" x 12", in silvered frame, and an acrylic, Sussex Downs, signed Lois Carr, 16" x 11" £30-50
487.    George Frost, oil on canvas, abstract landscape, possibly Richmond Hill, 12" x 15", in painted frame £30-50
488.    Late 19th century Alpine School: oil on canvas study of a village with figures and distant church, 23 1/2" x 19 1/2", in gilt frame £80-120
489.    An oil on canvas, portrait of a fisherman, 12 1/4" x 15", unframed, a similar study, fisherman and daughter, 18" x 13", and three other unframed oil paintings £80-120
490.    M Gori, 1955: oil on board, Florentine street scene, 4 3/4" x 6 1/2", in strip frame £40-60
491.    A 19th century primitive oil on canvas, study of a longhorn bull, 18" x 23", unframed £400-600
492.    A 19th century primitive oil on canvas, study of a bull, inscribed "This steer aged 3 years 2 months bred by F. Tapp Esq fed by W. Smith Esq Hoopern Exeter won 1st and extra prize £22 and silver medal at the Birmingham Cattle Show 1st prize and silver medal at Smithfield. Stood 2nd at each place for the gold medal", 19" x 23", in silvered frame £500-700
493.    •Felix Kelly: oil on board, view of floodlit western facade of Westminster Abbey, 11 1/2" x 13", in painted and gilt frame £1100-1500
494.    Jessie Waters: a 19th century oil painting, three horses fording a river, 7" x 11", in gilt frame £30-50
495.    •Robert Bhuler RA: oil on canvas, Venice at moonlight, signed lower right, 20" x 34", unframed £500-800
496.    A 19th century oil on canvas faced board, still life of summer flowers, 6 1/4" x 9 1/2", in gilt frame £50-70
497.    A Gerthardt: a mid 20th century oil, head and shoulders portrait of a German forestry officer in uniform, signed and dated 1943, 21" x 17", in broad black frame £50-70
498.    A 19th century oil on panel, Northumbrian pipe player, 7 1/2" x 9", in painted frame £20-40
499.    B Davies, 1912: oil on canvas, fishing smack approaching a harbour, 12 1/2" x 9 1/2", in gilt frame, and an oil on board, Mediterranean coastal scene, 15 1/2" x 11 1/2", in gilt frame £40-60
500.    Dean: a 19th century oil on canvas, portrait of a sailor with corn cob pipe, 13 1/2" x 16 1/2", in gilt frame £40-60
501.    M B, 1892: oil on canvas, "Staples Inn Holborn", 9 1/2" x 13 1/2", in gilt frame £40-60
502.    Padraig MacMiadhachain: oil on board, "The colour of the wind turned warm", 42 1/2" x 17 1/4", in maple frame £100-150
503.    An oil on tin, locomotive 503 "Hull - Manchester", 19 1/2" x 24 1/2", unframed £40-60
504.    Joshua Bradby: a late 19th century oil on card, extensive landscape with figure on a horse, 5 1/2" x 7 1/2", in gilt frame £30-50
505.    Julius Jacobus van der Sande Bakhuysen: an early 20th century oil on panel, landscape with three women and lake, 5" x 9", in swept gilt frame £30-50
506.    An 18th century oil on panel portrait of a child, 10" x 14", unframed, and one other panel, building and ghost horse rider, 7 1/2" x 6" £40-60
507.    Eric Tansley?: a 20th century oil, cliff top path, 12" x 15", in swept gilt frame £30-50
508.    M P: a late 19th century oil on panel, shepherd with sheep by a gate, monogrammed, 11" x 8", in gilt frame £50-70
509.    A 20th century oil, vase of flowers, 24" x 20", in swept gilt frame £30-50
510.    Frederick Goodall: oil painting, "Piping Home the Flock", monogrammed and dated 1881, 9" x 17", in gilt frame £100-200
511.    A Georgian tilt top occasional table with walnut top, on mahogany tripod base, 31" dia £80-120
512.    A 19th century yew Windsor armchair, the back decorated plain spindles and pierced central splat, on turned underframe with crinoline stretcher £100-150
513.    A 19th century yew Windsor armchair, the back decorated plain spindles and pierced central splat, on turned underframe with crinoline stretcher £100-150
514.    Two 19th century polished as mahogany bar back standard chairs with panel seats, on turned supports £40-60
515.    A 19th century mahogany drop leaf dining table, on square supports, 42" x 60" when fully extended £40-60
516.    A set of five Victorian walnut dining chairs with balloon backs and stuffed over seats, on turned and fluted supports £80-120
