Antique Sale on 13/09/17

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1.      An 18th century blue and white Delft plate with tree and fence decoration, 9" dia (hair crack) £30-50
2.      A pair of 19th century Berlin porcelain figures of children in early 19th century attire, 11" high £80-120
3.      A pair of 19th century Meissen porcelain sweetmeat dishes with male and female reclining supporters, 12" long, cancellation mark to base (damage and restoration) £50-70
4.      A pair of Continental porcelain figures of a boy and girl in 18th century attire, 12" high £80-120
5.      An 18th century Delftware shallow dish with Imari style decoration, 13 1/2" dia (restored), and a 19th century blue and white Delftware dish with shaped rim, 12" dia (edge chips) £40-60
6.      A pair of blue and white octagonal waisted vases, 15" high, a smaller, similar square planter and a stoneware jug with mask spout, 9" high £30-50
7.      A mid 20th century Continental porcelain table centre, basket with cherub supports and floral relief decoration, 12 1/2 " wide (small chips), and a Continental porcelain spill vase with child and bunches of grapes, 7 1/2" high £40-60
8.      A 19th century Meissen porcelain figure group of a shepherd with dog and seven sheep and two other porcelain figure groups (all damaged) £30-50
9.      A set of six Capodimonte figures of soldiers in 19th century uniforms, 12" high £40-60
10.     A Royal Worcester white china figure of a standing Turk, an Oriental white porcelain figure of a man, a set of three Royal Copenhagen merchild figures and various other white decorative china figures £80-120
11.     Four Volkstadt porcelain figures, a pair of Continental Art Deco style book ends and various other figures £50-70
12.     Three Capodimonte figures, a man with a dog, a tramp and a grandmother putting children to bed £40-60
13.     Four Capodimonte figures of a street musician, lady on a bench, an old seaman and three children playing with dice £50-70
14.     A Capodimonte figure group of children playing Ring a Ring o' Roses, a pair of Commedia dell'Arte figures and two others £50-70
15.     Three Lladro porcelain figures of geese, a similar Nao figure, a Lladro figure of a girl and a similar figure £50-70
16.     Five Lladro figures of girls feeding geese (two damaged) and a Lladro Collector's Society plaque £40-60
17.     A Lladro figure of an elegant Edwardian woman standing by a pillar, 13" high, and a similar figure of a girl running with a wheelbarrow and puppies £60-80
18.     A Capodimonte figure of an artist seated at his easel £50-80
19.     A Shelley "Spano-Lustre" toilette jug and matching shell-shaped bowl £50-70
20.     A Royal Doulton character jug, "The Trapper", a similar miniature character jug, a Doulton stoneware model of a pelican (restored), a Doulton green bowl and a Doulton model of a toilet pan £50-70
21.     Three Royal Crown Derby "Japan" pattern cups and saucers and various other decorative cups and saucers by Davenport, Royal Worcester and others £50-70
22.     A collection of four Capodimonte figures, on benches £40-60
23.     A set of four Beswick flying duck wall pockets (largest repaired) £40-60
24.     A pair of oval Wedgwood black basalt portrait medallions of Sophocles and Simonides, 3" x 2 1/4" £60-80
25.     A Fulham pottery figure of a mother and child, by Eric Griffiths, and a companion figure of a woman, 14" high £80-120
26.     A 19th century Meissen cabinet plate with pink and gilt scroll decorated border, centre painted lady seated by a rock, cancellation mark to base, 7" dia £30-50
27.     A Continental porcelain plate, centre decorated figure of Hermes on a matt blue ground, a Meissen gilt decorated plate, cancellation mark and two other decorative plates £30-50
28.     An Aldermaston salt pig with blue floral decoration, 7" high £50-70
29.     A Peruvian terracotta flask, in the shape of a man on a horse, 9 1/2" high £20-40
30.     A pair of Delft floral decorated models of cattle, 4" long (damages) £60-80
31.     Five Whieldon tortoiseshell glazed plates and a similar charger, 16" dia (damages) £100-150
32.     A Meissen porcelain jardiniere with stand, yellow ground, and other assorted decorative 19th century ceramics (damages) £50-70
33.     A set of eight 19th century circular salt glazed ribbon plates with basket weave moulded centres £50-70
34.     A Fulham pottery figure of a mother and child, by Eric Griffiths, and a companion figure of a woman, 14" high £80-120
35.     NO LOT
36.     An 18th century stoneware flagon, 10 1/2" high, and a studio pottery shaped vase, 8 1/2" high £40-60
37.     A studio pottery table lamp, formed as two figures, 17 1/2" high, and a mottled glazed sprinkler bottle vase, 18" high (restored) £40-60
38.     A pair of Stuart crystal squat glass candlesticks, two other pairs of glass candlesticks, two coloured glass ashtrays and other decorative glass £20-40
39.     A glass paperweight decorated central butterfly, flowers and leaves, base engraved "EL53M 1978 Orient and Fleur" £50-70
40.     Three window cut glass paperweights decorated millefiore, butterfly, etc £30-50
41.     Two large Baccarat style floral decorated paperweights £40-60
42.     Four modern millefiore decorated paperweights and three others £50-70
43.     Five pieces of Roman glass, damages £60-70
44.     A rectangular glass dome, on ebonised base, 15" x 9" x 12" high, and a similar circular dome £50-70
45.     A reeded glass coaching horn, 39" long, and a twisted green glass walking stick, 48" long £30-50
46.     A 19th century white glass rolling pin decorated ships and a glass French horn £40-60
47.     A dimpled ruby glass oil lamp shade £30-50
48.     A Venetian oval glass framed girandole, fitted single candle holder, plate etched lady, 12" high £50-70
49.     A 19th century blue glass ewer with tooled gilt decoration, 12" high, and a clear bell shaped decanter with tooled gilt band £100-200
50.     A 19th century glass goblet, bell-shaped bowl wheel engraved stag hunting scene, knopped stem with tear, on folded foot, 9" high £200-300
51.     Nine 19th century green wine glasses and other coloured glass £40-60
52.     Eleven plain dark green glass finger bowls £100-150
53.     A Venetian blue and white swirled glass plate, on gilt metal stand cast three birds, 8" dia, five pieces of latticinio glass and a Venetian oval green glass table centre with two handles as horses' heads (foot restored) £50-70
54.     A large collection of assorted drinking glasses, etc £30-50
55.     NO LOT £50-70
56.     A Venetian two-handle glass decanter decorated corrugated trails and engraved with a windmill, a glass wasp catcher, other decanters, etc £50-70
57.     A shield-shaped stained glass panel decorated initials "JNP", 8" high, and a magnum champagne bottle, 20" high £30-50
58.     A collection of assorted decorative glass drops £30-50
59.     A 1930s Lalique decanter and stopper £80-120
60.     An 18th century Dutch engraved glass decanter and stopper, 9" high £50-70
61.     Six silvered and gilt witch balls, various diameters £100-150
62.     Twelve glass witch balls and a green g;ass fishing float £80-120
63.     A 1960s Thomas porcelain stylised blue disc decorated dinner service £30-50
64.     An Anglo bone china blue floral decorated teaset £30-50
65.     A Royal Doulton "Westwood" part teaset for eight and a Wedgwood maroon edged part dinner service £30-50
66.     A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" combination service, sixty-five pieces approx £80-120
67.     A Shelley "Blue Spray" part tea service, thirty-two pieces approx £100-150
68.     A Shelley "Wild Flowers" part tea service, fifteen pieces approx £60-80
69.     A Royal Worcester "Valleyfield" part teaset, twenty-one pieces approx £30-50
70.     A Booths "Real Old Willow" pattern part teaset, twenty-two pieces approx £30-50
71.     A Shelley "Woodland" pattern part teaset, seventeen pieces approx £50-70
72.     A modern Luneville floral decorated tureen and cover, jugs, etc £30-50
73.     A Royal Doulton "English Renaissance" pattern combination service, eighty pieces approx £100-150
74.     A set of seventeen Minton dinner plates with green speckled borders, in three sizes £30-50
75.     A Paragon "Athena combination service, approx. 30 pieces £30-50
76.     A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" teaset £60-80
77.     David Eeles, 1933 - 2015: a brown glazed pottery jug decorated abstract wave pattern, 12" high, a smaller Govancroft green pottery jug and two brown glazed storage jars £20-40
78.     A collection of nineteen assorted Royal Doulton and other commemorative wall plates, in original boxes £30-50
79.     A cut glass biscuit barrel and cover, a 1960s green glass fruit service and other glass, various £30-50
80.     A Royal Worcester china snuffer, modelled as a nun, and a quantity of assorted decorative china £20-40
81.     A 19th Century continental porcelain inkwell, a continental porcelain posy basket, a Lladro model of geese and a posy basket £20-40
82.     A set of five miniature cloisonne decorated vases, on wooden stands, six diamond and fan cut glass cups and other decorative items £30-50
83.     A set of six Royal Doulton "Belvedere" coffee cans and saucers and other assorted decorative ceramics £30-50
84.     A Poole Pottery tankard and three other pieces of Poole £20-40
85.     Assorted part sets of drinking glasses and transfer decorated dinnerware £30-50
86.     A pair of oval green glazed wall plaques with moulded cherubs, a carved wooden lion, a Limoges gilt metal mounted trinket box and other decorative items £40-60
87.     A late Victorian circular pottery wall plaque, painted floral arrangement, 16" dia, and two Continental brown glazed plaques decorated flowers and armorials £40-60
88.     A moulded pedestal glass fruit bowl, on square base, a 19th century oval cut wine glass cooler, and other glass jugs, bowls, etc £30-50
89.     A collection of assorted modern Chinese ceramic snuff bottles and an oval transfer decorated soup tureen £40-60
90.     Five Beswick china models of birds, a folding brass cup, in leather case, and a miniature gold plated metal model of a golden retriever £30-50
91.     An assortment of blue glass salt cellar liners, glass inkwells and decanter stoppers £30-50
92.     A collection of assorted blue and white transfer decorated plates, etc £30-50
93.     An agateware jug, a lustre decorated hunting jug, Staffordshire spaniels and other decorated ceramics (damages) £50-70
94.     Four 19th century pot lids and other assorted decorative items (damages) £30-50
95.     A collection of assorted decorative tea cups and saucers, etc £30-50
96.     A Willow pattern beer pump handle, a blue and white stoneware mug and other assorted blue and white ceramics £30-50
97.     A Chinese blue and white porcelain vase, planter and ginger jar £30-50
98.     A 19th century Chinese / Cantonese famille verte baluster shaped vase decorated two panels of figures on a background of flowers, foliage and peaches, 16 1/2" high (rim restored) £80-120
99.     A modern Chinese peach and plant decorated oviform jar and cover, 16" high £40-60
