Antique Sale on 10/05/17
Watcombe Manor Saleroom

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1.      A Crown Devon pottery trumpet vase decorated carved panels of flowers, indistinctly signed to base, 9 1/2" high £40-60
2.      A Staffordshire pottery figure of a mounted general, 8 1/2" high, two smaller similar figures and a 19th Century Staffordshire figure, "Duchess" (some restorations) £50-70
3.      A 19th Century Staffordshire figure group, Old Mother Goose, a similar figure, drummer boy, fruit seller, Red Riding Hood and one other figure £50-70
4.      A pair of spill vases, children with gate and dog, a Staffordshire figure group, girl with rabbit and bird, a 19th Century Staffordshire figure group, Rebecca at the Well, two others and a Staffordshire cottage £60-80
5.      A Greek 4th Century BC pottery bottle decorated Apulian red figures, 6 1/2" high (a/f) £80-120
6.      A panel of four Persian enamel decorated tiles, flute player and dancer in a landscape, 18" x 18", in gilt frame £80-120
7.      A Shelley Walter Slater shallow bowl with blue lustre decoration of butterflies, 15" dia £40-60
8.      A Royal Doulton bone china figure "New Bonnet", HN1728, and a companion figure, "A Victorian lady", HN728 £30-50
9.      A W H Goss model of Ann Hathaway's Cottage (chip to edge) and a pair of Staffordshire seated spaniels decorated in gilt, 12" high £20-40
10.     A collection of seven 19th Century ironstone Imari decorated jugs, various (some damages) £40-60
11.     A Ruskin grey lustre decorated ginger jar and cover, 8 1/2" tall and three similar smaller ginger jars £50-80
12.     A Royal Doulton stoneware water filter with applied green and blue decoration on a fawn ground, 12" high (lid restored) £50-70
13.     A majolica comport with central shell moulded bowl and two handles moulded as mermaids, 13" high £100-150
14.     A Wedgwood black basalt encaustic decorated two handled urn decorated flowers on a black ground, 9 1/2" high (some damage) £50-70
15.     Two 19th Century engraved glass continental flagons with pewter lids, 10" high £80-120
16.     A pair of 19th Century porcelain figures, lady and gentleman, one playing a flute the other a tambourine, 10" high, together with a smaller continental figure, boy holding a basket of flowers £70-90
17.     A Baccarat heavy cut and faceted glass bowl, 7" dia £100-150
18.     A cut glass part table service £40-60
19.     A 19th Century cut class celery vase, a cut glass water jug, a 1930s cocktail set and other cut and gilt decorated table glass £50-70
20.     A cut glass decanter and stopper, two cut glass bowls and other cut glass, etc £30-50
21.     A collection of Bohemian glasses £40-60
22.     Three collections of Victorian cut wine glasses and a set of six Victorian cranberry glasses £80-120
23.     A Murano Venini glass and brass clock, unsigned, 6 1/2" high £40-60
24.     An early 20th Century Moser amethyst faceted glass hyacinth vase, in the style of Weiner Wekstatte, 8 1/3" high £150-200
25.     A Waterford glass candelabrum centrepiece with hanging glass prisms, 18 3/4" high £150-250
26.     A 19th Century glass smoke catcher and a moulded glass figure, Judy, 7" high £30-50
27.     A blue spiral glass walking stick, 34" long, on oak backplate £50-70
28.     A Murano mottled glass fish, 21" long £50-70
29.      A Victorian pink and white glass table centre with frilled edges and floral enamelled decoration, 16" high (crack to base) £40-60
30.     An oriental porcelain combination tea and dinner service decorated in red and gilt with key pattern borders, eighty-eight pieces approx £40-60
32.     A Royal Doulton bone china, "Biltmore", part dinner service £30-50
33.     A pair of green Wedgwood "Florentine" tureens £40-60
34.     A Swiss porcelain combination tea and coffee service decorated with cobalt blue and gilt borders £40-60
35.     A Spode fine bone china "Fleur de Lys" complete service for six, fifty pieces approx £200-250
36.     A Spode "Italian" part dinner service (some damages) £40-60
37.     A Royal Doulton "Larchmont" part dinner service £40-60
38.     A Wedgwood bone china "Florentine" part dinner service £60-80
39.     A late 19th Century bone china nursery part teaset decorated children at play (damages) £30-50
40.     A Parian spill vase, in the form of a young traveller, (hairline crack) and a late Victorian Corinthia pottery toilet jug with Greek key decoration £30-50
41.     A collection of assorted glasses, etc £30-50
42.     A collection of Price's cottage ware teapots, etc £30-50
43.     A quantity of assorted decorative ceramics £30-50
44.     A Nailsea glass flower basket, carnival glass items and other glassware £30-50
45.     A ship's decanter, three other decanters, an Orrefors glass vase engraved birds and other glassware £30-50
47.     A Royal Copenhagen porcelain model of a puppy, five Wedgwood jasperware items, a Wedgwood shallow bowl, a green gilt and floral decorated comport and two matching tureens, etc £30-50
49.     A set of six Susie Cooper Art Deco design plates; a Booths "Imari" pattern part teaset, a Royal Worcester yellow and gilt cabinet cup and saucer and two glass water jugs, one with silver mounts £30-50
50.     A jasperware cheese dish and cover, a similar vase, a Royal Doulton model of a Bulldog, and other decorative china, etc £40-60
51.     A Coalbrookdale type floral decorated basket (restored), a Keith Murray tankard, a late 19th Century part dessert service, a continental part coffee service and other decorative china, etc £40-60
52.     A 19th Century Chinese Canton ivory brise fan, pierced figures in a landscape, 7" long £300-400
53.     A collection of part-sets of Stuart and other crystal glasses £30-50
54.     Four 19th Century Minton turquoise ribbon decorated dessert plates, three Imari decorated dishes and other decorative china (some damages) £30-50
55.     A Goebel figure of a seated child reading a book, a Doulton Burslem blue and white jug, a Medina glass paperweight, three decanters and other decorative items £40-60
56.     A 19th Century Chinese pottery model of a seated figure on a Dog of Fo, 10 1/2" long (a/f) £50-70
57.     A Chinese blue and white figure decorated charger, two Chinese bowls, one with black underside and the other with calligraphy, and one blue and white prunus decorated porcelain vase and cover £150-200
58.     A Japanese porcelain Imari decorated jar and cover, 6" high, and a similar Japanese porcelain charger, 14 1/2" dia £40-60
59.     A Chinese porcelain blue and white figure decorated two-stick stand, 24" high £200-400
60.     A K'ang Hsi incised celadon glazed vase, 12 1/2" high, on carved hardwood stand £1500-2000
61.     A Chinese porcelain blanc-de-chine figure of Kuan Yin, 19" high (restored), and two smaller similar seated figures, 7" and 8 1/2" high £100-150
62.     A Chinese porcelain famille verte charger with quail decoration, 15" dia £200-300
63.     A pair of 18th Century Chinese porcelain blue and white vases with figures in landscape reserved panels, 10" high £150-200
64.     A Chinese porcelain famille verte figure decorated vase, 7 1/4" high £300-500
65.     A pair of Chinese porcelain famille rose dishes with landscape decoration, 7" dia, and a larger similar dish with gold ground and floral decoration (damages), 7 1/2" dia £300-500
66.     A pair of Chinese famille jaune shallow dishes decorated with symbols, 7 1/8" dia (rim chips) £80-120
67.     A Chinese porcelain blue and white dragon decorated shallow bowl, 10" dia, four late 18th Century Chinese landscape decorated plates, 9" dia (chips), and a square deep bowl (damages) £50-70
68.     A pair of Chinese porcelain bird decorated vases, 6 1/2" high, two landscape decorated vases, the largest 5 1/2" high, and a blue and white bird in tree decorated vase, 8" high £50-70
69.     A Chinese famille rose enamelled decorated figure of a woman, 12 3/4" high, and a larger similar figure (now converted to a table lamp), 13 1/2" high £50-70
70.     A Chinese hare fur glazed bowl, 4 3/4" dia £150-200
71.     A K'ang Hsi blue and white decorated vase, 6 1/2" high, a similar sprinkler bottle (damages), 7 1/4" high, and a similar bowl and cover (restored cover and chips to rim), 5 1/4" dia £50-70
72.     A Chinese porcelain polychrome decorated ginger jar with landscape and figure decoration, 12 1/2" high, with a carved and pierced hardwood cover £800-1200
73.     A K'ang Hsi porcelain rouleau vase with powder blue ground decoration, 19" high, on carved hardwood stand £1200-1500
74.     A K'ang Hsi porcelain floral decorated cylinder vase, 5 1/2" high £500-700
75.     A Chinese porcelain celadon glazed two-handled vase, 5 1/2" high, and a white cylinder vase 4 1/2" high, both with hardwood stands £100-150
76.     A Chinese green and blue mottled glazed lozenge shaped vase, 5 1/2" high, and a green glazed square section vase, on hardwood stand £150-200
77.     A collection of sixteen Chinese porcelain tea bowls, various (rim chips and other damages) £50-70
78.     A pair of Chinese porcelain 20th Century figure decorated plates and a similar landscape decorated plate (some damages) £50-70
79.     A 19th Century white porcelain oval libation cup, base moulded floral sprigs, 2 1/2" high £50-70
80.     Three blanc-de-chine porcelain figures of Kuan Yin and a blue and white porcelain figure of Hotei £40-60
81.     A collection of 20th Century Chinese snuff bottles, etc, in porcelain, hardstone and cinnabar lacquer, all in fitted silk lined boxes, thirty seven approx £100-200
82.     A Chinese blue and white vase with lappet and floral decoration, 12" high (hair crack) and an enamel decorated stand, 5" dia £80-120