517.    A Victorian armchair, upholstered in a beige velour, with spindle turned arm supports £40-60
518.    An Edwardian bow back low seat nursing chair, a Victorian footstool and a carved feather back chair £30-50
519.    A 19th century serpentine fronted mahogany serving table, fitted three drawers on turned supports, 80" wide £100-200
520.    An Edwardian low reclining nursing chair, upholstered in a Gainsborough design fabric £30-50
521.    A 19th century Swedish mahogany carver chair with four narrow rails to back and stuffed over seat, upholstered in a green trellis pattern fabric, on square tapering supports £50-70
522.    A late Victorian walnut two-tier buffet, fitted shallow frieze drawers and cupboard to base, 48" wide £80-120
523.    An early 18th century oak chest of two short and three long drawers, fitted brass handles, panelled sides, three plank back stamped "Dutton Workhouse", 37" wide £250-300
524.    A Victorian nursing chair with red seat panel, on bobbin turned frame £20-40
525.    Attributed to Gillows: a Regency rosewood and brass inlaid marble top cabinet, the interior fitted baize lined slides/trays enclosed panel doors, the canted corners with acanthus leaf and scroll trusses, on scroll supports 56" wide, 42" high, 24" deep (comparable example made for Wentworth Woodhouse Yorkshire, illustrated in "Stuart, Gillows of Lancaster & London Vol II" Pl 544, and sold by Coulborn & Sons) £10000-12000
526.    A late 19th century Aesthetic oak cupboard, fitted adjustable shelves enclosed two plain bordered doors, 45" wide £80-120
527.    A Victorian rosewood framed prie-dieu chair, upholstered in a floral gros point with twist turned uprights, on scroll carved supports £80-120
528.    A Victorian rectangular centre table decorated parquetry banding and central lozenge, 36" x 18" £30-50
529.    A set of six Victorian walnut balloon back dining chairs with stuffed over seats, upholstered in a blue velour, on cabriole supports £180-200
530.    A late 19th century fruitwood ladder back side chair with rush envelope seat, on turned and stretchered supports, and an oak occasional table, on turned and stretchered supports, 20" square £40-60
531.    An 18th century German domed top marriage coffer with decorative silvered metal strapping, side carrying handles and brass name plate for Dr Fritsche, 43" wide £400-500
532.    An early 18th century oak cupboard, the upper section enclosed two doors over three drawers with brass twist handles with further cupboards below, on stile supports, 71" wide £200-400
533.    A late 19th century Continental oak display cabinet enclosed two glazed doors, on square taper supports, 45" wide £40-60
534.    A 17th century design walnut elbow chair with cane panel seat and loose cushion, upholstered in a blue fabric, and an early 19th century side chair with shield-shape splat back and padded seat £40-60
535.    An early 20th century mahogany bookcase with blind fretted cornice enclosed two panelled doors, 41" wide £40-60
536.    A late 19th century ebonised and gilt shaped marble-top table, on barley twist castored supports, 42" wide £120-150
537.    A 19th century mahogany bowfront side table, on square taper supports, 48" wide £20-40
538.    A 19th century oak and marble top washstand, fitted two drawers, 48" wide
539.    An Arts & Crafts brass and floral painted mirror panel firescreen £40-60
540.    A George III mahogany washstand, fitted drawer to undershelf and undertier, 13" square £40-60
541.    A late 19th century oak bureau with fall flap over three drawers with lion mask handles, 35" wide £50-70
542.    A George III mahogany fold-over top card table, the top inlaid paterae and festoons, 36" wide £100-200
543.    A pair of Victorian mahogany standard chairs with bucket shaped backs and stuffed over seats, upholstered in a green velour, on turned supports £30-50
544.    A late 19th century carved walnut showframe chaise longue, upholstered in a pink velour, on turned and castored supports, 72" wide £60-80
545.    A child's deportment chair with cane seat and spindle turned back and a Victorian dark stained wooden corner chair with lyre-shaped splats £30-50