100.    A 19th century Chinese porcelain famille verte baluster shaped vase with figure decoration, 14" high, on hardwood stand £80-120
101.    Three Imari decorated bowls, the largest 9" dia, and a pair of Imari decorated vases (cracks and restorations) £30-50
102.    A Chinese provincial bowl with figure decoration and a similar bowl with flared rim, 6" dia £30-50
103.    A late 19th century Chinese porcelain bowl decorated alternating blue floral and famille verte panels, 10" dia, on wooden stand, and a famille jaune ginger jar (cover missing) £40-60
104.    A 19th century Chinese porcelain snuff bottle decorated bats, seal mark to base, together with a Chinese Peking glass snuff bottle, the overlay decorated with cranes and clouds £40-60
105.    A 19th century Chinese porcelain vase decorated figures on a terrace, 17" high (restored) £30-50
106.    A 19th century Chinese lacquered table cabinet, fitted ten drawers and removable tray, enclosed two panel doors decorated landscapes, 16" wide £70-90
107.    Three Chinese carved hardstone figures, various, a serpentine stone lighthouse paperweight and a slab of black polished marble £30-50
108.    Two carved ivory elephants, on elephant tooth base, and a carved ivory puzzle ball chess piece £20-40
109.    A carved jade tablet, another similar, two carved nut boats, a hardstone seated figure and other items £50-70
110.    A Japanese ivory carved panel decorated lion and lioness (a/f), a Japanese ivory belt buckle decorated three monkeys chasing a butterfly, and a carved ivory box and cover, the lid decorated animals and foliage £80-120
111.    A Chinese carved ivory cylindrical box and cover decorated figures, buildings and trees, a Chinese ivory carved chess-piece and an ivory model of a treehouse £30-50
112.    A carved ivory elephant and a number of other carved ivory animals £30-50
113.    A carved ivory figure of St George and the Dragon and a portrait bust of a Roman woman £20-40
114.    A large group of carved ivory objects including a folding letter opener, formed as a fish, a Chinese puzzle game, a rose head, a puzzle ball, etc £50-70
115.    A Japanese carved ivory netsuke, formed as a man in a lily pad, three carved ivory miniature Noh masks and a carved ivory elephant pendant inset miniature compass £80-120
116.    A Japanese carved ivory netsuke, formed as a seated gentleman, signature to base, and a Japanese carved ivory miniature okimono, formed as a seated box seller £60-80
117.    Two Victorian ivory billiard balls £60-80
118.    A vegetable ivory thimble holder, formed as an acorn, and a similar trinket box and cover £20-30
119.    A Japanese carved ivory single section inro decorated horses, a Chinese carved ivory bodkin case and an Indian ivory trinket box, decorated dove £60-80
120.    A carved ivory parasol handle, formed as an octopus on a branch, 5 1/2" long £60-80
121.    An ivory handled ice pick, an ivory handled desk seal and an ivory mounted folding rule £50-70
122.    Two Japanese carved wooden kobi toys and a similar box containing five miniature bone dice £30-50
123.    A 19th century Japanese Meji period bronze and ivory figure of a samurai (lacking hands and sword), on carved wooden base, 6" high £60-80
124.    A jade koro with domed cover with Kylin knop, on ebonised wooden base £60-80
125.    A desk thermometer, on carved ivory column £50-70
126.    A 19th century carved ivory figure of the Madonna, on ebonised base (hands restored), 8" high £150-180
127.    Two Chinese carved ivory pincushions £60-80
128.    An ivory parasol handle and a turned ivory needle case, 4 1/2" long £20-40
129.    A Japanese sectional ivory okimono, man with an umbrella, 5 1/4" high (hand restored) £80-120
130.    A Hardy Bros Wanless 7 foot split cane fishing rod £30-50
131.    A Hardy Bros Wye Palakoma three-section split cane fishing rod with spare tip, in bag, and a similar Wye fishing rod (centre section missing) £50-70
132.    A Hardy Bros Graphite 10 foot three-section fishing rod, in original bag £50-70
133.    A Fergie 9 foot split cane fishing rod, a Cameron Deluxe 10 foot three-section rod and one other rod £50-70
134.    A Kevlar Graphite 12 foot three-section fishing rod, in bag £50-70
135.    A Forrest three-section cane fishing rod, in bag, and a collection of damaged fishing rod sections £50-70
136.    A fiberglass three-section fishing rod, 160" long, and a similar rod, 145" long £50-70
137.    A Peter Ferguson 12 foot three-section split cane fishing rod, a similar 8 foot rod and two Peter Ferguson fibreglass rods £50-70
138.    Two Millbro fishing rods and one other, in bags £30-50
139.    A Hardy Bros 3 3/4" Perfect fishing reel, in original box £100-150
140.    A Hardy Bros 3 1/8" Perfect fishing reel, in blue zipped case £100-150
141.    A Hard Bros 3 3/4" Perfect fishing reel with brass face and ivorine handle, in canvas bag £300-400
142.    A Hardy Bros 3 3/4" Perfect fishing reel with black finish, in canvas bag £100-150
143.    A 4 1/4" reel with black finish and standing stag registered trade mark £50-70
144.    Two Hardy Bros Marquis 2 4 1/4" spools, in original boxes £30-50
145.    A J W Gildex level wind reel, in original box £30-50
146.    A Hardy Bros 3 1/4" spool, in blue zipped case £50-70
147.    A Condex 4 1/4" reel, in box, a Dickson of Edinburgh 3" reel and a Mullward Olympic fishing reel £50-70
148.    An Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 823 bait casting reel, in box £50-70
149.    Two Mitchell 300 spinning reels and three unmarked fishing reels £50-70
150.    A collection of assorted fishing flies, in yellow album £50-70
151.    A collection of assorted fishing flies, in four leather wallets £50-70
152.    A large collection of assorted fishing flies, in wooden box £80-120
153.    An assortment of new and used bags for fishing rods, 10 plus, and a collection of assorted rod making paraphernalia £50-70
154.    A collection of assorted material, feathers, hooks, etc for fly making £30-50
155.    A wooden handled fishing gaff, a telescopic handled metal gaff with presentation inscription dated 1893 and two landing nets £50-80
156.    A collection of assorted cane and other fishing rods and fishing rod sections £50-70
157.    Kenneth Mansfield (Editor): "The Art of Angling", three vols, blue boards, Caxton Publishing, and a quantity of fishing related paraphernalia £30-50
158.    A pair of green waders, a fishing bag and two leather bags £30-50
159.    A Hardy aluminium gaff hook with telescopic handle and a vintage wooden framed folding landing net £30-50
160.    An Abu Garcia Ambassadeur fishing reel and a Jarvis Walker TX4000 spinning reel £30-50
161.    A Hardy Marquis 10 3/4" fishing reel, in soft case £50-70
162.    A Hardy Princess 2 3/4" fishing reel, in soft case £50-70
163.    A Hardy Sovereign 2000 fishing reel, in canvas pouch £100-150
164.    NO LOT £80-120
165.    A Hardy St George 3 1/8" fishing reel £80-120
166.    A Hardy St George 3 3/4" fishing reel £80-120
167.    A Hardy 2 1/2" brass fishing reel with black finish £80-120
168.    A Hardy 3 3/4" Perfect fishing reel £100-150
169.    A Hardy Marquis 4" fishing reel, in soft case £100-150
170.    A mid 19th century 2 3/4" brass fishing reel, by Jones, 111 Jermyn Street, with ivory handle £150-250
171.    A Hardy LRH 3" Lightweight fishing reel, in soft case £50-70
172.    A Hardy 3 3/4" St Aidan fishing reel, in soft case £50-70
173.    A Hardy 3 3/4" St George fishing reel, in soft case £80-120
174.    A Hardy 3 1/4" Lightweight fishing reel, in soft case £100-150
175.    A Hardy 3 1/4" Lightweight fishing reel, in soft case £100-150
176.    A Hardy 3 5/8" Perfect fishing reel £100-150
177.    A Hardy Hydra fishing reel and a Hardy Perfect reel £50-70
178.    A Farley 4 1/4" Ambassador fishing reel £30-50
179.    A Victorian brass 3" fishing reel with ivory handle and three other brass fishing reels £50-70
180.    A 19th century 2" brass fishing reel, by J Bernard & Sons, and three other vintage brass fishing reels £100-200
181.    NO LOT £30-50
182.    Fourteen fishing reels, various £30-50
183.    A vintage mahogany and brass 4 1/2" fishing reel, twelve other fishing reels and a spool £80-120
184.    A Hardy Houghton leather cast case and other leather fly cases £80-120
185.    An Illingworth 2 casting reel, in case £60-80
186.    A large collection of fishing flies, in metal cases, etc £50-70
187.    A staghorn fishing priest £30-50
188.    A wicker fishing creel and two other fishing bags £30-50
189.    Three Penn sea fishing reels, another by Pflueger and one other £40-60
190.    A pine fishing tackle box, 27" wide £40-60
191.    A Shakespeare Sigma RT long cast spinning reel and other spinning reels £50-70
192.    A Hardy Altex 2 spinning reel £30-50
193.    Two Hardy fishing gilets and other clothing £30-50
194.    Assorted fishing reels, line, etc, in crate £30-50
195.    NO LOT £30-50
196.    NO LOT £50-70
197.    Seven assorted wooden and Bakelite fishing reels £30-50
198.    A Farlow's Fife 15 foot split cane three-section fishing rod with spare tip and bag £30-50
199.    A Hardy CC de France 9 foot two-section cane fishing rod with spare tip, in bag with zip £30-50
200.    A Hardy Holdtight two-section cane fishing rod and a Hardy 12 foot Long Bow sea fishing rod £30-50
201.    A Hardy 10 foot Graphite fishing rod, in blue bag £50-70
202.    A Hardy Richard Walker 9 foot fishing rod £30-50
203.    NO LOT £50-70
204.    A Hardy CC de France 8 foot cane fishing rod, in bag £30-50
205.    A Hardy Knockabout fishing rod £30-50
206.    A Hardy Tournament 11 foot rod with spare tip and canvas case £30-50
207.    Three sectional cane fishing rods, in bags £30-50
208.    An Olivers of Knebworth fibreglass sea fishing rod, a Match 11 sea fishing rod and a Shakespeare Mustang Spin rod £30-50
209.    A vintage 9 foot cane fishing rod stamped "A&N CPL 105 Victoria Street Westminster" £30-50
210.    A collection of assorted fly fishing rods, some with bags £50-70
211.    A Hardy wooden handled fishing gaff, another gaff and an extending tailer £50-70
212.    A canvas and leather trimmed hard carry case, 61" long £50-70
213.    A Hardy cane fishing rod carry case, 38 1/2" long (missing top) and a Hardy aluminium carry case, 57" long £50-70
214.    Five metal and plastic fishing rod carry cases and a green canvas fishing rod carry roll £30-50
215.    Five wood and metal handled landing nets, various £30-50
216.    Five wood and metal handled landing nets, various £30-50
217.    A pair of eight-point antlers, on skull plate £30-50
218.    Taxidermy: a preserved buzzard, in glazed case, 17" wide £40-60
219.    Taxidermy: a preserved sparrowhawk, in glazed case, 11" wide £20-40
220.    A horseshoe crab, 21" long £30-50
221.    Taxidermy: a pair of goshawks and a squirrel, in glazed case, 22" wide (certificates available) £300-500
222.    Taxidermy: a preserved sparrowhawk, 12" wide £20-40
223.    Taxidermy: a preserved chub, in glazed case, 27" wide £80-120
224.    A collection of cameras, lenses, etc, in camera bag, and a Victorian walnut writing box £30-50
225.    A late 19th century French mantel clock, in Boulle decorated case with gilt metal mounts, 14" high £100-150