83.     A Chinese blue and white fruit and leaf decorated charger, 15" dia (restored) £200-400
84.     A Chinese blue and white leaf decorated oviform vase, 14 1/2" high (restored), a Chinese carved wooden face mask and a silkwork picture
85.     A Chinese blue and white crackleware vase, 9" high and a smaller similar figure decorated enamel vase, 8 1/2" high (both restored) £30-50
86.     A Chinese celadon ground shallow bowl, 6 1/2" dia £200-400
87.     A 17th Century Chinese provincial celadon glazed squat vase, 3 3/4" high (restorations and damages) £40-60
88.     Two 19th Century carved wood painted Chinese figures, the larger, 14" high £50-70
89.     A 19th Century carved soapstone figure, Chinese scholar, 6 3/4" high £60-80
90.     An early 20th Century carved soapstone Dog of Fo, on a square plinth, 7" high £50-70
91.     An early 20th Century Chinese carved black soapstone of a seated scholar, 6 1/4" high £50-70
92.     An early 20th Century carved ivory Buddha, 3 1/2" high £40-60
93.     Two early 20th Century Chinese carved soapstone pigs and piglets, on wooden bases, both signed to base £150-200
94.     A late 19th Century Chinese carved ivory figure, mythical beast, on carved wooden base £30-40
95.     A late 19th Century Jacques London turned, carved and stained Staunton pattern part-chess set, 22 pieces £100-150
96.     A 19th Century carved ivory covered aide-memoire holder, an ivory horseshoe photograph frame, a purse, netsuke, etc £100-150
97.     A 19th Century Japanese Meiji period carved ivory okimono, formed as a turtle and four young on a lily pad, 4 3/4" wide £400-600
98.     A Chinese carved bamboo brush pot, 6" high £40-60
99.     A Chinese carved cinnabar lacquer square box with scroll decoration, 7 1/2" wide £100-150
100.    A Chinese carved jade pi disc of archaic design, 2 1/4" dia, on hardwood stand £300-500
101.    A Chinese carved jade lion dog/dragon, 3 1/4" long, on hardwood stand £200-300
102.    A Chinese carved ivory basket with figures, Phoenix and landscapes, 8 1/2" wide £500-700
103.    A Chinese gilt brass Buddha, 5 1/2" high and an Indian bronzed Buddha, 13 1/2" high £100-150
104.    A pair of late 19th Century Japanese silver wire cloisonne vases decorated planters of flowers, 12" high £40-60
105.    A Chinese glass snuff bottle, overlay enamelled in blue with bats and clouds, with celadon jade coloured stopper £40-60
106.    A pair of 19th Century Chinese lacquered drum shape stalls/containers with figure decorations and wrought metal handles, 17 1/2" high £80-120
107.    A pair of Japanese cast bronze candlesticks, formed as Storks standing on turtles, 11" high, and two plated trays £40-60
108.    A Chinese pale celadon jade carving of three peaches and a bat, 2 1/4" x 3", in fitted silk lined box £60-80
109.    An 18th Century Chinese three-section bronze Buddha, 13 3/4" high £600-800
110.    A Chinese gilt bronze Buddha, 8" high £500-700
111.    A carved narwhal tusk walking stick decorated spiral fluting and ball finial, 34" long £1000-2000
112.    An oval domed top mammoth ivory desk paperweight with plated finial and floral pierced band around base, 5 1/2 " x 4 1/4" £150-250
113.    A pair of 19th Century gilt metal and ivory opera glasses, by Deraisme Paris £50-70
114.    Taxidermy: a pair of preserved kingfishers, in glazed case, and a corn bunting, under glass dome, 10" high £50-70
115.    A collection of 19th Century preserved tropical birds, under a glass dome shade, on a mahogany base, 17" high £100-200
116.    A Pentax Super SLR camera, a Sony video camera, two other cameras and other photographic items including bags, filters and tripod £60-80
117.    A French 19th Century gilt brass rococo scroll cased clock with eight-day striking movement, 12" high, under glass dome shade (restored) £200-400
118.    A George III mahogany stick barometer with moulded arch top, brass dial engraved Fraser London, on shaped square base with urn finial reservoir £200-400
119.    A pair of opera glasses, in case, two cameras and a leather tool roll £50-70
120.    An Ernst Plank 19th Century hot air engine, complete with burner and japanned chimney, on cast metal base, 14 1/2" wide £400-600
121.    Two French exchange telephones, in brown plastic cases £50-70
122.    A 19th Century walnut and brass line inlaid bracket clock with eight-day single fusee movement (strike removed), 15" high £50-70
123.    A portable gramophone by the Gramophone Company, leather covered case with lid inset hemispherical metal sound reflector, together with a small collection of 78 rpm operatic records £80-120
124.    A Rolleicord lens reflex camera, in leather case, a Zenit SLR, and a number of other cameras and photographic accessories, various £100-150
125.    A 19th Century mantel clock in black slate case with presentation plaque dated 1875, 9" high (key behind counter) £20-30
126.    A pair of Scheffel 20 x 50 binoculars, in case, and two other cased pairs of 10 x 50 binoculars by Miranda & Swift £20-40
127.     A mid 20th Century oak long case clock £30-50
128.    A 19th Century syphon tube barometer in mahogany case inlaid shell and paterae, silvered register plate and thermometer, 39" high £40-60
129.    An early 20th Century circular wall clock, in stained wooden case £40-60
130.    An early 19th Century rosewood and brass inlaid bracket clock by Fletcher with twin fusee movement, 16" high £400-600
131.    An Dutch 18th Century brass and copper decorated tobacco box, 6 1/4" wide £100-150
132.    A Dutch 19th Century brass and copper tobacco box decorated with men on horses, 2 1/4" wide £60-80
133.    Two brass pedestal oil lamps and a copper spirit kettle £30-50
134.    An 18th Century pewter charger, 20" dia £60-80
135.    A pair of French Empire brass candlesticks, on circular bases, 8" high £40-60
136.    A brass fender rail, 54" wide, and two long handle brass fireside implements £50-70
137.    Two oxidised brass pedestal oil lamps with white glass shades £30-50
138.    A late 19th Century coffee grinder, in red metal case £30-50
139.    A pair of metal candlesticks, modelled as grotesque Dickensian characters, 14" high £30-50
140.    An Archibald Knox pewter three-piece teaset, pattern 0231 £100-150
141.    An Archibald Knox pewter hot water jug, pattern 0967 £50-70
142.    T Merrifield: a bronze sculpture of a ballerina on points, limited edition 55/150, on circular green marble base, 13" high £80-120
143.    A modern unsigned bronze sculpture of a seated man with one leg raised, 12" high £60-80
144.    A 19th Century bronze "Spinario" figure, 12" high, £150-200
145.    A pair of mid 19th Century American Gothic gilt brass and stone inset candlesticks/lamps, on dragon feet, 16" high £80-120
146.    A painted toleware coal vase with duck decoration £100-150
147.    A cast brass figure of Shakespeare, 12" high £40-60
148.    A 19th Century copper tea urn, 18" high £30-50
149.    An Arts and Crafts metal umbrella stand, 25" high £50-70
150.    An Edwardian walking cane with carved wooden finial, in the form of a negro head with bone inlaid eyes £150-200
151.    An 18th Century mahogany tea caddy (interior missing), 12" wide £60-80
152.    A Georgian mahogany and box line inlaid tea caddy, 11 1/2" wide £60-80
153.    A 19th century rosewood book stand with three quarter spindle decorated gallery, 16" wide (crack to base) and a brass inlaid rosewood workbox £50-80
154.    An early 19th Century rosewood and mother-of-pearl inlaid sarcophagus tea caddy, on bun feet, 12" wide £80-120
155.    A mid Victorian figured walnut and brass mounted dome top tea caddy, 9 1/4" wide £80-120
156.    A George III mahogany and box line inlaid tea caddy with canted top, 5" wide £50-70
157.    A Victorian Tunbridge ware and rosewood box with sliding top, 7" wide £40-60
158.    A George IV mahogany and banded sarcophagus work box with part fitted interior, 11 1/2" wide £80-120
159.    A pair of miniature oval gilt stools with padded tops, on turned supports, 11 1/2" dia max £60-80
160.    A 19th Century wooden cutlery tray and a 20th Century Black Forest cuckoo clock £20-40
161.    Nine triangular-shape bookstands, various, and a similar brass inlaid bookstand £80-120
162.    A Victorian carved mahogany letter box with oval glazed panel, 12" wide £180-220
163.    A Victorian walnut writing box with fitted interior, 16" wide £80-120
164.    A Burmese red and black lacquered box, 15" wide £40-60
165.    An early 19th Century mahogany and brass bound writing box with fitted interior, 11 1/2" wide £80-120
166.    An Aboriginal boomerang with incised decoration, 28" long (said to have been collected in late 19th Century) £100-150
167.    An Aboriginal club, 24" long (said to have been collected in late 19th Century) £80-120
168.    An Aboriginal digging stick, with insized zig-zag decoration, 30 1/2" long (said to have been collected in late 19th Century) £200-300
169.    An early 19th Century rosewood and pewter line inlaid workbox with fitted interior, 12" wide £80-120
170.    A Georgian mahogany knife box, 8" wide (now converted for stationery) £50-70
171.    A cast and painted metal "Waterloo" chess set by SAC £70-80
172.    An RASC WWII uniform in tin trunk, complete with haversack, belt, etc, and a collection of related badges, shoulder flashes, pips, etc £80-120
173.    A sabre with curved blade, metal handle and guard £30-50
174.    A wooden signboard, emblazoned with the arms of 1102 Marine Craft Unit RAF, and another board, commemorating the fallen from 1st Battalion King's Own Scottish Borderers, 23" x 18" £30-50