546.    A 19th century mahogany fold-over top card table, on square tapered supports, 36" wide (water mark to top) £80-120
547.    A Victorian walnut and amboyna veneered pedestal cabinet, three red velour covered shelves enclosed glazed door, on later cabriole supports, 31" wide £50-70
548.    A carved oak folding steamer chair with cane seat and back panels and eagle crest £60-80
549.    A late 19th century low seat nursing chair, upholstered in a yellow fabric, on turned and castored supports £50-70
550.    A Victorian mahogany pedestal bedside cabinet enclosed plain arched panel door, 15 1/2" wide £50-70
551.    An early 19th century rosewood chest of two short and three long drawers, on cut away bracket supports, 43" wide £150-250
552.    An early Victorian figured mahogany ledge back double pedestal sideboard, fitted three drawers over two cupboards and central recessed drawer, on turned shaped supports, 60" wide £100-150
553.    A dark stained three-tier whatnot, 18" x 12" £20-40
554.    A 19th century mahogany cabinet with central glazed cupboard flanked by smaller mirrored cupboards and small drawers, 42" wide, and a hardwood carved two-tier occasional table, 18" square £30-50
555.    A 19th century Continental mahogany two-stage desk with fall front, the base fitted three drawers, 36" wide, an oval inlaid walnut loo table, on four turned and splayed supports (made up), and a 19th century carved oak occasional table with leather top (made up)
556.    A 19th century mahogany double chest, fitted six drawers, 64" wide £40-60
557.    An early 17th century boarded coffer with chip carved panel front and wrought iron carry handles, 43" wide £80-120
558.    An 18th century carved and painted pine four-tier open wall shelf, 27" wide £80-120
559.    DUPLICATE LOT 560 £60-90
560.    A late 19th century walnut, inlaid and ebonised pier cabinet enclosed glazed panel door, on taper supports, 30" wide £80-120
561.    A 19th century mahogany chiffonier with ledge back, the base fitted two drawers and cupboard enclosed two arch panel doors, 41" wide £80-100
562.    A 19th century mahogany bookcase, the upper section enclosed two arch top glazed panel doors over cupboards, 41" wide £150-200
563.    A late 19th century dark stained wooden scroll-end couch, upholstered in a red velour, 66" long £40-60
564.    A Victorian oak hall chair with Gothic design back £40-60
565.    A French late 19th century fruitwood draw leaf dining table, on cabriole supports, 45" x 78" when fully extended £100-150
566.    A late 19th century mahogany and banded bureau bookcase, the upper section enclosed lattice glazed doors over four small drawers, writing compartment, two small and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 36" wide £60-80
567.    A George IV mahogany sofa table, fitted two frieze drawers, on splayed end supports, 43" x 67" when fully extended £200-250
568.    A set of six Victorian mahogany framed dining chairs with scroll-shaped backs and seats upholstered in a brown nailed leather £80-120
569.    An 18th century oak dresser with boarded back fitted two shelves over base fitted six drawers and two cupboards, 56" wide £200-300
570.    DUPLICATE LOT 551 £200-250
571.    A 19th century oak and mahogany banded long case clock with scroll cornice, brass and silvered dial inscribed "William Terry Bedale", door to waist inlaid starburst motif and decorative stringing, 92" high £200-400
572.    An early 20th century oak long case clock, with barley twist and beaded detail, 52" high £40-60
573.    An early 19th century oak and mahogany banded long case clock with thirty-hour movement by Bradford of Newton Abbot, 74" high £100-150
574.    A George III long case clock in mahogany case with arched top hood, circular brass dial with silvered chapter ring and matt centre with seconds dial, eight-day movement, door to waist inlaid ebony stringing, panelled base, 87" high £300-500
575.    An arched top swing dressing mirror, in stained chamfered frame, 23" wide, and a Georgian style oval dressing mirror, on skeleton stand, 19" wide £20-40
576.    A 19th century swing frame toilet mirror with chinoiserie lacquered decoration, on plateau platform base, 18" wide £30-50