226.    A late 19th century French mantel clock, in floral marquetry decorated case, engine turned silver dial inscribed Promoli Paris, 8" high £100-150
227.    An oak cased anaeroid barometer and an alabaster table lamp £30-50
228.    A brass mounted wooden steelyard balance £50-70
229.    A circular wall clock, in mahogany case, dial inscribed Andrews & Co, 15" dia £30-50
230.    A wall clock with broken arch painted dial, wood and metal movement £30-50
231.    A Georgian style mantel clock, in arched top mahogany case with line and spandrel inlay, white convex dial, 15" high £50-70
232.    A 19th century French mantel clock, in ebonised and gilt metal decorated case, brass movement with pierced cock plate by Benjamin Lautier Bath, numbered 363, 16" high £60-80
233.    A 19th century microscope slide preparation kit, by Stanley, in mahogany case, a boxed set of surgeon's knives, a small brass microscope, slides, etc £50-70
234.    A Canon Eos 1000F 35mm camera with 35mm-105mm zoom lens, in aluminium carry case, and a pair of Chinon RB zoom binoculars, in pouch £30-50
235.    A 19th century rosewood and brass inlaid octagonal wall clock with weight, 9" dia (missing pendulum) £30-50
236.    A 19th century rosewood cased banjo barometer with scroll pediment, fitted hygrometer, thermometer, silvered dial and ivory adjuster knob, by Campanovo, Oxford £80-120
237.    A 19th century white marble mantel clock with gilt metal surmount cast as a Grecian man and rearing horse and a cream table lamp with floral incised decoration £50-70
238.    A set of three Victorian long handled brass fire irons and a pair of brass ember tongs £30-50
239.    A pair of late 18th century pewter plates by John Tidmarsh, 9 1/2" dia £40-60
240.    A late 18th century Wedgwood jasperware plaque of Napoleon as first Consul, 2 1/8" dia, in maple frame £40-60
241.    A copper kettle, a brass coal helmet, a brass cream skimmer, a brass trivet and other metalware £30-50
242.    A copper coal scuttle and a 19th century inlaid barometer case £20-40
243.    A pair of Continental brass scrollwork and angel decorated pricket candlesticks, on triform bases, 25" high, and a pair of 19th Century brass candlesticks, 9" high £40-60
244.    A Japanese stainless steel suite of cutlery, on wooden board £20-40
245.     NO LOT £30-50
246.    A black cast iron fender with decorative square fluted brass rail and sphinx ornament, 60" wide £80-120
247.    A set of metal mechanical bellows, mounted on a wooden carriage £30-50
248.    An Austrian cold painted bronze figure of a huntsman with two hounds £50-70
249.    A matched set of five 18th century pewter chargers, 9 3/4" dia £50-70
250.    A pierced brass clip on kettle stand and a brass framed nursery fireguard, 30" wide £30-50
251.    A collection of 18th/19th century iron keys, in wooden box £20-40
252.    An 18th century pewter charger with floral decoration in wriggle work, 15" dia £50-70
253.    Three bronze skillets and a 19th century copper saucepan with lid £80-120
254.    A gilt metal tabernacle, on velvet and ebonised base, 12" high £30-50
255.    An Art Deco style bronzed two-handled bottle-shaped vase decorated two cherubs, 10" high £30-50
256.    A bronze statue of a man with arms extended, on marble base, 9" high £50-70
257.    A bronze statue of a San Marco horse, on rouge marble base, 6" high £80-120
258.    A collection of assorted furniture mounts, china knobs, brass handles, etc NOT FOUND £50-70
259.    A pair of cast black metal candlesticks of dancers in African (?) dress, 15" high £50-70
260.    Two copper hunting horns and a brass warming pan £20-40
261.    An early 19th century copper tea urn £50-70
262.    An Edwardian tubular metal framed stick stand with brass top £30-50
263.    A bronze and marble statue of a naked woman seated on a bench reading, 11" high (damages) £30-50
264.    A brass pestle and mortar, two brass hand bells, a cannon ball (fractured) and a cast iron fox head mask, painted red £50-70
265.    A cast lead panel decorated Minoan women dancing, 9" x 6" £20-40
266.    A copper coal vase with liner, on four feet, and a large copper kettle £30-50
267.    A set of Degrave & Short balance scales with brass platforms and a black cast iron set of scales with six weights £30-50
268.    A pair of 19th century gilt metal candlesticks, hung spear point glass drops on arching arms, on floral cast triangular bases, 9 1/2" high £50-70
269.    Two black japanned metal spice boxes, the larger 9" dia, and other kitchenailia £50-70
270.    A grained metal cash box with key £30-50
271.    An electrotype panel, Cupid sellers, 5" dia £40-60
272.    Three barbed spear heads, various, 8 1/2" long £40-60
273.    An Art Nouveau wrought iron and copper fire implement set and a pair of implement rests
274.    A pair of iron fire iron rests with decorative brass finals and a copper coal scuttle £40-60
275.    A brass framed three-tier cake stand £30-50
276.    Four Victorian pewter measures (one converted to a jug) and two modern pewter tankards £30-50
277.    A 19th century burr walnut sewing box with part fitted ivory and gilt metal mounted interior £80-120
278.    A 19th century two-compartment tea caddy with dentil design inlaid borders, ivory escutcheon and blue glass mixing bowl £80-120
279.    A red leather document box with recessed brass handle, 15" wide, and a 19th century mahogany box with hinged lid and metal corner mounts, 14" wide £40-60
280.    An 18th century oak spoon rack, 13" wide £100-150
281.    A Central African carved wooden fetish figure, 7" high, and an African carved wooden face mask £150-200
282.    A 19th century black papier mache workbox, inset floral decoration in mother-of-pearl and gilt, the fitted interior with mother-of-pearl spools and thimble, white metal tape measure and pin cushion, makers Clay of Pall Mall £250-400
283.    A polished as walnut wall mounted towel rail and a wall mounted walking stick rack WITHDRAWN LOT £50-70
284.    A 19th century parquety decorated dressing case, the lid inset brass plaque engraved initials and dated 1897, 12" wide, and a 19th century mahogany table writing box decorated brass banding and corners, 14" wide (for restoration) £60-80
285.    A coopered birch flour bin, 21" high £30-50
286.    A 19th century grained as mahogany and yew table writing desk with sloping fall flap enclosing stepped interior, 18" wide £80-120
287.    A wooden two-tier spice jar holder with hinged shelves, 14" wide, and a wooden egg stand £30-50
288.    A 19th century mahogany box, fitted brass central carrying handle, and two smaller tea caddies (for restoration) £50-70
289.    A 19th century rosewood and mother-of-pearl inlaid dressing case, 12" wide, and a rectangular oak box with iron lock and carrying handles, 13" wide £50-70
290.    A vintage wooden cash till £20-40
291.    An Edwardian mahogany four-division stationery holder, inlaid patera, and a similar oak two-division stationery rack £40-60
292.    A rosewood box and cover, inset engraved ivory borders, 5" wide, a tooled leather casket with central carrying handle and a blue lacquered casket with decorative brass mounts £50-70
293.    A 19th century three-division cutlery tray with central brass handle £20-40
294.    A small circular turned wooden panel with central inlaid boss, inset silk brocade panel, 7" dia £30-50
295.    A wooden domed top casket with painted floral decoration, an Indian balancing figure and other assorted wooden items £50-70
296.    A wooden desk calendar, a Mauchline ware money box, turned boxwood bottle cases and other treen £50-70
297.    An arch top oak panel, carved figures of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, 30" x 12", and a modern Wig and Gown pub sign £80-120
298.    A fruitwood bowl, 16" dia, a similar bowl with metal repairs, 15" dia, a lignum vitae hobble, a nut crack and a mahogany tray top table top £80-120
299.    Five late 18th century fruitwood and other treen trenchers, average 8 1/2" dia £200-300
300.    Three late 18th century/early 19th century treen trenchers, 9 1/2" dia £200-250
301.    Five late 18th century treen chargers/plates, in two sizes, the largest 9" dia, the others 7 1/2" dia £150-200
302.    An 18th century sycamore trencher, 15 1/2" dia £100-150
303.    A burr walnut and line inlaid sewing box, fitted one drawer £40-60
304.    A Peter Pan "Blow football" game, a 1930's tiddlywinks set, two cribbage boards and a number of other children's games £30-50
305.    A Viceroy accordion with ten keys, a grained as rosewood accordion with twenty-one keys and a soprano recorder £40-60
306.    An Eko Rio Grand VI acoustic guitar, in case, and an Eko model 649 Spanish guitar, in fitted case £80-120
307.    A swagger stick with silver pommel £30-50
308.    A Telesforo Julve vintage flamenco guitar, in case £200-300
309.    A swagger stick with silver plated pommel decorated crest of Hampshire Regiment £20-40
310.    A collection of die-cast and other scale model vehicles, etc, mostly 1970s through 1990s £40-60
311.    A kukri with two skinning knives, in scabbard £30-50
312.    A child's dapple grey wooden rocking horse, on safety stand £200-400
313.    An oriental doll, a cotton doll and a number of other dolls £30-50
314.    An Armand Marseille porcelain head doll, No 351/6K, 17" high, a Heubach and Koppelsdorf black doll, No 444.2/0, 15" high (for re-articulating) £60-80
315.    A Hornby 'O' gauge locomotive 50153, another locomotive, rolling stock, buildings, and track £40-60
316.    A Scalextric 31 racing car set with track and two cars, in original box £60-80
317.    A 1950s Chad Valley Noddy PC Plod glove puppet £30-50
318.    An Armand Marseille bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes and jointed composition body, 24" high, and a similar smaller doll with stuffed body, 15" high £80-120
319.    A Simon & Halbig bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes and open mouth, in pink lace trimmed dress, 27" high £50-70
320.    An Armand Marseille bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes, closed mouth and jointed composition body, 24" high, and a similar German doll with stuffed body, 15" high £80-120
321.    A Heubach & Kipplesdorf bisque headed doll with sleeping eyes, open mouth and jointed composition body, in knitted dress, 20" high £50-70
322.    A quantity of small bisque jointed dolls, half dolls, etc £50-70
323.    Two Armand Marseille bisque headed dolls wearing white smocks and three brown coloured dolls £80-120
324.    A modern doll and assorted doll parts, etc £30-50
325.    A doll's red transfer decorated part tea service and other miniature tea wares £30-50
326.    A folding mahogany bagatelle board £30-50
327.    A Jaques Chastleton patience board containing part sets of playing cards £20-40
328.    A marquetry decorated cribbage board containing bone pegs and playing cards and a miniature set of prisoner-of-war bone dominoes, in mahogany case £60-80
329.    A Jaques set of ebony and box Staunton chessmen with weighted bases, in mahogany box, king 4 1/2" high £100-150
330.    A Mah-jongg set with bone and bamboo stones, in wooden cabinet £30-50