175.    A collection of assorted military cap badges in ARP First Aid box, an ammunition tin containing dehydrated military rations and twenty-two copies of Le Miroir, a WW1 French magazine £30-50
176.    A WWII tin hat belonging to the National Fire Service and two other tin hats belonging to a war worker and a warden £30-50
177.    A captain's Royal Artillery battle dress uniform and two wooden trunks £30-50
178.    A wooden trunk and kit bag, belonging to Lieutenant West King's Own Scottish Borderers, containing two battle dress tops, a dress belt, tartan trousers, etc £30-50
179.    Four King's Own Scottish Borderers swagger sticks and a collection of boxed commemorative paltes £50-70
180.    A WWII commando dagger with brass handle decorated chequered bands, in leather scabbard, and two other knives with sheaths £80-120
181.    A 19th Century carved and painted articulated wood doll, 10" high £30-50
182.    An Indian dahl with Benares style decoration, 8" dia £30-50
183.    A collection of 15 magic lantern slides, various tales, in double sided glass frame £40-60
184.    A collection of Matchbox models, mostly late 1960s-70s, in original fitted case, and an action man with a number of accessories £40-60
185.    A midshipman's sword with brass hilt and knuckle guard, blade 15" long, A WWI bayonet with fullered blade and another similar bayonet, a steel spearhead with leaf-shaped blade and another barbed spear head £50-70
186.    A 19th Century Indonesian sword with a shagreen and brass handle £30-50
187.    A Malacca cane and bamboo folding shooting stick £30-50
188.    A Pelham skeleton puppet, in original box with instructions, and a Denys Fisher "Nookie Bear" toy, in original box £40-60
189.    A Norah Wellings clown doll in orange suit, two other smaller dolls and a Magic Roundabout "Florence" wooden puppet £30-50
190.    A Pelham puppet giant, a companion Goofy and a Chad Valley clockwork clown (hands missing), in original boxes £30-50
191.    A cast iron and painted model of a hackney carriage, 12" long £60-80
192.    A George V ceremonial sword with engraved straight blade, 32" long, pierced guard, leather scabbard and frog £50-70
193.    A travelling mah-jongg set, in faux crocodile case £30-50
194.    A carved hardstone chess set, formed as conquistadors and Aztecs, in decorated case, together with a chess table £50-70
195.    Three pieces of WWII munitions (defused) £30-50
196.    A 19th Century tapestry panel, interior scene with prelate taking confession, 32" x 28" £40-60
197.    A Prada black leather handbag £80-120
198.    A Marc Jacobs black leather handbag with gilt metal mounts £60-80
199.    A Tory Burch leather handbag £60-80
200.    A Gucci red leather handbag with shoulder strap £80-120
201.    A Prada patent finish bag with buckle strap (surface damages) £50-70
202.    A Todd blue suede leather handbag £150-200
203.    Two black riding hats by Christies £30-50
204.    A musquash fur coat by the National Fur Company, back 39", and a mink stole £40-60
205.    A mahogany framed embroidered silkwork panel, foxgloves, 49" x 18" £30-50
206.    A 19th Century silkwork panel of a peacock and a tapestry panel of a Spitfire £20-40
207.    A mid 19th Century needlepoint sampler, by Mary Ann Fidderman... 1850, 14" x 12", in gilt frame £100-150
208.    A mid 19th Century needlepoint sampler by Mary Ann Waller... 1843, in strip frame £100-150
209.    A silver fox fur pelt, another pelt, a fur stole and a tie £30-50
210.    A Selmer piano accordion, in case £40-60
211.    A green serpentine carving of a husband and wife, 11" high £40-60
212.    A Montblanc Meisterstruck ballpoint pen, in fitted leather case with original box and paperwork £80-120
213.    A Dunhill lighter, in case, and two others £40-60
214.    A Swan fountain pen, 1915 patent, a "Croni" pen, Number II, a set of drawing instruments and a collection of pen nibs £40-60
215.    An Orilux battery-operated torch, in leather case, a pair of turned oak candlesticks, a miniature coffer, a number of vols, Royal souvenirs, and an embroidered picture £30-50
216.    A large collection of playing cards and other games, mostly vintage and mid 20th Century £40-60
217.    An early 20th Century cut paper silhouette of two storks, 32" x 10", in strip frame, a companion cut paper silhouette of a fan, 12" x 18 1/2", in Hogarth frame, and one other silhouette, girl seated reading with Cupid at her feet (slight damages), 6 1/2" x 9", in strip frame £80-120
218.    An Inuit sculpture (restored) and a number of South American and other sculpture models (old damages) £40-60
219.    A bottle of C da Silva, 1944, late bottled Vintage Port £30-50
220.    A 19th Century Roman slate and micro mosaic desk weight with views of the Colosseum, four, and Saint Peters, 4" wide (minor chips to edges) £250-300
221.    A wrought iron standard lamp with copper oil lamp fitting (now converted to electricity) £30-50
222.    An early 20th Century black metal square four-light electrolier, base inset glass panel, and another triangular metal pendant light fitting £60-80
223.    A brass Rippingilles Patent oil lamp, base having bell and inkwell (now converted to electricity), and another brass pedestal oil lamp, on cast metal base £40-60
224.    A 19th Century brass candlestick, fitted as a table lamp, on tripod base, and an Art Deco desk lamp, on diamond shaped Bakelite base £50-70
225.    A pair of mid 20th Century French brass and cut glass table lamps, in the style of Baccarat, 8" high £80-120
226.    A three-branch chandelier with scroll arms hung glass drops £50-70
227.    A pair of mid 19th Century faceted glass and gilt decorated table lamps (now converted to electricity), 24" high (minor chips) £100-200
228.    A wrought iron three-light ceiling pendant with thistle and rose decoration and three suspension chains, 22" dia, and a pair of matching two-light wall sconces £80-150
229.    Two brass carriage lanterns £40-60
230.    A Victorian leather bound photograph album containing 72 photographs taken in the 1870/80's, street views and buildings, principally Oxford, but also Witney, Kenilworth, Stratford-upon-Avon, Leamington Spa, Coventry, London and Windsor £70-90
231.    A Victorian carte de visite album containing portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, Lord Herbert, Duc de Chartres, Judge Payne, Tennyson, Emperor Napoleon III, Count von Moltke, Prince Edward and Princess Alexandra of Wales, Princess Alice, Count de Paris, Alford Friedrich Lessing, Duke of Hamilton, Dundreary, Horatio Walpole, Marquis of Hartington, etc, 30 portraits £60-80
232.    A collection of 19th Century leather bound vols including Tour in Normandy, Pennants Tours of Britain, novels of George Elliot, Tennants Zoology, Cary's map of England, etc £60-80
233.    A "Flowers in the Dirt" LP record, in yellow sleeve with signed dedication "To Rita and Antonio" from Paul McCartney £30-50
234.    "Journal of a Tour in the East" by Lady Rotherham, one vol illust, private circulation, 1913, vellum bindings, a companion album of photographs and a number of postcards, etc £40-60
235.    "Piper's Places", one vol, signed first edition December 1983, with dust jacket £80-120
236.    Assorted silver plate items £30-50
237.    A pair of George II style silver plated candlesticks, a plate fish server, a plated sugar dredger, various plated flatware and other plated items £30-50
238.    Two silver plated tea trays, a pair of condiment holders and a plated coffee pot and jug £20-40
239.    A set of ivory handled fish knives and forks, in a case, a canteen of cutlery, in a two-drawer wooden box, and other horn handled cutlery, etc £40-60
240.    A Danish modernist stainless steel cutlery set £30-50
241.    A silver napkin ring, two other napkin rings, a collapsible hunting cup, in leather case, and other silver plate flatware £30-50
242.    A set of four silver plated berry spoons with figural terminals, "The Charles Dickens Pickwick Fruit Spoons", in fitted case £60-80
243.    A silver plated three-bottle decanter stand with three cut glass decanters (one a/f), and three plated bottle tickets £50-70
244.     A pair of old Sheffield plate candlesticks, 10 1/2" high £30-50
245.    A late Victorian circular glass scent flask, the embossed white metal cap with bayonet fitting £50-70
246.    Four continental silver spoons with figure decorated handles £50-70
247.    A hallmarked silver cigarette case and a mother-of-pearl and silver penknife £40-60
248.    A matched set of six Georgian silver dessert spoons, 6.4oz troy approx £60-70
249.    A Georgian silver fish slice, 4.5oz troy approx £50-70
250.    A matched set of six Georgian silver Old English pattern tablespoons, 13.7oz troy approx £120-150
251.    A pair of Georgian silver berry spoons and two silver sauce ladles, 8.3oz troy approx £80-120
252.    Three Georgian silver Old English pattern serving spoons and a similar basting spoon, 9.4oz troy appox £100-150
253.    A miniature silver trophy cup and cover, a miniature silver cream jug and a pair of silver pepperettes, 5.8oz troy approx £50-70
254.    Two silver teaspoons, three silver mustard spoons, a silver butter knife and two pairs of Georgian silver sugar tongs, 5.1oz troy approx £60-80
255.    A silver and glass stamp moistener, a pair of silver handled scissors, in silver sheath, a silver whisky decanter label and a filled silver handle £40-60
256.    A Georgian silver "castle top" vinaigrette with pierced grille, the lid with a view of Windsor Castle, in fitted morocco leather box £400-600
257.    A 19th Century silver mounted cowrie shell snuff box, 3" wide £150-200
258.    An early 19th Century silver mug, London 1816, 5.7oz troy approx £150-170