577.    A carved and ebonised pierced frame wall mirror, plate 17 1/2" x 21", and an oak framed slip mirror, plate 12" x 16" £30-50
578.    An Edwardian mahogany framed oval wall mirror, plate 21" x 36" £30-50
579.    A waxed pine framed wall mirror, plate 19 1/2" x 25" £30-50
580.    A 19th century plate convex gilt ball decorated wall mirror, 15" dia £60-80
581.    A bevelled wall mirror, in green and gilt frame, and a George III design wall mirror, in fretted frame (damages) £20-40
582.    A bevelled wall mirror, in wooden frame carved wave design, and an oval frameless wall mirror £30-50
583.    A 19th century mahogany framed toilet mirror with brass urn finials, 17" wide, and a similar smaller toilet mirror, on turned standards £20-40
584.    A Regency style giltwood framed convex wall mirror with eagle surmount, 31" high (damages) £40-60
585.    An Edwardian oval bevelled wall mirror, in line inlaid mahogany frame, and another oval mirror, in metal frame with bobbin decorated edge £20-40
586.    A wall mirror, in ornate scroll decorated gilt frame, 47" x 60" £80-120
587.    An Adam design gilt framed wall mirror decorated interior fillet and patera, 32" x 22" £30-50
588.    A wall mirror, in Rococo scroll decorated gilt frame, 40" x 24" £30-50
589.    A bevel plate wall mirror, in broad gilt frame, 61" x 49" £30-50
590.    A bevel plate wall mirror, in gilt frame decorated 'S' scrolls, 56" x 22" £30-50
591.    A stained as mahogany cheval dressing mirror with shaped top £30-50
592.    An octagonal bevel plate wall mirror in broad gilt and black frame with leaf and flower decoration, 47" x 36", and two circular plate glass tops, 48" dia £30-50
593.    A white painted Lloyd Loom armchair with sprung seat £40-60
594.    A rectangular footstool, on bobbin turned underframe £30-50
595.    A pair of 19th century mahogany carver chairs with pierced splats carved wheat ears £60-80
596.    A set of four modern dining chairs with upholstered backs and seats £50-70
597.    Two Windsor kitchen chairs, a set of three 17th century design oak coffee tables and a modern armchair, upholstered in a brown leatherette £30-50
598.    A Louis XVI design mahogany and gilt metal marble shape top two-tier occasional table, 23" wide £60-80
599.    A white painted domed top Lloyd Loom linen basket £20-40
600.    A South African trackwood lamp table, 19" square £20-40
601.    A Georgian design mahogany twin pedestal dining table with leaf £20-40
602.    A 20th century mahogany circular dining table, on triform base terminating in scroll feet, 48" dia £50-70
603.    A dapple grey rocking horse, on wooden safety stand £100-200
604.    A stained as mahogany box seat piano stool with turned side rails £20-40
605.    An oak refectory design dining table, on Elizabethan design carved cup and cover end supports, 72" x 30" £50-70
606.    A set of six 17th century design oak dining chairs with back and seat panels upholstered in a green velour £60-80
607.    An early 20th century polished as mahogany corner chair with circular seat inset floral gros point panel £30-50
608.    A set of five Louis XVI design beech framed dining chairs with oval cane double backs and seats, on turned and fluted supports, and another chair £80-120
609.    An oval oak drop leaf dining table, on turned supports £40-60
610.    A matched set of four Windsor scroll back armchairs £50-70
611.    A triangular shaped set of nine drawers, 70" high £50-70
612.    A child's Thonet bentwood armchair £30-50
613.    A late Victorian dark stained salon nursing chair with carved and pierced central splat and stuffed over seat, upholstered in a red and green leaf pattern fabric, an Edwardian inlaid mahogany cane seat occasional chair and a similar chair £20-40
614.    An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood banded sideboard with bowed central section, fitted nine drawers, on six square tapering supports fitted castors £60-80
615.    An ebonised circular top occasional table, on splay supports, 24" dia £20-40
616.    A chip carved octagonal top table, on folding base, 18" wide £20-40
617.    A dark stained 17th century design oak blanket box with three panel front £40-60