331.    A Finigan's crocodile leather vanity case with purple topped glass bottles £50-70
332.    A short swordstick with square fullered blade, in a grained as walnut case, 18" long (split to handle) £50-70
333.    A small collection of wooden framed magic lantern slides, some metamorphic, including death of Nelson, and a magic lantern projector £30-50
334.    A 19th century wooden jigsaw, by Edward Wallace, in a wooden box disguised as a book, and a painted wood model of Noah's Ark containing wooden animals £30-50
335.    An ebonised miniature billiard table with slate bed and a set of billiard balls, 31" x 17" £60-80
336.    A doll's pine kitchen dresser, the base fitted eight drawers and central open shelves, 16" wide, and another blue and white painted wooden dresser £40-60
337.    A Wembley miniature wooden football game, a "Ship Ahoy" boxed game, etc £50-70
338.    Two carved wooden chess sets (one incomplete) and an inlaid travelling chessboard £40-60
339.    A maraca, an oud (damages) and an Oriental pillow £30-50
340.    A set of bone and ebony dominoes, in wooden box, and an Autobridge playing board and deal sheets £30-50
341.    A collection of red and white carved ivory chess men, on puzzle ball bases (some damages) £50-70
342.    A quantity of red and white ivory chessmen £50-70
343.    Three part ivory and wooden chess sets £50-70
344.    A red and white turned and carved ivory chess set, the queen 3" high £100-150
345.    A 19th century prisoner-of-war work carved bone domino set, in fitted case, 5" long £100-150
346.    A 19th century turned ivory travelling chess set, in fitted case, 10 1/2" square £80-120
347.    A moleskin fur coat with four feature buttons, back 43" long £40-60
348.    A quantity of assorted vintage linen, etc £30-50
349.    A collection of silk flags, playing cards and a canister of Price's tapers £30-50
350.    Four porcelain and composition dolls, various £30-50
351.    A 19th century 12" lace fan with mother-of-pearl and ivory sticks decorated silver monogram, in Duvelleroy box £80-120
352.    A barn raiser double-sided patchwork bedcover, 74" x 74" £40-60
353.    A 19th century printed silk programme, for the production of Romany Rye at the Royal Princess Theatre, with metal thread fringed edge £30-50
354.    A 19th century Berlin woolwork panel, in maple frame £50-70
355.    An early 19th century needlepoint sampler, by N Hewitt Nottingham, with scripture verse, 18" x 13", in maple frame £80-120
356.    A 19th century sailor's woolwork panel, flags of nations and sailing boat, 9" x 11", in maple frame, and a larger similar panel, 11 1/2" square £80-120
357.    A Dunhill silver plated cigarette lighter, a Dunhill gold plated cigarette lighter and two Colibri cigarette lighters £70-90
358.    A Welson patent lamp (now converted to electricity), a wall hanging candle lamp and a collection of book matches £20-40
359.    A circular cream plaster wall plaque, moulded figure of Flora with numerous cherubs, 25" dia (damages) £20-40
360.    A Persian floral painted papier-mache book cover, 11 1/2" x 7 1/4", in gilt frame £30-50
361.    Eighteen miniature bottles of whisky and liqueurs and a 19th century glass decanter and stopper £30-50
362.    An African trackwood carving of two antelopes, a Franklin Mint framed silver and gold plated floral panel and a War Department brass parallel ruler, in wooden case £20-40
363.    A gentleman's crocodile dressing case with fitted interior £20-40
364.    A late 19th Century articulated brass folding face screen with tapestry panel, a miniature folding occasional table, a Calendox desk calendar, in Bakelite case, a small Japanese lacquer cabinet and a brown leather dressing case, fitted glass bottles with gilt metal tops (case damaged) £20-40
365.    A contemporary North American elbow pipe with catlinite bowl and mouthpiece, bead decorated stem and wooden stand £30-50
366.    A tortoiseshell trinket box with pewter line inlay and turned ivory feet, another similar, a smaller tortoiseshell trinket box and a tortoiseshell thimble box £100-150
367.    A tortoiseshell and ivory serpentine fronted trinket box £50-70
368.    An ivory and gold mounted aide-memoire and a mother-of-pearl and ivory aide-memoire £40-60
369.    A Victorian ivory aide-memoire with silver inlay, a desk seal with ivory handle and cigar cutter with ivory handle £70-90
370.    Two mother-of-pearl and abalone card cases £50-70
371.    A pressed tortoiseshell circular patch box with floral and pique decoration £60-80
372.    Two white metal mounted sea bean vesta cases £40-60
373.    A Georgian tortoiseshell and yellow metal mounted oval snuff box and a tortoiseshell and pique circular pill box £80-120
374.    A white metal and hardstone mounted filigree box, a shagreen mounted book match holder, a gilt metal patch box and one other £30-50
375.    A 19th century tortoiseshell, ivory and pique decorated navette tooth pick box £40-60
376.    A 19th century circular patch box with enamelled lid and five others, various £80-120
377.    A tortoiseshell and ivory trinket box, the lid inset with miniature still life of flowers £100-150
378.    A collection of tortoiseshell and gold plated spectacles £30-50
379.    A leather suitcase with straps, 22" long £30-50
380.    An Edwardian red tooled leather dispatch box belonging to The Rt Honorable Henry Fowler (key missing) £50-70
381.    A milkmaid's wooden yoke and a mole trap £20-40
382.    A Victorian black papier mache shaped panel, decorated flowers in mother-of-pearl and gilt, and a similar smaller panel, decorated bird and flowers £30-50
383.    A collection of 18th century white plaster portrait medallions, some mounted on circular back board £80-120
384.    A miniature cricket bat stamped CT & Co, 16" long and a page containing the signatures of the Manchester United football team including George Best, Trevor Anderson, Sammy McIlroy, Brian Kidd, Lou Macari, Alex Forsyth, etc £50-70
385.    A wooden tool chest, fitted eight drawers and assorted tools, etc £30-50
386.    A collection of horn beakers, in assorted sizes, twenty-five approx £100-150
387.    An assortment of kitchen items, in wicker laundry basket £30-50
388.    A three-division stationery box with sloping hinged top, covered in a brown tooled leather £30-50
389.    A leather fire bucket, inscribed "Windsor Castle", 11" high £40-60
390.    A metal shod black leather fire bucket, inscribed "Matchams JLH", label to underside for Merryweather London, 12" high £40-60
391.    A coopered oak jardiniere decorated copper bands, 12" high, and a coopered oak bucket £30-50
392.    A black papier mache bucket, a canvas bucket and a red tooled leather waste paper bin £30-50
393.    An assortment of artists' palettes and paint boxes £30-50
394.    A Blue John cylindrical vase, on slate base, 3 3/4" high £200-300
395.    A carved bone and silver mounted riding crop with bone dog head whistle, 9" long £70-90
396.    A 19th century poker work bellows, 14" long (for restoration) £40-60
397.    NO LOT £20-40
398.    NO LOT £30-50
399.    A pair of Continental carved bone figured scenes, in gilt frames, 5 1/2" high, and a plaster relief panel, after Teniers, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" £40-60
400.    A magic lantern slide, death of Nelson, a coat of arms on oak panel, a painted box cover and a oracular table document, fabric mounted £30-50
401.    An Indian carved white marble elephant, 6" high £30-50
402.    A pilgrim's 19th century Holy Land bone and cypress cross in a bottle souvenir, 11 3/4" high £50-70
403.    A collage panel, bedroom with chair and slippers, and a silk embroidered panel, flowers and a vase, framed and glazed £30-50
404.    A pair of 19th century carved cork pictures, Conway Castle, in deep gilt frames £80-120
405.    A tortoiseshell etui case (no interior), 5" long £60-80
406.    A 19th century regimental ram's horn snuff mull, 4" long £60-80
407.    Two three and four branch centre lights £20-40
408.    A pair of cut glass candlesticks (now converted to electricity) and a collection of glass drops £30-50
409.    A silvered metal table lamp, on square base with black shade £20-40
410.    A gilt metal uplighter with glass shade £30-50
411.    A brass Corinthian column standard lamp, on square stepped base with paw feet £80-120
412.    A brass Corinthian column oil lamp with glass reservoir, 25" high (burner missing) £50-70
413.    A brass Corinthian column table lamp, fitted metal shell shade, and another gilt metal table lamp, on tripod base £50-70
414.    A brass oil lamp (now converted to electricity), on square base, 24" high, two other oil lamps and a table lamp, all with reeded stems £50-70
415.    A 19th century gilt gesso decorated two-branch candle holder (now converted to electricity) and a 19th century semicircular wall bracket decorated leaves and flowers in leather (damages) £30-50
416.    A centre light hung three tiers of concentric spear point drops and similar light fitting £30-50
417.    "The Camera Cuss Book of Antique Watches", one vol illust £10-15
418.    A Victorian photograph album containing forty-eight portraits of royalty, military, writers and distinguished celebrities of the 19th Century £180-200
419.    A folio containing a collection of German photographs of statues £30-50
420.    A collection of White Star line postcards and other ephemera £30-50
421.    A collection of books and DVDs on Great Western Railway and steam trains in general £20-40
422.    A collection of WWII official histories including the Abyssinian Campaigns, the Eighth Army, Grim Glory and others £30-50
423.    An album of Edwardian photographic postcards, theatrical figures £80-120
424.    A collection of Middle Eastern banknotes, various £30-50
425.    A collection of 10 Wisden: 1953, 1957, 1971, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979 £30-50
426.    An album of signed photographs including Anna Neagle, Anna Lee, the Aldwych gang, Jack Hulbert and others £40-60
427.    An autograph book of theatrical and musical artists, including Frankie Vaughan, the King Brothers, Mike Preston, Tony Hayes, the Beverley sisters and others £100-150
428.    A WWI period album of original photographs of South-Eastern and Chatham Railway trains £80-120
429.    A copy of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management (damages) and a quantity of other books £20-40
430.    A suitcase containing a collection of first day covers, high value definitive issue presentation packs and various other collectors sets £30-50
431.    A silver plated egg boiler, an ivory mounted manicure set, in leather roll, a cased set of plated teaspoons and tongs, in fitted case, and other plated items £30-50
432.    A silver plated triple wine bottle holder together with two plated table centres with associated glass dishes £40-60
433.    Three silver plated wax jacks £40-60
434.    A Continental engine turned and engraved silver snuff box, 1.6oz approx £30-50
435.    A Continental white metal chatelaine, a silver chatelaine clip and a white metal brooch £100-150
436.    Six Continental silver miniature dolls house chairs with embossed decoration £80-120