259.    A silver muffineer, on weighted base, London 1801 £60-80
260.    A pair of George III silver salts, London 1763, 4.9oz troy approx £100-120
261.    A Dunhill rolled gold fountain pen with 14ct nib, in fitted case £100-150
262.    A Cartier "Le Must" lacquered and rolled gold pen, in original box, together with three refills £60-80
263.    An Art Deco silver three-piece cruet set and a set of silver forks, both in boxes £60-80
264.    A Russian silver enamel spoon, two other silver spoons and a silver napkin ring £40-60
265.    A collection of silver and silver plate, including silver framed cameos, silver hand-mirror, etc £40-60
266.    A J C Vickery crocodile and silver cased barometer, hallmarks 1924, 5 2/3" x 5 1/2" high £80-120
267.    A silver pistol grip handled fruit set, hallmarks 1903, in case £70-80
268.    A miniature continental silver hand-mirror with embossed decoration and three silver pin trays with embossed borders £30-40
269.    A continental porcelain floral decorated scent bottle with white metal mounts and a white metal figure decorated and glass scent bottle £80-120
270.    Three late 19th Century gilt metal mounted scent bottles and two other glass scent bottles £80-120
271.    A three-piece carving set with ivory handles, carved as deer's feet, and silver ferrules £50-70
272.    An early 20th Century novelty silver baby's rattle, in the form of a rabbit in a basket, with mother-of-pearl teething bar £60-80
273.    A silver cigarette case, three silver napkin rings and a continental .800 grade silver serving spoon, 7.5oz troy approx £60-80
274.    A Georg Jensen silver napkin ring, inscribed "Annis", 1.2oz approx, and two silver napkin rings, 1.1oz approx £40-60
275.    A Georgian silver cruet stand with pierced decoration and bright cut engraving with four silver and cut glass bottles £100-150
276.    A pair of filled silver pheasant models £40-60
277.    A set of six silver miniature tyg form measures, in fitted case £100-150
278.    A pair of modern silver bottle coasters with turned wooden bases, two wristwatches and a costume jewellery bracelet £40-60
279.    A pair of silver Corinthian column candlesticks, 5 3/4" high (one sconce a/f) £40-60
280.    A silver bell shaped inkwell, a silver trumpet vase and two silver clothes brushes £60-80
281.    A Georgian silver swing-handled pedestal basket with bright cut decoration, 8.2oz troy approx £120-150
282.    A Georgian silver milk jug with scrolled handle, 8.5oz troy approx £70-90
283.    A Georgian style silver two-handled porringer, with half-fluted decoration, 4.1oz troy approx £50-70
284.    A continental white metal tazza, on swan decorated base, and a continental white metal spoon, a silver plated toast rack and two drinking flasks, in a leather case, 16.9oz troy approx £200-300
285.    Two cut glass silver topped scent bottles, a silver pepper pot and two silver spoons £40-60
286.    A pair of Georgian silver cauldron salts with embossed decoration and blue glass liners, together with a silver and cut glass powder jar £70-90
287.    An engine turned silver table cigarette box, 7" long £40-60
288.    A Victorian silver cream jug with spiral fluted decoration, a matching sugar bowl, a pair of Georgian bright cut silver sugar tongs, another pair of sugar tongs, three silver napkin rings and a set of four Iraqi white metal and niello enamel napkin rings, 11.7oz troy approx £100-150
289.    A circular silver capstan inkwell and a similar smaller £60-80
290.    A silver dressing table tray with engine turned decoration and Greek key border, 14.5oz troy approx £130-150
291.    A Goldsmiths and Silversmiths silver gilt cased miniature carriage clock, in fitted case, repeater movement, 2 3/4" high £250-350
292.    An engraved silver oriental "silver" document case, 12" long £30-50
293.    A silver presentation goblet, 6.7oz approx £50-70
294.    A Burmese embossed silver bowl and a similar oval box and cover, 8.5oz approx £50-70
295.    A hammered silver two-handled Quaich, London 1907, 4.2oz approx, £60-80
296.    A Persian silver trumpet vase of lobed form with engraved decoration, 12" high, 20.8oz troy approx, together with a cut glass dressing table jar with silver lid £220-240
297.    A cased set of twelve dessert knives with continental silver blades and ivory handles £70-90
298.    A pair of continental cast white metal four-branch candelabra, 10" high, 60.2oz troy approx £400-500
299.    A Modernist silver necklace set single smoky quartz and an amber coloured bead necklace £30-50
300.    A graduated pearl necklace with 9ct gold gem set clasp, a gilt metal gem set crucifix pendant, an amber pendant, a gilt metal and enamelled pendant, a silver brooch, and a silver and gem set dress ring £80-100
301.    A gold and turquoise set bar brooch and an 18ct gold bracelet (a/f) £80-120
302.    A gold and enamelled scent bottle, in the orientalist manner, with suspension chains and ring attachment £250-300
303.    A small selection of gold and other earrings £40-60
304.    Three 9ct gold wedding bands, a 9ct gold signet ring and a 9ct gold dress ring, 14.3g approx £120-140
305.    A 9ct gold and diamond solitaire ring, .25ct, and a 9ct gold and opal single stone dress ring £100-150
306.    A 14ct gold ring, 1.9g, a 9ct gold medical tag, 1.3g, a gold signet ring, 3.1g, an 18ct gold necklace, 2.8g, and a bar brooch £150-170
307.    A 9ct gold mounted hardstone fob spinner £40-60
308.    A late Victorian/Edwardian Scottish provincial 15ct gold bar brooch set single cairngorm, by William Robb, Ballater £180-200
309.    An 18ct gold full hunter moon phase repeater pocket watch, the white enamel dial with day date apertures and Arabic numerals, the inner dust cover engraved 'Repetition Chronographe Triple Quantieme "La Phare" Phases de Lune', the front engraved with a Great War presentation inscription £2500-3000
310.    A 9ct gold mounted amber cheroot holder, in fitted case, two tortoiseshell hair pieces and a tortoiseshell magnifying glass £40-60
311.    A graduated "egg yolk" amber bead necklace, 31" long, the largest bead 1 1/4" wide, 87.6g £600-800
312.    A Masonic? engraved hardstone jewel, a Masonic enamelled pendant/locket, a number of gold faced cufflinks, etc £30-50
313.    A miscellaneous collection, including two silver gate bracelets, pipes, pocket watches, a Wedgwood plaque, etc £40-60
314.    A late 19th Century coral bead necklace with silver barrel clasp, a similar bracelet and a filigree crucifix on snake chain £50-70
315.    A small selection of costume jewellery, etc, a Chinese white metal scroll weight and a pair of silver plated candle snuffers £20-40
316.    A selection of ladies and gentlemen's wristwatches by Seiko, Casio, Avia and others £30-50
317.    An early 20th Century 9ct rolled gold Tudor wristwatch, rectangular silvered dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial at six o'clock £150-200
318.    A 15ct gold and diamond stick pin, a rolled gold cased pocket watch and three silver cased pocket watches, on an Albert £50-80
319.    A silver curb link bracelet with heart-shaped clasp, two silver and hardstone shamrock brooches and a marcasite set coronet brooch £40-60
320.    A carved shell cameo brooch in 9ct mount, a similar larger cameo brooch in gilt metal frame, and a 9ct gold wishbone brooch £80-120
321.    An Edwardian 9ct rose gold curb link bracelet with engraved decoration and heart shaped clasp, 19.9g approx £170-190
322.    An 18ct gold, diamond and ruby dress ring (one stone missing), 4g approx, and a 22ct gold wedding band, 9g approx £250-280
323.    A 19th Century carved hardstone sardonyx cameo brooch classical bust, masked headdress with wings, in gold and enamelled frame £300-400
324.    A 9ct gold cased Waltham wristwatch with white enamel dial, Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial at six o'clock £60-80
325.    An 18ct gold cased fob watch, white enamel dial with roman numerals £250-300
326.    A 9ct gold cased open faced pocket watch, white enamel dial, Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial £150-200
327.    A mid 20th Century black crocodile handbag with continental silver and gem set clasp £60-80
328.    An 18ct gold seven stone ring set rubies and diamonds, size P £100-150
329.    An 18ct gold ring set emeralds and diamonds, size P £100-150
330.    An 18ct gold floral design ring set diamonds and emeralds £100-150
331.    An 18ct gold ruby set ring and three silver rings £50-70
332.    A selection of Victorian and later British silver coinage, a number of commemorative crowns and a selection of 19th Century and later world coins £80-120
333.    A 1902 gold sovereign £200-220
334.    An 1887 gold half-sovereign £100-120
335.    Howarth: a signed etching, "The Golden Cross, Oxford", and a number of other prints and etchings, various un-framed £30-50
336.    Three Le Blond ovals, landscapes with figures, in gilt frames £50-70
337.    A colour print, Parisian river scene, and a number of other colour prints, various, and two Far East end panels on silk, figures, elephant and temple £30-50
338.    Graeme W Baxter: coloured print, "Old Course St Andrews", signed, and a 19th Century monochrome print, "Memory of Childhood £30-50
339.    M Wood: limited edition coloured print, "Afternoon Shadows", 466/650, signed, 22" x 33", in silvered and gilt frame £30-50
340.    A 20th Century coloured etching, winter landscape with horses hauling logs, 15" x 22", signed, in strip frame £20-40
341.    No 43 Claude Lorrain: harbour scene engraving, from the collection of the Duke of Devonshire, in silvered frame, 18 1/2" x 17" £60-80
342.    Map of Denbighshire by Saxton, in Hogarth frame £150-200