618.    An Oriental octagonal floral decorated lacquered set of eight drawers, 13" dia £50-70
619.    A set of three refectory design oak coffee tables, on panel end supports with pierced trefoils, 20" wide £30-50
620.    An oak school desk £30-50
621.    An early 20th century mahogany organ stool with pierced sides £30-50
622.    A 19th century mahogany bidet, fitted liner, on turned supports, and an oval oak drop leaf coffee table, 15" long £20-40
623.    An oak ladder back elbow chair with rush envelope seat, on turned and stretchered supports £20-40
624.    A painted bedside cupboard with relief decorated panel door and a similar bedside cupboard, on block base £30-50
625.    A mahogany open bookcase, fitted adjustable shelves and a dark oak side shelf, 23" wide
626.    A Wakefield and Co steel safe with key, 18" wide £50-70
627.    A high wing backed fireside chair, on cabriole supports £20-40
628.    A 19th century American rocking chair, upholstered in a floral tapestry, and another American rocking chair (for restoration) £40-60
629.    A 19th century mahogany carver chair with rail back and upholstered seat panel £30-50
630.    A wooden spinning wheel £30-50
631.    An early 20th century oak dresser with boarded back, fitted two shelves, over base fitted two cupboards, on turned supports, 42" wide £30-50
632.    A set of six Waring & Gillows oak dining chairs, on square supports with chamfered design and a matching dining table £80-120
633.    A 17th century design oak dresser, the base fitted two drawers and lower cupboard enclosed two four-panel doors, 54" wide £30-50
634.    A rectangular stained wood piano stool with bobbin turned side rails £30-50
635.    An oak framed part bedroom suite with decorative burr wood panels, comprising wardrobe, tallboy, dressing table, bedside cabinet and double bedstead £50-70
636.    A two-tier folding cakestand with plateaux decorated Dutch marquetry panels and a poker work decorated plate £30-50
637.    A contemporary elm drop leaf Sutherland dining table, 50" wide £30-50
638.    A polished as mahogany circular shaped top two-tier occasional table, 22" dia, and a nest of three grey painted coffee tables £20-40
639.    An oak side cabinet, fitted cupboard enclosed two linen-fold panel doors over two shallow drawers, 39" wide £50-70
640.    A 19th century Windsor target back armchair, on turned underframe with crinoline stretcher, two cane-seat occasional chairs and a modern nest of three coffee tables, inlet brown leather tops £50-70
641.    An early 20th century stained as mahogany twin pedestal desk, 48" wide (for restoration) £60-80
642.    A spindle turned kitchen armchair £30-50
643.    A stained as mahogany two-tier corner wall bracket £30-50
644.    An Edwardian walnut dressing table, fitted two drawers and undertier, 45" wide £20-40
645.    A mid 20th century plain oak bookcase enclosed part glazed doors, 34" wide £30-50
646.    A pair of early 20th century carved mahogany bedroom chairs, on shaped and stretchered supports £40-60
647.    A Lloyd Loom type table with plate glass protector and a Lloyd Loom linen basket with faux leather top, 28" wide £30-50
648.    A Georgian design yew chest of two short and four long drawers, 31" wide £50-70
649.    A pair of Georgian design yew three drawer bedside chests £40-60
650.    A pair of Louis XV design marble top kidney-shaped two-tier occasional tables with gilt metal mounts, 23" wide £80-120
651.    A pair of Georgian design crossbanded mahogany bedside cabinets, fitted drawer and lower cupboard, 20" wide £30-50
652.    A pair of 19th century design open armchairs with buttoned backs, seats and arm rests, upholstered in a green nailed leather £100-200
653.    A stool, upholstered in a nailed green leather, on turned supports fitted castors £40-60
654.    A Louis XV circular marquetry decorated coffee table with gilt metal mounts, 26" dia £40-60
655.    A Louis XVI design decorated rosewood, walnut and floral marquetry fall front cocktail cabinet with mirrored and gilt metal mounted interior, on cabriole supports, 36" wide £100-120
656.    A Regency design mahogany breakfront side cabinet with green marble top and four doors inset gilt metal lattice panels, 54" wide £80-120