437.    Two silver vesta cases, a silver matchbook case and a silver plated double sovereign case £40-60
438.    A Georgian silver vinaigrette with engine turned and embossed decoration, pierced grill and gilt interior £80-120
439.    A Georgian silver vinaigrette of plain rectangular form, a silver pill box with bright cut decoration and two silver thimbles £60-80
440.    Three silver decanter labels, a French enamel decanter label and three others £40-60
441.    A part set of Continental silver numerical clips, numbers 2-12, in fitted box £30-50
442.    A Continental silver plate cigarette box with green guilloche decoration, a lady's silver compact with enamel decoration and military insignia and a silver cheroot case £70-90
443.    A Continental silver snuff box with niello decorated hunting scent (a/f) £40-60
444.    A Continental silver cheroot case, clasp set with cabochon sapphire, in fitted case £70-90
445.    A selection of silver and white metal flatware, 15.2oz troy approx £130-150
446.    A baby's Victorian silver rattle/whistle, by George Unite, mounted numerous bells and coral teether £100-150
447.    A baby's Victorian silver rattle/whistle by George Unite with numerous bells and coral teether, together with another child's rattle/whistle with mother-of-pearl teether £150-200
448.    A Continental silver parasol handle, formed as a heron's head with ruby eyes £50-70
449.    A Victorian silver decanter label, two others, a silver whistle, a silver stamp case, a silver miniature mug and a mother-of-pearl fruit knife £60-80
450.    A 19th century Continental silver mounted scent bottle, a cranberry glass scent bottle and a glass and silver mounted smelling salts jar £70-90
451.    A 19th century "castle top" card case by Edward Smith, decorated in high relief to one side with a view of Abbotsford House, home of Sir Walter Scott, the other a view over the Tamar Estuary?, Birmingham 1847, 3 3/4" x 3" £300-500
452.    An Asprey's cased set of mother-of-pearl caviar knives and spoon £50-70
453.    A Georgian silver tankard, hallmarks rubbed, 7.4oz troy approx £70-90
454.    An Art Deco silver christening mug with turned ivory handle, 4.1oz troy approx £50-70
455.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, 3.6oz troy approx, together with a rectangular silver photograph frame £50-70
456.    A pair of silver pedestal bonbon dishes, a Georgian silver pedestal bowl, a Victorian silver pedestal salt and an Asprey's silver oil pot, 8.5oz troy approx £70-90
457.    A Russian silver cream jug with scrolled handle, 7.7oz troy approx £60-80
458.    A set of four Victorian circular silver salts and spoons, a silver heart-shaped bonbon dish, a silver ring tree and a silver shoe-horn £50-70
459.    A pair of cut glass and silver mounted scent bottles (no stoppers), another larger, a cut glass pot with silver rim and a green glass scent bottle and stopper with silver overlay £30-50
460.    A lady's Victorian silver sewing necessaire with engraved decoration and part fitted interior £150-250
461.    A tortoiseshell cigarette box with silver mounted lid and a faux tortoiseshell jewellery box with white metal mounts £100-150
462.    A silver mounted tortoiseshell strut clock with eight-day movement £40-60
463.    A silver perpetual desk calendar £40-60
464.    A Continental silver lobed dish with engraved coat of arms, 9.6oz troy approx £80-100
465.    A Victorian silver christening mug with spiral fluted decoration, 3oz troy approx £30-50
466.    A selection of scrap silver and white metal objects, 8.9oz troy approx £80-100
467.    A white metal model of a King Charles spaniel, on marble base, and a silver and coral ring tree £50-70
468.    A silver two-handled pedestal trophy cup, 27.3oz troy approx £240-260
469.    A silver and blue enamelled dressing table set, comprising four brushes and a hand mirror, and a needlework evening purse with silver frame £80-120
470.    Three 19th century yellow metal brooches, a rolled gold heart-shaped pendant, a micro mosaic stick pin, and a four-strand cultured pearl necklace £100-150
471.    A late 19th century silver mounted crocodile skin handbag with fitted interior £60-80
472.    An 18ct white gold tennis bracelet set forty-nine brilliant cut diamonds, in individual hexagonal mounts, with fold over safety clasp, 4ct diamonds approx £3000-4000
473.    An 18ct white gold, ruby and diamond tennis bracelet set thirty-six stones, in individual square settings, with fitted safety clasp and safety chain, 2.5ct approx £3500-4500
474.    An 18ct white gold and diamond full eternity ring set fifteen brilliant cut stones, each stone 0.4ct approx £3000-4000
475.    An 18ct white gold and diamond full eternity ring set fifteen brilliant cut stones, each stone 0.4ct approx £3000-4000
476.    A platinum and diamond necklace set one hundred and thirty-one graduated brilliant cut stones, colour F, the 'U' clasp set with seven diamonds of varying cuts, total carat weight 22.4ct, 20" long, stamped Moboco £25000-30000
477.    An 18ct gold and diamond solitaire ring, stone 0.4ct approx, ring size P £400-600
478.    A 9ct gold masonic watch fob, a 9ct gold locket and a 9ct gold back and front locket, on gilt metal chain £80-120
479.    Four silver brooches, various, a silver watch fob, a silver thimble and a silver handled shoehorn £30-40
480.    Three pairs of 9ct gold cufflinks, various, 25.3g £220-240
481.    Three pairs of 9ct gold cufflinks and a single 9ct gold cufflink, 15.1g £130-150
482.    A pair of 9ct gold mounted mother of pearl cufflinks, a pair of plain 9ct gold oval cufflinks and a pair of 9ct gold engraved cufflinks, 17.7g £150-170
483.    A 14ct gold pendant and a 14ct gold bracelet, 20.9g £280-300
484.    An 18ct gold Masonic ring, 13.6g £240-260
485.    Two 9ct gold identity bracelets, 34.6g £300-320
486.    An 18ct gold identity bracelet, 7g £120-140
487.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart-shaped clasp, five charms, various, and a similar smaller with three charms, 31g gross £260-280
488.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart-shaped clasp and thirteen charms, various, 40.1g gross £450-500
489.    A 15ct gold gate link bracelet, 22.4g £320-340
490.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart-shaped clasp with a citrine mounted watch fob and a smaller 9ct gold curb link bracelet, 31.3g £280-300
491.    A 9ct gold fancy link guard chain, 15.1g £130-150
492.    A 9ct gold gate link bracelet with heart-shaped clasp, 15.3 grams £140-160
493.    A yellow metal signet ring (tests as high grade gold), 12.2g, and a yellow metal three stone ring, marks indistinct £300-350
494.    Two 9ct gold medals 12.9g, and a yellow metal and hardstone watch key £150-200
495.    A selection of 9ct gold necklaces, various, together with a 9ct gold sovereign pendant mount, 28.4g £250-280
496.    An 18ct gold and diamond solitaire ring, size O, and an 18ct gold diamond and sapphire cluster ring, size M £150-200
497.    A 9ct gold and opal five stone dress ring together with a yellow metal dress ring £80-100
498.    A yellow metal and gem set brooch (a/f) together with a 9ct gold garnet and seed pearl brooch (lacking pin) £70-90
499.    A selection of gold and other jewellery including a 9ct gold textured ring, a gold locket, earrings, chains, etc £200-250
500.    A selection of gold and yellow metal stick pins, various, thirteen approx £200-250
501.    A small selection of costume and other jewellery including faux pearl necklaces, a pair of cufflinks, an oval framed miniature portrait of a gentleman, etc £40-60
502.    An 18ct gold and platinum, sapphire and diamond set plaque ring, size K, 1.9g £80-120
503.    A platinum, opal and diamond cluster ring, size R, 3.7g £70-90
504.    An 18ct gold and platinum, diamond and sapphire cluster ring, size P, 4.1g £100-150
505.    An 18ct white gold, diamond, emerald and pearl dress ring, size O, 7.3g £150-200
506.    An 18ct white gold, diamond and sapphire cluster ring, size P, 3.2g £100-150
507.    An 18ct gold, citrine single stone dress ring, size K, 7.7g £80-120
508.    A 9ct gold dress ring set single blue stone, size N, 6.5g, together with a similar 9ct gold dress ring set yellow stone, size M, 5.8g £100-150
509.    A 9ct gold dress ring set single amethyst cabochon, size P, 4.4 g, together with a similar 9ct gold dress ring, size S, 1.8g £70-90
510.    Three 9ct gold gem set dress rings, various, 6.1g £60-80
511.    A 9ct gold and bloodstone signet ring, size U, 3.9g, a 9ct gold and agate dress ring, size R, 3.3g and a 9ct gold geometric design dress ring, size R, 1.4g £80-120
512.    A 9ct gold and diamond five stone dress ring, size N, 1.9g, and two 9ct gold three stone dress rings, 4.7g £70-90
513.    An 18ct gold diamond and sapphire lozenge-shaped plaque ring, size S, 4.2g £80-120
514.    An 18ct gold and diamond gypsy ring, size T, 3.2g, and another similar, size S, 5.5g £140-160
515.    A 15ct gold and coral ring (one stone missing), size N, 3.9g, a 14ct gold and gem set three stone dress ring, size M, 3.1g, and a gold single stone dress ring, size Q, 3.6g £120-140
516.    A yellow metal and gem set snake ring, size O, 9.4g £80-120
517.    Three 18ct gold and diamond three stone crossover rings, various, 6.6g, together with a gold, diamond and sapphire five stone dress ring, 1.7g £140-160
518.    An 18ct gold and diamond signet ring together with one other similar yellow metal signet ring, 8.4g £150-200
519.    A 19th century gold and enamel mourning ring, marks indistinct, together with an antique gold cameo ring, 8.8g £140-160
520.    A 9ct gold cased half hunter pocket watch with white enamel dial, Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial (a/f) £150-200
521.    A lady's 9ct gold cased open faced fob watch with gilt dial and Roman numerals £40-60
522.    Four ladies' silver cased open faced pocket watches together with a similar gun metal cased open faced fob watch £40-60
523.    A silver cased open faced pocket watch, in silver mounted travel case, a brass cased pocket sun dial and compass, and a travel clock with eight-day movement and silvered dial £40-60
524.    A collection of ladies' gold cased wrist watches, various £400-500
525.    A gentleman's silver cased trench watch with white enamel dial, Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, with later strap £50-70
526.    A lady's silver and marcasite cocktail watch, three ladies' silver cased wrist watches, a lady's rolled gold and enamel wristwatch and a folding purse watch £40-60
527.    A number of lady's and gentleman's wristwatches, various (mostly a/f) £30-50
528.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cased Rotary automatic wristwatch together a gentleman's Art Deco wristwatch (a/f) £80-120
529.    A gentleman's 18ct gold cased wristwatch by Walker & Hall with a later 9ct gold bracelet, 50g gross £450-500
530.    A lady's 1930s 18ct gold cased cocktail watch with silvered dial by J W Benson Ltd £60-80
531.    A 9ct gold double Albert watch chain with 9ct gold medal, 44.6g £400-450
532.    A late 19th century 9ct gold curb link necklace, 42g £350-380