343.    A Japanese coloured print, a man and woman with Mount Fuji beyond, 9 1/2" x 6 1/2", in gilt frame £30-50
344.    A French early 19th Century hand-coloured mezzotint, portrait of an unknown man, 6 3/4" x 5 3/4", in gilt strip frame (water stains) £20-40
345.    After Tombleson, a set of six coloured engravings, views of the Thames £30-50
346.    Michael Gabriel 1973: an artist's proof etching, "Dance on the Eve of May", in gilt strip frame £30-50
347.    A set of three 19th Century hand-coloured book plates, ornithological studies of finches, in strip frames £40-60
348.    Massing: a signed limited edition woodcut, "Autumn Morning", 39/75, in gilt strip frame £50-70
349.    Lionel Edwards: signed colour print, "Trout fishing on the Test", and a 19th Century aquatint, Whitchurch, in gilt frame and a number of other prints, characters from Dickens £30-50
350.    Cecil Aldin: a framed coloured print of the Eton Coach, 11" x 28" (surface damaged) and a framed coloured engraving, huntsmen and coach, 8" x 24" £20-40
351.    A 19th Century watercolour, fisherman's cottage with ruined castle on a hill, 8" x 11", and a quantity of framed prints £20-40
352.    A 19th Century oval portrait of Queen Victoria with facsimile signature within a floral border, 36" x 26" (tear to top edge), a coloured print, landscape with Menai suspension bridge, in swept gilt frame, a pair of artist's proof prints, views of Middle Eastern courtyards, "Ben Ispanem II & III", limited editions I/XXV, indistinctly signed, 28" x 30", in gilt frames £30-50
353.    A pair of 19th Century coloured engravings, views of Lower Ward and the Quadrangle Windsor Castle with soldiers drilling, 13" x 19", in gilt frames £20-40
354.    A pair of artist's signed proof prints of Java Sparrows and Spice birds (water marks to lower portion) and a collection of assorted framed coloured prints £20-40
355.    A set of three 19th Century coloured engravings, views of Windsor Castle, 14" x 19" approx, in black and gilt frames £40-60
356.    After Pollard: a coloured engraving, "Fly Fishing", 22" x 24", in black frame £20-40
357.    John Seabrook: a collage, "The French Connection", in silvered frame, and a larger similar collage, "Nostalgia", in silvered frame £30-50
358.    After Egon Schiele: a colour print, seated nude, in mahogany frame, a colour print of a girl in a straw hat, in gilt frame, and a print of a landscape, in mahogany frame £30-50
359.    A limited edition colour print, "Adagio", in ebonised frame, a signed limited edition colour print, "Dog Daisies", in gilt frame, and one other limited edition colour print, in silvered frame £30-50
360.    Lucy Lancaster: a mezzotint portrait of an Edwardian woman, in strip frame £30-50
361.    Frank Potter: a drypoint etching, "Romney's House, Hampstead", and five other framed etchings and two other pictures, study of a church and print of a flower seller. £50-70
362.    John Speed: map of Merionethshire, 1610, in double sided glass mount £150-200
363.    John Speed: map of Denbighshire, 1610, in double sided glass mount £150-200
364.    K S J Keable: acrylics, "Drying Nets Southwold", 21" x 31", in gilt strip frame £20-40
365.    Claude Hayes: watercolours heightened in white, gateway with mounted soldiers, 13 1/2" x 9 1/2", in strip frame £80-120
366.    A 19th Century watercolour, rocky headland with castle, 7 1/2" x 12 1/2", in gilt frame, three 19th Century watercolours, industrial scenes, in common frame, and one other watercolour, stone barn, in strip frame £50-70
367.    A 19th Century oval miniature, portrait of a lady seated by a window, 6" x 5", in velvet faced leather travelling case (incomplete) £50-70
368.    Gillian Harris '82: watercolours and body colour, gundog, 13" x 15", in strip frame, and Ken Woodcock: pastels study of a swan, in strip frame £60-80
369.    A watercolour, "Summer Wood, Co Durham", 21" x 15", indistinctly signed and dated '82, in brown and gilt frame £30-50
370.    An Indian body colour study, landscape with figures and camel, 11" x 8.25", in strip frame £40-60
371.    A Buddhist thangka, 20" x 15", in bamboo effect frame £60-80
372.    Fred F J Goff: watercolours heightened in white, view of Moulsford and a church, 4 1/8" x 5 6/8", unframed £250-300
373.    M M S: gouache, a 1920/30s farm scene with nanny, children and animals, 6" x 14 1/2", Angus Ross AKSA: watercolours, three moorland scenes and two coastal scenes, 5" x 8 1/2", unframed, A W: English early 20th Century, watercolours, cottages, two coastal scenes and a mountain lake, various sizes, unframed, a 19th Century watercolour, castle tower, and an Italian late 19th Century watercolour, harbour scene, 7 1/2" x 12", unframed £30-50
374.    Hugh Minkhorn '64: A pair of watercolour miniature studies, fish and sailing boats, 8" x 10 1/2", in painted frames £60-80
375.    Levens? Feb '78: study of an Italian hill town, 10 1/2" x 14 1/2", in gilt frame, and a 19th Century map of Oxfordshire, in gilt frame £40-60
376.    Carmichael: 19th Century monochrome wash study, boat off shore with distant church, 4 1/4" x 6 1/2", in gilt frame £20-40
377.    John Stanton Ward RA: an autograph letter with sketch illustration for "Rosie Plum and Other Stories", by J F Powys, 8" x 13 1/2", in gilt frame, Rosie de Heem: a pen, ink and crayon sketch after Dutch still life, 5 1/4" x 6 3/4", in painted frame, and a pen and ink study of a stone cottage, in Hogarth frame £80-120
378.    Leo Klin 1926 and 1928: a pair of pastels studies, Lady Broughton and one other lady, 16" x 12 1/4", in wash line mounts and gilt frames £60-80
379.    George Warner Allen: a pair of pen and ink portrait studies, 6" x 5 1/2", in a common gilt frame, and Leo Klin?: three pencil studies, lady, gentleman and child, 6 1/2" x 4 3/4", in common gilt frame £50-70
380.    J Ball: a charcoal and conte pencil study of a nude, 14" x 18", in linen lined gilt frame £30-50
381.    L F Herbert: a charcoal portrait study of Suzanne Page, in gilt frame, and a coloured etching, cloisters £30-50
382.    A 1930s charcoal and coloured chalk study of a reclining nude, 16" x 21", in gilt frame £60-80
383.    M Clarke: pastels, moonlit landscape with bluebells and a river, 18 1/2" x 27", in silvered frame £40-60
384.    Florence Quinlan: watercolours, "Daisies", 10" x 13 1/2", in strip frame, Sheila Swanson: watercolours, study of roses, 19 1/2" x 14", in silvered frame, and John Seabrook: watercolours, "Red Roses", 9 1/2" x 6 3/4", in strip frame £30-50
385.    J Barker?: two watercolours, woodland scenes, in gilt frames, Mari Anson: a pen ink and wash study, London street scene with church, in strip frame, and John Seabrook: was study "Red and Black", in ebonised strip frame £30-50
386.    Three original autograph and portrait sketches, Ben Kingsley, Susan Hampshire and Griff Rhys Jones, in ebonised strip frames £80-120
387.    A gouache on bark paper, South American scenes, in strip frame £30-50
388.    Reginald Jones: watercolour, landscape with figures and gipsy caravan, 10" x 14", in gilt frame, a similar landscape and a companion watercolour, Cornish? harbour, 10" x 7", in gilt frame £60-80
389.    An early 20th Century watercolour, young onion seller, 17" x 10", in gilt frame £50-70
390.    A set of four Japanese watercolours, foliage and birds, 13" x 9", and one other oriental print £60-80
391.    MJS: watercolours, country cottage, L Goodchild: watercolours, winter scene, Somerville: oil on board, river scene with pollard willow, all in strip frames £40-60
392.    A Dutch oil on oak panel, 17th Century card players, 30.5" x 9.5", in gilt frame £150-200
393.    An oil on canvas, landscape with sheep in a meadow and figure, 9" x 13", in gilt oak leaf decorated frame £30-50
394.    Julius Zuber: an oil on canvas, tavern scene with two soldiers conversing with barmaid, 31" x 22", in floral and scroll decorated gilt frame £300-500
395.    L F Herbert: oil on board, figure and a street light, an Annunciation and a festival scene, and L V Herbert: oil on canvas, Venetian canal scene, 17 1/2" x 11 1/2", in gilt frames £30-50
396.    L F Herbert: three oils on board: landscape, a companion picture, inside a brewery, and one other, penitent Magdalene, in marbled frame £40-60
397.    L F Herbert: oil on board, still life with copper pan and a jug, in marbled frame, and an oil on canvas, still life with lemons and a dish £50-70
398.    L F Herbert: oil on board, figures on the edge of the desert, three similar studies, and an oil on canvas, women washing by a river, all in strip frames £50-70
399.    •P Gardner '62: oil on canvas, girl on a climbing frame, 30" x 39", in gilt frame, 1969 Royal Academy label verso £100-150
400.    L F Herbert: two oils on board, mythological studies, in gilt frames, and a number of other oil paintings, various £40-60
401.    Grosvenor Thomas: oil on canvas, landscape, 9" x 13", in gilt frame £100-150
402.    R Allan: oil on board, winter scene, 8 1/2" x 12", in gilt frame £40-60
403.    B Henfie?: a pair of oils on canvas, coastal studies, 6" x 9 1/2", in gilt frames £50-70
404.    •Roseann Palmer: oil on canvas, "Yellow Sink", 48" x 58", unframed, 1972 Royal Academy label verso £100-150
405.    German: a pair of 19th Century oils on board, riverside views with pollard willow and punt, 6 1/4" x 12", in gilt strip frames £50-70
406.    A 19th Century oil on canvas, naval engagement, 17" x 26", in gilt frame £80-120
407.    19th Century Naive School: oil on canvas, naval scene, 21.5" x 30.5", unframed £60-80
408.    Roy Petley: oil on canvas faced board, Venetian scene, 7" x 11", in gilt frame £200-400