657.    A Georgian design mahogany chest of nine drawers with gilt ring handles, 17" wide £50-70
658.    An Oriental coffee table, a rectangular oak occasional tables on twist turned supports and a similar square oak occasional table £30-50
659.    A Korean cabinet, fitted three drawers and cupboard enclosed dummy drawer fronts £50-70
660.    An ornate cream painted cresting carved and pierced scrolls, etc £30-50
661.    A mahogany shaped top coffee table with marquetry decoration and glass protector, 34" x 22" £30-50
662.    A pair of Louis XVI design open armchairs with cream and gilt decorated frame £100-150
663.    A figured mahogany serpentine front side cabinet enclosed two doors, on square taper supports, 37" wide £60-80
664.    A mid 20th century open arm easy chair, upholstered in a red moquette £20-40
665.    An Oriental mahogany blanket box with hinged cover, decorative brass lock plate and side carrying handles, 38" wide £60-80
666.    A Chinese cabinet, fitted five drawers and sliding doors, 33" wide £80-120
667.    A Far Eastern hardwood chest of two short and three long drawers, fitted brass handles, 36" wide £50-70
668.    A Korean elm two-stage cabinet, fitted drawers and cupboards, on low stand, 36" wide £100-150
669.    An Oriental brown lacquered blanket box with front decorated gilt roundel and bat motif, on stand £60-80
670.    A Chinese circular hardwood occasional table, fitted two drawers, on tripod base, 21" dia £30-50
671.    A Georgian design oval mahogany drop-leaf single pedestal dining table £60-80
672.    A circular figured walnut cabinet, fitted cupboard, and an octagonal stained wooden plinth, on circular base fitted castors £80-120
673.    A concave fronted walnut side table, fitted frieze drawer £40-60
674.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany music cabinet, fitted four drawers and undershelf, 22" wide £80-120
675.    An Edwardian mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, fronts inlaid decorative stringing, 42" wide £50-70
676.    A Georgian design mahogany serpentine front chest of six drawers, 31" wide £40-60
677.    A Georgian design mahogany sofa table, on lyre end supports, and a similar coffee table, 19" wide £50-70
678.    A Georgian design mahogany standing corner cabinet, the upper section enclosed by two glazed doors over cupboard, 36" wide £40-60
679.    A pine bateau lit with boarded ends, 63" wide £50-70
680.    A cherrywood bateau lit, 62" wide £50-70
681.    A well reproduced mahogany chest of four drawers with concave fronts, 19" wide £60-80
682.    A butcher's hornbeam block, fitted two deep drawers, on pine stand, 60" x 30" £100-150
683.    A Louis XVI design kingwood display table with gilt metal mounts and undertier, 24" x 16" £200-350
684.    A painted pine blanket box with wrought iron carry handles, 29" wide £40-60
685.    A pine bedside cabinet, fitted drawer over, and a well reproduced coffee table inset glass £20-40
686.    A waxed pine bedside cupboard enclosed panelled door, on block base, 17" wide £30-50
687.    A late 19th century waxed stained pine open bookcase with adjustable shelves, 56" wide £80-120
688.    A grained pine bookcase, the upper section enclosed two arch top glazed doors over cupboards, on block base, 46" wide £80-120
689.    A painted pine blanket box, 37" wide £20-40
690.    A waxed pine double pedestal desk, fitted nine drawers, 48" wide £30-50
691.    A pine cupboard enclosed two doors with metal strap hinges, 40" wide £60-80
692.    A tall narrow pine open bookcase, fitted adjustable shelves, 18" wide, and a pine writing desk, fitted two frieze drawers and two shelf bookcase over, 30" wide £20-40
693.    A painted pine waterfall open bookshelf, 38" wide £60-80
694.    A stripped pine open bookcase, 40" wide £30-50
695.    A wooden ottoman with hinged top, inset fabric panel, 33" long £20-40
696.    A pine chest of two short and two long drawers £50-70
697.    A 19th century stripped pine cylinder front bureau, fitted two frieze drawers and lower cupboard, 51" wide £150-200
698.    A 19th century Hanseatic pine mule chest, fitted two drawers, with wrought iron strap hinges, 39" wide £40-60