533.    An Edwardian 9ct gold fancy link Albert watch chain mounted with a George III gold guinea dated 1788, 21.6g gross £300-350
534.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet, a 9ct gold gate link bracelet with heart shaped clasp and a 9ct gold necklace, 33.2g £300-320
535.    Two pairs of 9ct gold cufflinks, a 9ct gold medal, three 9ct gold bar brooches and other gold jewellery, etc, 37.7g £320-340
536.    A 15ct gold locket, a gold mounted fob seal, a front and back gold locket with enamel decoration and a gold mounted bloodstone pendant £100-150
537.    A Polish gold bracelet, 77.5g £700-750
538.    A pair of 19th century tortoiseshell pique decorated drop earrings £40-60
539.    A pair of 9ct gold and pearl ear clips, a similar smaller pair, a pair of 9ct gold and cameo drop ear clips and three further pairs of drop ear clips £80-100
540.    A 19th century gold, enamel, amethyst and seed pearl necklace, on 9ct gold fine link chain £100-150
541.    A 14ct gold and pearl pendant, formed as a bunch of grapes, on 9ct gold fine link chain £60-80
542.    A 9ct gold, amethyst and seed pearl pendant, on 9ct gold fine link chain £50-70
543.    A yellow metal, amethyst and seed pearl brooch, three yellow metal lockets, a rolled gold bracelet and a similar crucifix pendant £60-80
544.    An 18ct gold and emerald pendant, a pair of yellow metal studs set garnet cabochons and a gilt metal hair ornament, formed as a quiver and arrows £40-60
545.    A 9ct gold mounted miniature folding pocket knife and a Victorian miniature propelling pencil decorated turquoise cabochons £50-70
546.    An engraved silver bangle, a Victorian white metal locket, a pair of silver cufflinks, a silver swan brooch and other items of silver jewellery, various £80-120
547.    A Cartier 14ct gold on sterling silver belt buckle £80-120
548.    Three ivory bead necklaces £40-60
549.    A selection of silver and other jewellery including silver gilt and enamel egg pendants, hardstone egg pendants and other jewellery, various, in morocco leather jewel box £80-120
550.    A selection of hardstone and other bead necklaces, an amber and scarab mounted necklace and a white metal pendant £60-80
551.    An Oriental graduated amber bead necklace £200-300
552.    Three beadwork bracelets with gilt metal hardstone mounted clasps and another similar £50-70
553.    A painted porcelain miniature plaque in 9ct gold brooch mount, a yellow metal turquoise and pearl bar brooch and Victorian gilt metal pendant £200-300
554.    A 15ct gold, platinum and diamond bar brooch £60-80
555.    Four yellow metal mourning brooches, a similar gem set brooch and a Japanese satsuma brooch £60-80
556.    A jewellery box containing a large selection of silver and other costume jewellery, various £100-150
557.    A carved jet thistle and shamrock brooch, a similar locket, a cameo brooch and a crucifix £30-40
558.    A pair of gilt metal lorgnettes, a gilt metal magnifier, a miniature hand mirror, a plated cigarette lighter, a mother-of-pearl monocular and various other items £50-70
559.    A Victorian gold and turquoise mounted pebble necklace and matching pair of earrings £100-150
560.    A Victorian gilt metal onyx and pearl necklace, earring and brooch set with vine leaf decoration £60-80
561.    A gilt metal and enamel mourning brooch, a gilt metal mounted porcelain miniature and two hardstone brooches £40-60
562.    A carved ivory cameo, in yellow metal mount £80-120
563.    A gold mounted rock crystal pendant, in fitted case £60-80
564.    A Victorian gold amethyst and seed pearl pendant, in fitted case £60-80
565.    A 15ct gold, ruby and seed pearl wishbone brooch, 3.5g £50-70
566.    A pair of gold, diamond and lavender jade ear clips £60-80
567.    A 19th century yellow metal and hardstone mounted brooch, in fitted case £60-80
568.    An 18ct gold cased lady's half hunter fob watch with white enamel dial £100-150
569.    Three 18ct gold dress studs, 2.4g, in fitted case, together with a set of three yellow metal dress studs, mounted carved cameos, in fitted case £100-150
570.    A 19th century white metal, enamel and paste set necklace £40-60
571.    A 9ct gold necklace, 5.3g £50-60
572.    Five gold and yellow metal mounted fob seals, various £150-200
573.    A yellow metal and citrine watch fob, a 9ct gold and hardstone watch fob, a gilt metal and hardstone watch key and a yellow metal and coral miniature rattle/whistle £100-150
574.    A 14ct gold cased lady's open faced fob watch with white enamel dial and Roman numerals £80-120
575.    A 9ct gold bow brooch, another 9ct gold brooch, a Victorian yellow metal brooch and a gold bar brooch, 12.7g gross £120-140
576.    A Victorian tortoiseshell and gilt metal mounted pendant, together with a yellow metal, enamel and seed pearl pendant, on chain £80-120
577.    An 18ct gold and citrine stone dress ring, size O £100-150
578.    A gold and diamond gypsy ring, size R, 4.3g £80-120
579.    A 10ct gold and diamond crown ring, 5.4g, and an 18ct gold knot ring, 5.6g £120-140
580.    Four gold and gem set dress rings, various £100-150
581.    Two 14ct gold and diamond dress rings, 7.2g £100-150
582.    A 9ct gold and gem set spider pendant, on chain, and a 9ct gold and gem set pendant, on chain £70-90
583.    Two yellow metal mourning brooches and a white metal and garnet set brooch £40-60
584.    A gentleman's 9ct gold cased wristwatch and a yellow metal and diamond set tie pin £60-80
585.    A set of six silver and enamel buttons by Tiffany & Co, in fitted case £40-60
586.    A Victorian gold and silver, diamond and pearl pendant with detachable brooch mount £100-150
587.    A Seiko Kinetic gentleman's wristwatch with blue face, on stainless steel bracelet, another Seiko Kinetic watch with white face and gold baton numerals, on two-colour metal strap, and one other wristwatch £30-50
588.    A Dunhill silver plated engine turned lighter and a gilt metal fountain pen £30-50
589.    A string of butterscotch amber beads, twenty-three beads ranging in size from 8mm to 28mm approx, 46.2g £300-500
590.    A string of butterscotch amber beads, twenty-three beads ranging in size from 16mm to 32mm approx, 77.5g £400-600
591.    Two sets of amber coloured prayer beads £40-60
592.    A 9ct white gold and diamond single stone ring, size R, a 9ct white gold ring set nine diamonds, size R, and a 9ct gold dress ring set seven gems, size R £150-250
593.    A 9ct gold bracelet, 15.1g £120-140
594.    An Edwardian silver nurses buckle with pierced decoration and a blue leather jewellery box with embossed silver lid £30-50
595.    A 1970s Cartier France 'Tutti Frutti' brooch, set brilliant cut and baguette diamonds, carved sapphires, rubies and emeralds in foliate forms, with further cabochons, mounted in 18ct yellow gold, with marks to clasp, serial number 3306, 2" x 1 5/8" approx, 24.4g, in fitted tooled and gilt morocco leather silk lined box £3000-5000
596.    A South African gold 1 pond coin dated 1898 £200-250
597.    A South African gold 1/2 pond coin dated 1894 £100-150
598.    A gold sovereign dated 1903 £200-220
599.    A selection of British pre-decimal and later coinage, various £30-40
600.    A suitcase containing a large selection of mainly British pre-decimal coinage including silver proofs, presentation packs, collectors sets, commemorative crowns, etc £150-250
601.    A 1902 silver Coronation Medal, in fitted case, a similar bronze Coronation Medal, in fitted case, and a Queen Victoria Commemorative Medal, in fitted case £50-70
602.    Eight WWI service medals £120-140
603.    A WWI Service and Victory Medal pair, to 46A.SJT.P.M.Hearn.R.A.M.C., a silver ARP badge, a WWII medal and a Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal £40-60
604.    A gold sovereign dated 1903 £180-200
605.    A gold sovereign dated 1908 £180-200
606.    An Eastern gold coin with brooch mount, an American gold two-and-a half dollar coin (one side polished out and engraved with a Masonic symbol) and two American gold one-dollar coins, one dated 1854 and the other 1852 £180-200
607.    A selection of British and World coins including a cartwheel two-pence piece dated 1797 £40-60
608.    A collection of British pre-decimal coinage and later British coin sets, cased, etc £60-80
609.    A 19th century reverse painted glass silhouette of a lady in a bonnet, in ebonised frame, a 19th century silhouette on paper of a gentleman, in ebonised frame with musical trophies, and a miniature portrait of a lady with pearl mounted headdress, in scroll painted ebonised frame £100-150
610.    A miniature portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte, initialled BS, 3 1/2" x 2 3/4", in gilt metal and blue enamelled frame with gilt and jewelled decoration £250-350
611.    A 19th century miniature enamel on copper shepherdess and lover, in gilt metal frame and fitted morocco leather case £100-150
612.    A carved ivory figure, Madonna and child, a carved ivory husk of corn and an Indian carved ivory figure £50-70
613.    An early 19th century portrait miniature of a woman, in seed pearl inset frame, inscribed verso "Clara Humphrys Letitia Humphrys obit 26 Nov 1839", 1 3/4" dia, in case £200-300
614.    A portrait miniature of a courtesan, in silver frame, 1 1/2" x 1 1/4" overall £60-80
615.    An unframed mid 20th century portrait of an unknown woman, 3 1/2" x 3", and a sand picture of a castle £30-50
616.    A mid 19th century portrait silhouette of an unknown man, 3" x 2 1/2", in ebonised frame £30-50
617.    A 19th century portrait silhouette on glass, 3" x 2 3/8", in ebonised frame £30-50
618.    An 18th century oil on glass portrait of a washerwoman and a portrait of Sir Francis Burdett, 5" x 4" £30-50
619.    A 19th century oil on mahogany panel portrait of a bon viveur, 7" x 5" £30-50
620.    An early 20th century portrait of a child with blue bead necklace, hair verso, 2 7/8" x 2 1/8", in silvered frame and case £50-70
621.    An oval portrait miniature on ceramic panel of a girl in checked top, in gilt frame, and a portrait miniature of a gentleman, in silver frame (poor condition) £20-40
622.    A Continental portrait miniature of a nobleman, dated 1794, in gilt frame £60-80
623.    An early 19th century portrait miniature of an unknown woman in white dress with hair verso, in oval gold frame, 2" x 1 1/2" overall £100-150
624.    An early 18th century humorous portrait group, monk taking confession, 2" x 2 1/2", in tortoiseshell frame £150-200
625.    R Harranden: a portrait silhouette of the academic Donatus O'Brien, 1802, 3 1/2" x 2 1/2", in ebonised frame £60-80
626.    An early 19th century Continental portrait silhouette, "Herr Daub", 2 1/2" x 2 1/8", in ebonised frame £60-80
627.    After Fuller: a set of six mounted and hand-coloured humorous golfing prints, 9" x 7" £20-40
628.    P Sain: watercolour, Middle Eastern woman by a door, a watercolour by Faber, street scene in black and brown, and a Lowry print £30-50
629.    T Merrion: etching of Notre Dame and three other etchings, Continental and Scottish street scenes £30-50
630.    Joseph Hecht 1933: a signed limited edition engraving, "Ducks and Sun", 10/40 with Hecht watermark, in strip frame £40-60