409.    Roy Petley: oil on board, view of the Tuileries Gardens Paris, 7 1/4" x 11 3/4", in gilt frame £200-400
410.    Roy Petley: oil on board, Parisian park scene, 8 1/4" x 11 1/4", in gilt frame £200-400
411.    Roy Petley: oil on board, continental town scene with chateau, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2", in painted and gilt decorated frame £200-400
412.    L Frank '94: oil on board, coastal landscape, 7" x 6 1/2", in hardwood frame £30-50
413.    Laurie Moses: acrylic on board, "Brewing Storm", 5" x 7", in hardwood frame, and a larger companion picture, "Glandore Harbour", 22" x 26", in painted frame £60-80
414.    Italian mid 20th Century oil on canvas, cityscape with figured fountain, 22 1/2" x 35", indistinctly signed, in gilt frame £60-80
415.    Michael Blaker: oil on canvas, view of Rochester, new Grafton Gallery label verso, 15 1/2" x 19 5/8", in silvered frame £80-120
416.    •Charles Baillie: oil on canvas, harbour scene, signed, 24" x 36" £250-350
417.    •Louis Bassett: oil on canvas, street scene with figures in the rain, signed, 24" x 36", in gilt frame £400-600
418.    An early 19th Century mahogany and Kingwood banded bookcase, the upper section fitted nest of ten drawers enclosed astragal moulded doors over cupboards with pull-out slides, on bracket feet, 44" wide £400-600
419.    A set of three 19th Century rush seat ladder back standard chairs £60-80
420.    A late Georgian mahogany and banded wardrobe enclosed two doors over one long drawer, on splay bracket supports, 48" wide £60-80
421.    A 19th Century mahogany bedside cabinet enclosed panelled door £20-40
422.    An early 19th Century mahogany reeded showframe desk elbow chair, upholstered in a green leather £100-150
423.    A Cotswold Arts & Crafts walnut elbow chair with panel back, on shaped supports £80-120
424.    A late 19th Century walnut open armchair with down filled seat cushion, upholstered in a floral fabric, on cabriole supports £30-50
425.    A Victorian mahogany hall wardrobe enclosed two panelled doors, on plinth base, 41" wide x 79" high £150-250
426.    A 19th Century hall cupboard enclosed two doors with figured panels, on bracket supports, 46 1/2" wide x 40" high £250-350
427.    A pair of late Georgian "country Chippendale" style faded mahogany side chairs with wave top rails and pierced splat, on chamfered stretchered supports £80-120
428.    A Georgian mahogany Pembroke table, fitted drawer with lock, on turned and castored supports, 36" wide (handles missing) £100-150
429.    A mahogany tray-top whatnot, fitted two long drawers, on turned bulbous supports, 22 3/4" wide £150-250
430.    A 19th Century mahogany Canterbury, fitted drawer, on turned and castored supports £150-200
431.    A late Georgian mahogany circular banded tea table, on shaped column and scroll supports, 18" dia £80-120
432.    An early 19th Century mahogany low cupboard with shaped scalloped back board and reeded top enclosed two panelled doors, on bracket supports, 37" wide £200-300
433.    A late Georgian mahogany dumb waiter with three dished tops supported by vase columns, on cabriole supports with paw feet, 42" high £400-600
434.    An oak and mahogany top occasional table, on vase column and splay supports, 13 1/2" dia £60-80
435.    A 19th Century mahogany waterfall bookcase, fitted three open shelves over cupboards enclosed two panelled doors, 24" wide £100-150
436.    A 19th Century mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers, on bracket supports, 42 1/2" wide £200-300
437.    A 19th Century toilet mirror, fitted three drawers, on bracket supports, 20" wide £80-120
438.    A 19th Century mahogany side table, fitted drawer, on square tapered supports, 30" wide £100-150
439.    A 19th Century inlaid mahogany Lancashire commode, on square supports, 22 1/2" wide £80-120
440.    An 19th Century mahogany circular table, on turned column and three balloon splayed supports, 17" dia, (a/f) £80-120
441.    A Victorian easy chair, upholstered in a blue check, on turned supports £60-80
442.    A 19th Century mahogany dressing table, fitted one long and two short drawers, on moulded square supports, 30" wide £100-200
443.    A 19th Century mahogany breakfront secretaire, fitted four drawers and cupboards, central writing compartment with green tooled leather, drawers and pigeon holes, on block base, 50" wide £600-800
444.    A Victorian mahogany chest of three long and two short drawers, 41" wide £200-400
445.    A Georgian inlaid mahogany and crossbanded shaped toilet mirror, fitted three drawers, 22 1/2" wide £80-120
446.    A "country Chippendale" style mahogany carver chair with drop-in seat, upholstered in a green damask £50-70
447.    A Victorian mahogany nursing chair, upholstered in a green Dralon, on turned and castored supports £60-80
448.     George III mahogany chest of four graduated drawers, on shaped bracket supports, 31" wide £200-300
449.    A 19th Century mahogany rectangular top occasional table, on turned column and tripod splay supports, 16 1/2" wide £50-70
450.    A 19th Century mahogany framed gout stool £30-50
451.    An 18th Century press cupboard enclosed two doors over two short and one long drawer, on stile supports, 58" wide £400-600
452.    A Georgian oak cabinet (now converted to a wardrobe), the upper section enclosed two panelled doors over base with panelled front and three lower drawers, 54" wide £200-300
453.    A William IV mahogany Pembroke table, fitted dummy drawers, on turned and reeded supports, 42" long £40-60
454.    A set of four 18th Century style rush seat dining chairs, the backs decorated two rows of spindles, and a pair of similar rush seat carver chairs £120-180
455.    A late 19th Century polished as mahogany open armchair with asymmetric carved and pierced splat, upholstered in a mushroom Dralon, and a pair of Edwardian mahogany occasional chairs with cane seats £40-60
456.    An 18th Century oak dresser, the base fitted three mahogany crossbanded drawers, on cabriole supports, 72" wide £300-400
457.    An 18th Century oval oak drop leaf dining table, on turned underframe, opening to 52" x 47" £120-180
458.    A 19th Century mahogany semicircular side table, on square supports, 39" dia £40-60
459.    A pair of 19th Century mahogany semicircular tables, on ogee square supports, 48" dia (both tables clip together to form a circular dining table) £60-80
460.    A 19th Century mahogany Pembroke table, fitted real and dummy drawers, on two turned central pedestals with splayed sabre supports, 41" wide £80-120
461.    A 19th Century mahogany bowfront chest of two short and four long drawers with oval brass handles, 41" wide £100-150
462.    A George III mahogany bookcase with moulded cornice, two astragal beaded glazed doors over base, fitted secretaire drawer and three other drawers, 33" wide £150-250
463.    A set of six William IV rosewood dining chairs with rectangular framed backs and scroll carved "ears", stuffed over seats upholstered in a gold brocade, on inverted tulip carved supports £250-350
464.    A 19th Century circular rosewood tilt top dining table, on central column and triangular platform base, 51" dia £200-400
465.    A late 19th Century walnut octagonal occasional table, on spindle decorated cross stretchers, 38" dia £40-60
466.    A 19th Century oak chest of two short and three long drawers with brass handles, on bracket supports, 39" wide £100-150
467.    An 18th Century oak mule chest with hinged lid, plain three-panel front and five drawers below, 55" wide £150-250
468.    An early 19th Century oak side table, fitted frieze drawer, on square tapered supports, 37" wide £40-60
469.    A 19th Century mahogany washstand with polished top, three-quarter gallery, two frieze drawers, on square tapered supports, 37" wide £60-80
470.    A 19th Century mahogany side table, fitted frieze drawer, on square tapered supports, 30" wide, and a similar table (for restoration) £30-50
471.    A 19th Century mahogany fold-over tea table, on turned supports, 36" wide £60-80
472.    A 19th Century line inlaid armchair, the seat upholstered in a gold fabric, and a 19th Century mahogany bidet and cover, on turned supports (no liner) £50-70
473.    A 19th Century mahogany linen press, the upper section fitted sliding trays and drawers enclosed two doors, over two inset arch panel doors, 51" wide £100-150
474.    A 19th Century mahogany twin pedestal writing table, fitted five drawers and two cupboards, on bracket supports, 28" wide £80-120
475.    A 19th Century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers with oval brass handles, on bracket supports, 37" wide £100-150
476.    A Victorian embossed brass and tapestry covered wood log box £30-50
477.    An Italian oak hall chair, panel to back carved mermaids and escutcheon £30-50
478.    An early 19th Century mahogany writing table with low three-quarter gallery, fitted four drawers, on turned supports, 40" wide £80-120
479.    A 19th Century Pembroke dining table, on six turned supports, 48" x 19", opening to 56" £50-70
480.    An 18th Century oak blanket box with plain hinged lid, three panel front decorated mitred mouldings, 51" wide £100-150
481.    A George III mahogany two-tier corner washstand £30-50
482.    An 18th Century circular tilt top occasional table, on tripod base, 29" dia £60-80
483.    A George III mahogany bookcase with scroll cornice enclosed two beaded glazed doors over fitted secretaire drawer and three lower drawers, 36" wide £200-350
484.    A George III mahogany tilt top occasional table, on tripod base, 30" dia £60-80
485.    A 19th Century figured walnut fold-over card table, on slender cabriole supports, 33" wide £150-250