699.    A stripped pine dresser, the upper section fitted two shelves over two drawers and cupboards, on bracket support, 52" wide £200-300
700.    A Persian rug with central stepped hexagonal medallion on a blue floral decorated ground and three border stripes, 79" x 52" approx £50-70
701.    A Persian prayer rug with mihrab and central pendant on a rust ground and numerous border stripes, 70" x 49" approx £50-70
702.    A Persian rug with eight rows of opposing mirs on a dark ground and three border stripes, 78" x 53" approx £50-70
703.    A Bokhara carpet with eight rows of small guls on a dark red ground and numerous border stripes, 140" x 100" approx £100-150
704.    A Persian design bordered carpet, green field decorated foliage and animals, central lobed medallion, 12ft x 9ft £30-50
705.    A bordered Persian design carpet, beige field decorated scrolling foliage, 180" x 80" £30-50
706.    A Persian rug with central grey medallion and spandrels on an ivory ground and three border stripes, 89" x 60" approx £80-120
707.    A Caucasian design Indian carpet, blue field decorated rows of stylised motifs, 10ft x 8ft approximately £80-120
708.    A Bokhara style rug with two medallions on a red ground, 68" x 50" approx £40-60
709.    A Sumac rug with camel and animal design on a fawn ground, 72" x 41" approx £60-80
710.    An antique kelim double saddle bag, 48" x 26" approx £60-80
711.    A "Royal" Bokhara rug with twenty-four medallions and multiple border stripes in traditional colours, 62" x 43" approx £60-80
712.    A prayer rug with tree design on a fawn ground, 56" x 32" approx £40-60
713.    A Persian rug with central medallion on a salmon ground and multi borders, 46" x 26" approx £20-40
714.    A tribal bag face in shades of orange, brown, blue and natural, 46" x 23" approx £20-40
715.    A tribal saddle bag with four cruciform guls on a brown ground, 38" x 23" approx £20-40
716.    A Persian "garden" design rug with octagonal panels of trees and birds in shades of rust, blue, brown, green and natural, 140" x 96" approx (wearing) £60-80
717.    A kelim runner with floral design on a blue ground, 122" x 35" approx £60-80
718.    A pair of Chinese red and ivory coloured rugs, a similar rug and a Chinese celadon green floral decorated rug £50-70
719.    A Persian design rug with central anchor medallion and spandrels on an ivory floral ground, 66" x 44" approx, and a Persian design silky pile rug, 41" x 25" approx £50-70
720.    A Bokhara carpet with one hundred and fifty-two guls on a plum ground and multi-bordered in traditional shades, 140" x 100" approx (slight moth damage to one end) £100-150
721.    A Victorian green enamel decorated cast iron heater casing, 29" high £30-50
722.    A pair of bronzed garden ornaments of storks, the larger 35" high £50-70
723.    A bowfront cast and wrought iron fire grate with plain arched cast iron back (damages) £20-40
724.    A stoneware quadrant sink and a similar rectangular sink £30-50
725.    A butler's salt glazed stoneware sink £30-50
726.    A stone circular sink, 23" wide £30-50
727.    A pair of cast stone planters with Sphinx design, 26" wide, and three rectangular cast stone planters, in sizes £30-50
728.    A cast stone bird bath, four spherical finials, a cast stone pedestal with attendant figures, 24" high and other stone items £30-50
729.    A cast stone terracotta colour pedestal, a shaped terracotta stand and an octagonal stand £30-50
730.    A brass sundial, on cast stone pedestal, 36" high overall £60-80
731.    A pair of cast stone lion corbels, 31" high, and a cast stone pedestal with circular top, 30" high
732.    Three terracotta jars of various designs £40-60
733.    A pair of cast stone planters with Greek key design, 11" high, a carved sandstone slab, 28" high, and two smaller sandstone slabs, 13" high and 7" high
734.    A wrought iron horse tether?, set in a concrete base £20-40
735.    A 19th century wrought iron wheel with flat broad rim, 46" dia £50-70
736.    A set of six grey and white marble faced dining chairs £80-120
737.    A cast iron garden urn, 18" high £60-80
738.    A leather bound trunk with lift out tray £40-60