631.    A 19th century engraving, puppies in a kennel door, in decorative frame, and a set of four engravings, chess players, in common frame £30-50
632.    A photographic print of a red telephone box and Queen Elizabeth Tower, 43" x 31", in black frame £20-40
633.    Four unframed coloured engravings, after Cruickshank, in envelope £20-40
634.    Seven assorted coloured prints, birds of prey, and two etchings, landscapes £20-40
635.    A set of four colour coaching prints, in strip frames, a 19th Century coloured aquatint, Chapel of Bennett College, and a number of other colour prints, various £30-50
636.    A 19th century photogravure of a girl, in Florentine carved giltwood oval scrollwork frame, aperture 13 1/4" x 10 3/4" £150-200
637.    Linda Farquharson '86: a set of four lino prints and collage: the elements, fire, water, air and earth, in silvered frames and one other study of a swan, in silvered frame £40-60
638.    H Bunbury: a pair of 18th century aquatints, comic scenes, framed and glazed £30-50
639.    A pair of early 20th century colour prints, horse racing scenes, in gilt frames, and a colour print, sunrise, in gilt frame £30-50
640.    Bert Thomas: a pen and ink cartoon, "Can't you stop your beastly cat...", 12 1/2" x 9 1/2", in ebonised frame £40-60
641.    After Daniel: a collection of sixteen 19th century coloured aquatints, coastal scenes, in various frames £80-120
642.    G Lewin: a pair of coloured prints, Indian chiefs, in maple frames £50-70
643.    A black and white photograph of Winston Churchill on horseback, in strip frame, an engraved portrait of Scott, in rosewood frame, and a 19th century hand-coloured photograph of an unknown gentleman, in gilt frame £40-60
644.    A set of three late 19th century colour prints on silk, figures in period costumes, in oak strip frames £50-70
645.    A set of eleven 19th century Japanese woodblock prints, actors, in ebonised strip frames £150-200
646.    After Bosch: a colour print, garden of earthly delights, and a number of other pictures £40-60
647.    After Picasso: a colour print, portrait of a girl with pony tail, Sylvette David, in green chair, in strip frame £60-80
648.    An early 19th century colour print, "The Cricket Match", in ebonised frame £40-60
649.    Ian Nathan: a limited edition coloured print of swans, "Royal Family", 570/600, 14" x 27", in silvered wooden frame £30-50
650.    A 17th century hand-coloured Saxton map of Berkshire, in strip frame £40-60
651.    MAC: an original cartoon, "Can't stop. I've been given a lot of homework", 15" x 21", in black frame £30-50
652.    John Terris RSW: watercolour, view of The Grassmarket Old Edinburgh, label verso, 29" x 19", in deep gilt frame with oak leaf decoration £100-200
653.    An Anglo Indian body colour, tiger hunt with elephant, 21" x 31", in gilt frame £40-60
654.    Vernon Ward, 1976: watercolours and body colour, still life of summer flowers, 12" x 9", in gilt frame £100-150
655.    William Strang: A pencil and chalk study of a man's head, 12" x 11", in silvered frame £30-50
656.    English mid 20th Century School: pen, ink and body colours, still life with preserved game birds, packing cases etc, 14" x 9", in gilt frame, F Herbert: still life with jug, chair and plant, 13 1/2" x 9 1/2", in gilt frame, a study of a musketeer and dog, in wash line mount, and a pastels study of a rocky coastline, in strip frame £40-60
657.    Leo Klin: a set of six pastel portrait studies, 1920s beauties including Lady Eleanor Smith, Lady Kathleen Rollo, Kitty Kinloch and the Hon Pamela Boscowan, stage name Pamela Carm, and Audrey Coals, 12" x 16", in gilt strip frames £200-400
658.    TLB Huskinson: Conte crayon on paper, "The Guy", 8 1/2" x 9 3/4", in wash line mount and gilt frame £40-60
659.    Bardou: watercolour and body colour, Continental street scene with figures, 19 1/2" x 12 1/2", in pine strip frame £60-80
660.    Gerda Loust: watercolours, "Under an Apple Tree", 10 3/4" x 5 3/4", in oak strip frame £20-40
661.    Robert Banks: watercolour, Italian street scene "S Maria dell 'Orazione e Morte", signed and numbered 646, 26" x 19", in cream moulded frame £80-120
662.    Clausen: watercolour, windmill, 11" x 9", in black and gilt frame £20-40
663.    Christine Thozeau: watercolours and cut paper, caravan with newlyweds, 9 3/4" x 12 1/2", in strip frame, and Alison C Masker: a pair of watercolour studies, Venetian palace capitals, 6 1/2" x 10 1/2", in gilt frames £60-80
664.    A collection of 1960s theatrical costume designs for actors including Lynn Redgrave, Glenda Jackson and others £60-80
665.    GH Laporte, 1858: watercolours, horse being put through its paces, 13 1/2" x 19 1/2", in wash line mount and gilt frame £80-120
666.    Gallbon: watercolours, 19th century landscape with distant cottages and church, 9" x 19", in wash line mount and gilt frame £100-150
667.    William Skelton, '27: watercolours and body colour, Highland sportsman eventide, 14" x 11", in gilt frame £80-120
668.    KM Wyatt: watercolours, figure reading a newspaper in workshop, 12" x 9 1/4", in gilt frame £60-80
669.    John R Houston RWS: watercolours, blacksmith's workshop with figures, 13" x 9 1/4", in gilt frame £100-150
670.    John R Houston RWS: watercolours, blacksmith at work, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2", in gilt frame £80-120
671.    Tom Merrifield: a pastel portrait of a ballet dancer, on pink paper, signed, 40" x 25", in green frame £100-150
672.    An early 20th century watercolour, figures by a cottage, 5" x 9", in strip frame, a similar watercolour, garden, 6" x 7", in strip frame, and a larger similar picture £40-60
673.    Peter Rush: BBC TV 77 pencil wash and watercolour, girl leading a horse across a stream, in strip frame, 19" x 24 1/2" £50-70
674.    Fred Mateer: watercolour and body colour, Christmas imps, 7" x 12", in strip frame £50-70
675.    •Louis Icart: a signed mixed media study of a reclining dancer, with blind stamp and dated 1933, 18" x 14", in linen lined frame £1000-1500
676.    English mid 19th century: watercolour, fishing boats in rough seas, 7 1/2" x 11", in gilt frame, English mid 19th century School: watercolours, view of a castle by a river, 10 1/4" x 14", in gilt frame and Humphrey: Cornish coastal scene, in strip frame £60-80
677.    A Mughal/Persian miniature of a girl by a shrine, 7" x 3", in gilt strip frame, and a modern Chinese watercolour £40-60
678.    George J Hosting, 1888: watercolours and body colour, harvest scene, a companion watercolour, figures by a tree, 9" x 13.5", in gilt frames £100-150
679.    Peter Rush: BBC TV - 77, a set of four pen, ink and watercolour studies, myths and legends, in strip frames £100-150
680.    English mid 19th century: watercolour: sunset over downland with sheep in foreground, 8" x 21 1/2", in gilt frame £80-120
681.    A pen, ink and watercolour, figures by a steaming kettle, indistinctly monogrammed and dated '74, 8" x 8", in wash line mount and ebonised strip frame £100-150
682.    A mid 20th century watercolour and body colours, figure in a darkened room, 14" x 21", in strip frame £40-60
683.    An Italian gouache, Pompeian fresco, 4" x 14", in marbled frame £60-80
684.    M Ward: watercolours, young cricket player, 30" x 8", in oak strip frame £40-60
685.    S E Slater, 1885: watercolours, figures on a bank of heather with distant railway and church, 11" x 16", in wash line mount and strip frame £50-70
686.    An early 19th century watercolour, shipping off the Dutch coast, in rough seas, 10 1/2" x 15", in gilt frame £80-120
687.    Philip E Stretton: watercolours and body colour on paper, river scene with figures and oast house, 23 1/2" square, in gilt frame £150-200
688.    Kent Lacey: pastels?, portrait of a girl in a red coat, 28" x 21", in gilt decorated frame £80-120
689.    A modern oil painting, Middle Eastern encampment with figures and camel, 21" x 25", in gilt frame £30-50
690.    Ronzino: oil on canvas, Alpine landscape, 27" x 38.5", in painted frame £80-120
691.    Gastom?: French 19th century oil on oak panel, landscape, 11" x 15", in strip frame £60-80
692.    An oil on canvas, still life of flowers, two similar paintings, and a chalk drawing, still life, framed £40-60
693.    Ludwig Fahl: oil on canvas, landscape with distant mountains, 24" x 32", unframed £60-80
694.    Leo Klin 1953: tempera on board, winter landscape with man, dog and cross, 20 1/2" x 15 1/2", in maple frame £30-50
695.    R Neal: oil on canvas faced board, "Cliff Face", 29 1/2" x 17 1/2", in painted strip frame £30-50
696.    MRC: oil on board, Ewelme Church, 11" x 8 1/2", in painted strip frame £20-40
697.    An oil on canvas, bearded gentleman, 13" x 11", in oak strip frame, and an oil on canvas, still life with brandy balloon and clay pipe, signed Jay Ward, 10" x 7", in gilt strip frame £30-50
698.    An unframed oil painting, Henry VIII and his courtiers, 56" x 44" (damages) £30-50
699.    Haig?: acrylics on canvas, surrealist figure on a beach with birds, glasses, symbols and cups, etc, 71" x 71" unframed £150-200
700.    Attributed to George Moreland: oil on canvas, figures drinking with a dog, cottage in distance, 17" x 14", in gilt frame £80-120
701.    English early 20th century: oil on board, fishing boats off the cliffs of Dover, 8" x 11", in gilt frame £30-50
702.    Peggy Kelly: oil on canvas, study of a Scottie dog, 14.5" x 11", in oak strip frame £30-50
703.    A 19th century Italian oil on canvas, Doges procession on the Grand Canal, 10 3/4" x 13 3/4", in Florentine gilt frame £100-150
704.    An oil on tin, locomotive 503 "Hull - Manchester", 19 1/2" x 24 1/2", unframed £80-120
705.    P Rideout, 1908: oil on board, mail coach, 8" x 15 1/2", in gilt frame £60-80
706.    An early 20th century oil on canvas laid on board, portrait of a girl, unframed £40-60
707.    Two rosewood picture frames and a maple frame £80-120
708.    English mid 20th century: oil on canvas, landscape with distant river, 20" x 27*, unframed, and an oil on canvas, still life of summer flowers, 36" x 26", unframed £60-80
709.    English 19th Century Naive School: battleship with flags, 8 1/2" x 10", in strip frame £60-80
710.    English early 20th century: oil on canvas, young girl holding a crown, 29 1/2" x 24", in gilt strip frame £300-500
711.    No lot
712.    L A Leslie: a pair of 19th century oils on board, stagecoaches, 6 1/2" x 9 1/2", in gilt frames £100-150
713.    An oak and walnut coffer with two arch top panels to front and panelled lid, 41" long £300-400
714.    An Edwardian inlaid two-tier jardiniere stand and a side table £20-40
715.    NO LOT
716.    A Regency rosewood side cabinet fitted white marble top, the base fitted two drawers and cupboard enclosed by two mirror and brass lattice panelled doors, 48" wide (for restoration) £100-200
717.    A William IV mahogany extending table, on turned and reeded supports, 52" x 48", opening to 78" when fully extended £100-200
718.    A set of four Victorian mahogany bar back dining chairs with stuffed over seats, upholstered in a blue fabric, on turned supports £80-120