486.    A George III mahogany two-tier corner washstand £50-70
487.    A walnut centre table, the top inset specimen marble panel, on cabriole supports, 20" x 17" £100-150
488.    A late Victorian two-seat settee, upholstered in a pink embossed velour, on turned supports, 58" wide £40-60
489.    A 19th Century mahogany bookcase enclosed two panelled doors, 51" x 84" £200-350
490.    A bachelor's George III mahogany chest of four graduated drawers with brushing slide over, on bracket feet, 34" wide (damages to top) £200-350
491.    A harlequin set of seven Victorian walnut dining chairs with looped backs and stuffed over seats, on shaped supports £100-150
492.    A Liberty style Arts & Crafts oak octagonal top occasional table, on pierced splay supports, 18" wide £60-80
493.    An 18th Century fruitwood settle with three-panel back and box seat, 47" wide £400-500
494.    A 17th Century design oak side table with carved edge, frieze drawer carved lunettes, on turned underframe, 30" wide £200-300
495.    A 19th Century mahogany twin pedestal desk, fitted eight drawers and recessed cupboard to kneehole, 33" wide £200-300
496.    An 18th Century standard chair, three splats to back and wooden seat, on block turned underframe £50-70
497.    Two 19th Century standard chairs, backs decorated turned spindles and panelled elm seats £50-70
498.    An 18th Century oak standard chair with shaped central splat and wooden seat, on block turned underframe, and a similar chair with vase shaped splat £80-120
499.    A 17th Century oak open armchair with panelled back, wooden arms and panelled seat, on turned underframe £150-200
500.    A set of four Clissett dining chairs with four spindles to backs and panelled wooden seats, on turned underframes £300-500
501.    A Victorian walnut showframe armchair, upholstered in a yellow velour, on cabriole supports £50-70
502.    A 19th Century crossbanded mahogany half round fold-over top tea table with plain frieze, on square taper supports, 36" dia £80-120
503.    A mahogany rectangular occasional table with crossbanded rosewood border fitted real and dummy drawers, on octagonal stepped column and shaped platform base, 22" x 18" £60-80
504.    A 19th Century mahogany framed smokers bow open armchair, three pierced splats to back, caned seat with squab cushion, on turned front supports fitted castors £80-120
505.    A George III mahogany three-tier dumb waiter, on leaf and paw carved tripod base £100-150
506.    A 19th Century fruitwood tilt top occasional table, on tripod base, 31" dia £80-120
507.    A 19th Century mahogany four-tier whatnot fitted three-quarter galleries, 21" wide £150-200
508.    A 19th Century mahogany two-tier washstand, fitted shallow drawer, on square supports, 16" wide £20-40
509.    A late 19th Century ebonised five-tier corner whatnot decorated spindle turned friezes, 29" wide £80-120
510.    A 19th Century mahogany cupboard enclosed two plain panelled doors, 47" wide £80-120
511.    A 17th Century style oak standard chair, back panel and seat covered in floral gros point £30-50
512.    A 19th Century French walnut showframe open armchair with padded seat and back, on cabriole supports £50-70
513.    A 17th Century style dark stained low seat nursing chair, upholstered in a black floral gros point £30-50
514.    A 19th Century mahogany chest of four long drawers with turned wooden knobs £50-70
515.    An oak oval drop leaf dining table, on turned underframe, 54" x 30" opening to 72" £50-70
516.    A 19th Century oak wall hung corner cabinet fitted two panel door enclosing green painted interior with three shaped front shelves, 35" wide x 55" high £50-70
517.    A Georgian mahogany rectangular side table with plain frieze, on square chamfered supports, 33" wide £30-50
518.    A 19th Century heavily carved and pierced wooden Koran stand £30-50
519.    A 19th Century mahogany circular centre table, top decorated central shell inlay and decorative line borders, on square taper supports, 27" dia £40-60
520.    A late Georgian oak corner cupboard enclosed panel door, 38" wide £30-50
521.    A 19th Century low seat armchair, upholstered in a floral trellis pattern embossed velour £30-50
522.    A mahogany oval tilt top pedestal dining table, on tripod base £50-70
523.    A mid Victorian ebonised tilt top occasional table with lobed papier-mache top decorated mother-of-pearl border and central reserve painted two figures and ruined church, 21" dia £150-250
524.    A 19th Century cream painted Gothic design bookcase with pediment decorated armorial and quatrefoils, the bookcase enclosed two glazed doors over base, fitted cupboard, 55" x 108" £300-500
525.    A 19th Century open armchair, back, seat and arms upholstered in a blue fabric, on ebonised and gilt decorated supports £400-600
526.    A 19th Century French Empire two-tier book table inset tooled leather panels, on gilt metal mounted tapered supports, 21" wide £100-150
527.    A set of six 19th Century Italian gilt varnished and "Mecca" and green painted side chairs £4000-6000
528.    A George III wall hung mahogany bowfront corner cupboard, door inlaid oval paterae of oak leaves enclosing two drawers, 28" wide £100-200
529.    A 19th Century oak library table, fitted three frieze drawers to each side, on turned supports, 60" x 42" £400-600
530.    A Regency grained as rosewood breakfront side cabinet, fitted bookshelves over two frieze drawers and lower cupboard enclosed wire panelled doors flanked by open shelves, 49" wide £300-500
531.    A late 19th Century oak standard chair with Gothic style back and stuffed over seat upholstered in a check fabric £60-80
532.    An 18th Century oak standard chair with shaped splat and panelled wooden seat, on pole turned supports £30-50
533.    A 19th Century mahogany framed cradle with caned sides and hood, on mahogany stand £200-300
534.    A 19th Century oak chest of two short and three long drawers, on bracket supports, 40" wide £80-120
535.    A 19th Century elm standard chair with three splats to back and drop-in rush seat £60-80
536.    An early 19th Century mahogany framed three-seat settee, upholstered in a Colefax and Fowler floral print, with reeded arm terminals and six bamboo turned and castored supports £400-600
537.    A 19th Century carved wooden display cabinet with glazed doors and sides over cupboard enclosed two doors inset stepped panels, 41" wide £800-1200
538.    A set of three 19th Century walnut balloon back standard chairs and four similar chairs £50-70
539.    A 19th Century armchair, button upholstered in a white calico £80-120
540.    A late 19th Century maple Aesthetic movement bookcase, in the manner of Eastlake, the upper section fitted adjustable shelves enclosed two glazed panel doors over two panelled doors, on block base, 48" wide x 101" high £1500-2000
541.    An 18th Century oak blanket box with three-panel front with scroll carved frieze rail, 41" wide £100-200
542.    A 19th Century Chinese three-tier dark stained cabinet, the upper stages enclosed two reeded panelled doors, lower cupboard enclosed sliding doors, 35" wide £200-350
543.    A pair of Windsor lath back elbow chairs with panel seats, on turned and stretchered supports £120-150
544.    A Victorian mahogany and banded bowfront chest of two short and three long drawers with moulded flanking pilasters, 39" wide £100-150
545.    A George III mahogany bookcase, the upper section enclosed two beaded and crossbanded doors over fitted deep secretaire drawer and three lower drawers, 33" wide £200-300
546.    A Georgian occasional table with scroll and gadroon carved border, on adjustable column and tripod base, 16" x 22" £100-150
547.    A 19th Century mahogany side chair with satinwood banded panel on top rail and stuffed over seat, upholstered in a red velour £30-50
548.    A George III mahogany chest, fitted four long graduated drawers with scroll cast gilt metal handles, on bracket supports, 32" wide £300-500
549.    A late 19th Century hall stand, the back decorated bevelled mirror and tile panel, 33" wide £100-150
550.    A 19th Century mahogany bowfront chest, fitted two short and three long drawers with ring handles, on bracket supports, 41" wide £100-150
551.    A 19th Century oak chest on chest of two short and six long drawers with replacement brass drop handles, on bracket supports, 41" wide £100-200
552.    A set of five 19th Century rush seat ladder back dining chairs with decorative turned top rails (one damaged) and a similar carver chair £250-350
553.    A set of six 19th Century rush seat stick back dining chairs £100-200
554.    A late 19th Century continental commode chest, fitted two drawers with gilt metal handles, 39" wide £200-300
555.    A 19th Century mahogany duet music stand with hinged candle holders, on adjustable stand and triangular platform base £150-250
556.    A Liberty's "Thebes" stool, 14" wide £150-250
557.    A late Georgian mahogany long case clock with circular dial and silvered chapter ring, eight-day striking movement by Martin Kirkpatrick Dublin, 80" high £300-400
558.    An early 19th Century oak long case clock with eight-day striking movement by Maurice Thomas Carnarvon, 82" high £300-500
559.    A 19th Century long case clock in mahogany case with square hood, silvered dial inscribed "Charles Sutton Taunton", eight-day movement, door to waist inlaid vase of flowers, 80" high £200-350
560.    A 19th Century long case clock in mahogany case with circular white enamel dial inscribed "Bateman London", eight-day movement, arched door to waist with reeded pilasters, 81" high £300-500
561.    A rectangular wall mirror, in gilt frame decorated beaded mouldings, 45" x 30" £30-50
562.    A Georgian design mahogany wall mirror with gilt Ho-ho bird cartouche and gilt leaf and berry side pieces, bevelled glass 19 3/4" x 35 1/2" high overall £80-120
563.    A Georgian design oval dressing mirror, on skeleton stand, 19" wide £20-40
564.    A gilt framed over-mantel mirror with bevelled plate £30-50
565.    A pair of 19th Century Italian wall mirrors, in cream and gilt decorated frames with putti surmounts, 55" high £200-350
566.    An early 19th Century circular convex wall mirror, in gilt frame with spiral turned decoration, 26" dia £300-500
567.    A Victorian mahogany cheval mirror, on lyre scroll splay supports, plate 40" x 21 1/2" £150-200
568.    A 19th Century mahogany dressing mirror, on bowfront base, fitted three drawers, 22" wide £40-60
569.    An Edwardian mahogany and line inlaid oval two-tier occasional table, 24" x 16" £20-40
570.    An adjustable carved oak standard lamp £20-40
571.    A mahogany framed glazed firescreen inset silkwork panel, 26" wide £30-50
572.    A nest of three 17th Century style oak coffee tables £30-50
573.    A 19th Century brown leather trunk £30-50
574.    An Art Deco open armchair with figured walnut panel back and overstuffed seat, upholstered in a check fabric, 41" x 60" £30-50
575.    An Edwardian mahogany and satinwood banded bureau bookcase enclosed two doors over four graduated long drawers, on bracket feet, 40" wide £60-80
576.    An embossed steel fender, 56" wide £30-50
577.    A cane seat dressing stool, on cabriole supports, and a Georgian design mahogany two-tier dumb waiter £30-50
578.    An Edwardian mahogany and line inlaid sideboard with bowed centre section, fitted two drawers flanked by two cupboards, 66" wide £40-60
579.    A Maples late 19th Century walnut sideboard, fitted three drawers and three cupboards enclosed carved panel doors, 72 wide £60-80
580.    A set of four early 20th Century dining chairs with pierced splats and stuffed over seats, upholstered in a pink velour, on square tapered supports £80-120
581.    An Ercol dining table and two matching chairs (top marked) £100-150
582.    A Georgian design mahogany bookcase enclosed two astragal beaded glazed doors, on cabriole supports, 42" wide £30-50
583.    A nest of three mahogany shaped top coffee tables £20-40
584.    An early 20th Century two seat settee, the back with three pierced vase-shaped splats, upholstered in a gold velour £30-50
585.    An Edwardian polished as mahogany two seat settee decorated stringing and satinwood crossbands, 39" wide £40-60
586.    A 19th Century mahogany framed dressing mirror, on skeleton stand, 20" wide, and a small brass framed Art Nouveau firescreen with mirror panels £30-50
587.    An extending mahogany dining table with two leaves, on cabriole supports, 82" x 43" (when fully extended) £40-60
588.    A circular polished as mahogany occasional table, on three turned supports and triangular base, 21" dia, and a small mahogany low table, on square supports, 24" x 28" £40-60
589.    A modern walnut two door television cabinet by Ian Desmond 51" wide £50-70
590.    A Georgian style mahogany two door television cabinet, 47" wide £30-50
591.    A Georgian style mahogany bureau decorated stringing, fitted four drawers, on ogee bracket supports, 36" wide £50-70
592.    An oak refectory table, the top with cleated ends, on square end supports, 51" x 26" £100-150
593.    A Georgian design mahogany bowfront linen press, the upper section fitted hanging rail (trays missing), enclosed two panel doors, over two short and two long drawers, on bracket supports £100-200
594.    An oak standing corner cabinet, the upper section enclosed two arch panel doors, slide and lower cupboard to base, 78" high £80-120
595.    An oak stool, upholstered with a nailed leather, on a 'X' frame support £30-50
596.    An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany sheet music cabinet, fitted seven drawers, on cabriole supports, and an Edwardian coffee table, on of a nest £60-80
597.    A wooden framed shop display cabinet, glazed on four sides, 14" x 9" x 26" high (no shelves) £30-50
598.    An Edwardian satinwood banded mahogany display cabinet, the back fitted oval mirror, on square tapered supports, 22" wide £50-70
599.    An early 20th Century mahogany rectangular occasional table, on square taper supports and pad feet, 30" x 20", and an Edwardian mahogany and line inlaid torchere, on tripod base (repaired) £20-40
600.    An early 20th Century polished as mahogany bergere armchair, the stuffed over seat covered gold cord (damage to cane) £20-40
601.    A Georgian design mahogany twin pedestal desk with inlet leather top, fitted nine drawers, on bracket supports, 60" wide £150-200
602.    A Georgian design mahogany circular tilt top dining table, on tripod base, 44" dia £30-50
603.    A Georgian design mahogany half round side table with panelled frieze, fitted one drawer, on square supports with spade terminals, 42" wide £60-80
604.    A mahogany rectangular two-tier tray top tea trolley, 30" x 20" £30-50
605.    A Louis XV design open armchair £40-60
606.    A late 19th Century low armchair with bow shaped top rail, upholstered in peach £40-60
607.    A pair of mid 20th Century ebonised rail back dining chairs and a 19th Century provincial rail back dining chair with wooden seat £30-50
608.    A set of four ebonised cane seat balloon back single chairs £30-50
609.    An early 20th Century mahogany and satinwood banded breakfront wardrobe, centre section fitted sliding trays and drawers, hanging compartments to sides, 94" wide x 88" high £300-500
610.    A Georgian design mahogany twin pedestal desk inlet red tooled leather top, 48" wide £150-200
611.    A three-fold leather screen, panels painted flowers and panels of figures in a garden (damages) £100-150
612.    An oak square lamp table with glass top, fitted drawer to undershelf, 14" wide, and a Georgian design mahogany half round hall table, on three scroll carved supports, 30" wide £40-60
613.    A Georgian mahogany long stool with drop-in seat £30-50
614.    A late 19th Century dark stained oval occasional table with leaf carved central panel and carved border, on turned supports, 32" x 24" £30-50
615.    A late 19th Century twin pedestal desk, fitted nine drawers with brass handles, 42" wide £60-80
616.    A 17th Century style oak rectangular occasional table, fitted one drawer, on turned supports, 20" wide £30-50
617.    An Edwardian inlaid rosewood framed armchair with back and seat upholstered in a floral tapestry £30-50
618.    An Edwardian mahogany and line inlaid work table with hinged top, fitted shallow drawer and lower cupboard, 21" wide (cut down) £20-40
619.    An Edwardian open armchair with inlaid stringing, upholstered in a floral tapestry £30-50
620.    A late Victorian Arts & Crafts light oak writing table, fitted two frieze drawers £30-50
621.    A circular brown japanned metal meal bin £30-50
622.    An early Victorian figured mahogany work table, fitted drawer over well, on faceted column and quadruple scroll feet, 22" wide £200-300
623.    A low 'X' frame stool, upholstered in a brown nailed leather £60-80
624.    A mid 20th Century circular white plastic dressing table with integral chair £50-70
625.    A set of 20 oak frame library chairs, upholstered in a blue leather, on stretchered supports £300-500
626.    A pair of Sheraton design mahogany single bedsteads, decorated satinwood banding with metal side rails, adjustable castors and bases £100-150
627.    A light oak wall hanging cupboard enclosed two panelled doors, 28 1/2" wide £40-60
628.    A nest of four coffee tables, the tops decorated floral carved bands, the largest 21" x 12", and a large brown canvas hat box £30-50
629.    An oriental camphor wood blanket box, the tops and sides carved landscapes, 40" wide £50-70
630.    An oriental camphor wood blanket box, the top and sides carved landscapes, 40" wide £50-70
631.    A 19th Century "Glastonbury" panelled oak armchair with wedged tenon construction £30-50
632.    A butler's Georgian design mahogany tray, on folding stand £50-70
633.    A pair of mid 20th Century armchairs, upholstered in a beige suede, on square metal supports £50-70
634.    An Edwardian inlaid mahogany stool with turned side rails, on square curved supports £40-60
635.    A pine kitchen table, on turned supports, 54" x 36" £20-40
636.    A 19th Century green painted pine dresser with boarded back, fitted three shelves over base, fitted three drawers and open shelf, 49" wide £600-800
637.    A 19th Century pine washstand with jug and bowl £30-50
638.    A 19th Century pine chest of two short and three long drawers, 43" wide £80-100
639.    Two 19th Century white marble mortars £100-150
640.    A wrought iron fire basket £20-40
641.    A Victorian brown floral transfer decorated "Progress Wash Down Water Closet" £50-70
642.    A wicker laundry basket £30-50
643.    A Caucasian design rug, decorated three lozenge-shaped medallions and stylised flowers and animals on a maroon ground, 120" x 43" approx £60-80
644.    A modern Persian carpet decorated central floral medallion and spandrels on a beige ground with three border stripes, 138" x 87" approx £60-80
645.    A Bokhara design carpet, green ground decorated rows of flattened guls, numerous border stripes, 108" x 79" £80-120
646.    A Ziegler style rug in red and beige, 74" x 52" £50-80
647.    A Ziegler style rug in blue and beige, 74" x 52" £50-80
648.    A Kashan rug with red floral central medallion on a blue ground and multi-bordered in shades of red, blue, orange, green and natural, 62" x 43" approx £150-200