719.    A Victorian open armchair with oval cane back and seat, scroll shaped arms and another dark stained occasional chair with cane seat £30-50
720.    A 19th Century mahogany chest, fitted two short and four long drawers with ring handles, on bracket supports, 42" wide £80-120
721.    A pair of circular rosewood occasional tables, the tops inset floral marquetry panels, on tripod bases, 19" dia £100-150
722.    A Victorian walnut piano stool with revolving adjustable seat, on three scroll carved supports £50-70
723.    A Spanish wooden coffer with panelled construction decorated brass studs, 35" long £50-70
724.    A 19th century domed top cabin trunk covered in leather, 32" wide £80-120
725.    A late Victorian pedestal display cabinet enclosed by door inset arch glazed panel and gilt metal mounts to uprights and a 19th Century mahogany side chair with shield back and stuffed over seat, on square taper supports £60-80
726.    A pair of Victorian rosewood framed balloon back standard chairs with stuffed over seats, upholstered in original green velvet, on cabriole supports £30-50
727.    A mahogany drop leaf dining table, on pole turned supports, 36" wide £30-50
728.    A 19th century rosewood fold-over top card table, on central baluster-shaped column and circular base with paw feet, 36" wide £100-150
729.    A William IV period mahogany "D" end extending dining table, fitted two centre leaves and hinged ends, on turned and reeded supports, 80" X 47" when fully extended £200-300
730.    No lot £200-300
731.    A 19th century mahogany high backed carver chair with reeded arms and red striped seat £30-50
732.    A dark stained three-tier whatnot, 18" x 12" £60-80
733.    A Victorian walnut fold-over top games table, the top inlaid chess board, fitted frieze drawer on lyre-shaped end supports, 21" wide £80-150
734.    An early 18th century walnut lowboy, the top decorated herringbone stringing, single frieze drawer, on pole turned supports, 29" wide £80-120
735.    An 18th century oval oak drop leaf dining table, fitted end drawer, 36" long £40-60
736.    A late 18th century oval mahogany Pembroke table, fitted end drawer, on square tapered supports, 30" long £60-80
737.    A beech framed easel with Rococo scroll pierced surmount £100-150
738.    A 19th century mahogany cabinet with central glazed cupboard flanked by smaller mirrored cupboards and small drawers, 42" wide £50-70
739.    A grained as rosewood four-tier wall shelf, 18" wide £30-50
740.    A 19th century oak bench, 65" wide £80-120
741.    A Victorian mahogany bar back rocking chair with drop-in seat (for reupholstery) £20-40
742.    A matched set of six 19th century bar back dining chairs with wooden seats, on square tapered supports, and a pair of similar elm bar back chairs £60-80
743.    A 19th century ash and elm Windsor hoop and spindle back armchair, on turned underframe £60-80
744.    A child's 19th century high chair with low bar back and a child's Victorian balloon back chair £50-70
745.    A late Georgian high wing armchair (for reupholstery) £30-50
746.    A William IV period walnut framed deep seat armchair with inverted tulip carved arms £120-180
747.    A mid 18th century walnut bureau, fitted four graduated drawers below, 36" wide £200-300
748.    A late 19th century polished as walnut Davenport desk, fitted lower two door cupboard, 21" wide £60-80
749.    An 18th century oak coffer, three panel front carved roundels, 31" wide £80-120
750.    A late 18th century mahogany hall chair with circular back, decorated central panel painted armorial, on octagonal tapered supports £80-120
751.    A 19th century hall chair with shaped back and dished seat, on shaped panel supports £40-60
752.    An early 18th century walnut chest of two short and three long drawers, on bracket supports, 38" wide £150-250
753.    A carved oak wall shelf with carved decoration, bears date 1677, 26" wide £50-70
754.    A hardwood carved two-tier occasional table, 18" sq £30-50
755.    A 19th century walnut and satinwood banded Wellington chest, fitted five drawers, 15" wide £250-350
756.    A stained as mahogany three-shelf waterfall bookcase, on bracket supports, 36" wide £80-120
757.    A Georgian oak two-stage standing corner cabinet enclosed by plain panelled doors, 23" wide x 80" high £100-200
758.    An 18th century oak dresser with open back, fitted two shelves over base fitted three drawers, on square supports, 66" wide £250-350
759.    An 18th century oak coffer with incised decoration to front, on bracket supports, 43" wide £150-200
760.    A 19th century oak cabinet, fitted three quarter gallery fitted pigeon-holes, enclosed by two plain panelled doors, 30" wide £80-120
761.    A provincial Georgian oak bureau, fitted four short drawers, on square supports, 42" wide £80-120
762.    A 19th century carved oak occasional table with leather top (made up) £20-40
763.    A 19th century mahogany folio stand £80-120
764.    DUPLICATE 735 £60-80
765.    An oval inlaid walnut loo table, on four turned and splayed supports (made up) £30-50
766.    A 19th century Continental mahogany two-stage desk with fall front, the base fitted three drawers, 36" wide £80-120
767.    A Georgian mahogany bowfront chest of two short and three long drawers with turned wooden knobs, on cut away bracket feet, 42" wide £80-120
768.    A 19th century oak chest of two short and four long drawers with ring handles and quadrant pilasters, 48" wide £80-120
769.    A 19th century mahogany double chest, fitted six drawers, 64" wide £80-120
770.    A Victorian black painted metal and brass double bedstead £50-70
771.    A Victorian brass single bedstead £30-50
772.    An early 19th century mahogany wall hung corner cabinet enclosed plain panelled door £40-60
773.    A 19th century Continental walnut two-stage desk with fall front, over base fitted three drawers, 36" wide £80-120
774.    A William IV washstand with hinged top and drop leaves, fitted lower cupboard and drawer, on turned and reeded supports, 20" wide £50-70
775.    A 19th century circular mahogany library table with inlet green tooled leather top, real and dummy frieze drawers, on turned central column and tripod base, 48" dia £200-300
776.    A 19th century mahogany chest, fitted red marble top and three long drawers, 36" wide £60-80
777.    An 18th century oak blanket box with two panel front decorated mitred mouldings, 45" wide £80-120
778.    A bevelled plate cheval mirror (without stand) £20-40
779.    A gilt framed wall mirror, plate 25" x 33" £40-60
780.    A modern wall mirror, in scroll moulded frame with similar wall shelf, two pairs of corbel brackets £40-60
781.    An octagonal chess table with copper and brass decorated top, on tripod base, 29" wide £20-40
782.    An early 20th century oval gilt framed wall mirror with giltwood surmount, carved urn and scrolls, 51" x 27" £80-120
783.    A gilt framed Victorian overmantel mirror, 67" x 55" £100-200
784.    A Victorian gilt framed overmantel mirror with frieze panel decorated floral swags, 53" x 33" £50-70
785.    A 19th century gilt framed overmantel mirror with scroll decorated frieze panel and bevelled plate, 36" x 19" overall £30-50
786.    An oval wall mirror, in cast gilt metal frame with eagle surmount, 15" x 11" overall £30-50
787.    An oval bevelled wall mirror, in gilt and floral decorated barbola frame with ribbon surmount, 31" x 29" £30-50
788.    A shield-shaped swing toilet mirror, on base fitted three drawers, 21" wide £30-50
789.    A 19th century mahogany framed toilet mirror with brass urn finials, 17" wide, and a similar smaller toilet mirror, on turned standards £40-60
790.    An open armchair with arms carved swans' heads £20-40
791.    An Edwardian giltwood framed overmantel mirror decorated flower and bird painted panels, 39" x 44" £50-70
792.    A Regency style giltwood framed convex wall mirror with eagle surmount, 31" high (damages) £80-120
793.    An arch top wooden framed cheval dressing mirror, 16" wide £30-50
794.    DUPLICATE 785 £30-50
795.    A Windsor lath back kitchen armchair £40-60
796.    A 19th century Chinese hardwood medicine chest, fitted twenty drawers with ring handles, 30" wide £100-150
797.    A pair of Indian twin panelled cupboard doors, revealing a Tanka in frame, 28" x 22" £30-50
798.    An early 20th century high backed oak armchair with padded head rest and seat upholstered in a tapestry £50-70
799.    An Edwardian walnut extending dining table, on cabriole supports and pad feet, 60" wide max £20-40
800.    A pair of Louis XVI style standard chairs with oval caned backs £30-50
801.    A Tidmarsh & Godwin oval drop leaf dining table, 62" x 48" when fully extended, and a set of six matching ladder back dining chairs £200-400
802.    An early 20th century armchair, upholstered in a gold brocade, on square supports £40-60
803.    A pair of Thonet bentwood standard chairs with cane backs and seats and a small balloon back chair with cane seat (some damage to cane) £40-60
804.    A set of seven Louis XVI design beech framed dining chairs with oval cane double backs and seats, on turned and fluted supports (6+1) £100-150
805.    A rectangular oak two-tier centre table, on twin turned end supports, 34" x 18", and an early 20th Century walnut shape top two-tier occasional table, on turned and reeded supports, 29 dia £20-40
806.    An Indian carved and pierced four-fold screen, panels 20" wide £30-50
807.    An Ercol 17th century style nest of three elm coffee tables £40-60
808.    A set of six Danish teak framed dining chairs with upholstered back rails and seats £80-120
809.    A late Victorian dark stained salon nursing chair with carved and pierced central splat and stuffed over seat, upholstered in a red and green leaf pattern fabric, an Edwardian inlaid mahogany cane seat occasional chair and a similar chair £30-50
810.    A set of eight Georgian design mahogany shield back dining chairs with backs carved wheat ears (6+2) £60-80
811.    A Brights of Nettlebed mahogany coffee table, on four turned columns and splayed supports, 51" x 32" £30-50
812.    A Victorian ebonised and red decorated wall bracket with pierced and mirror panelled back, 24" wide £30-50
813.    An Arts & Crafts spindle back elbow chair with rush envelope seat £20-40
814.    A Hepplewhite design mahogany ladder back carver chair, decorated pierced back rails and stuffed over seat, and a pair of rush seated standard chairs, backs decorated two rows of spindles £20-40
815.    A 17th century design oak coffee table, 24" wide, a small oak drop leaf coffee table, a child's double school desk and a turned wood standard lamp £20-40
816.    A crossbanded mahogany breakfast table, fitted shallow end drawer and sliding tray, on square supports, 22" wide £20-40
817.    A circular mahogany coffee table with dished top, on four turned supports with Braganza feet, 27" dia £20-40
818.    A set of seven Queen Anne design mahogany dining chairs with drop-in seats, upholstered in a blue trellis pattern fabric (6+1) £60-80
819.    A 17th century design black stained standard chair, upholstered in a nailed brown leather £20-40
820.    An early 20th century polished as mahogany shaped top two-tier occasional table, 26" £40-60
821.    A late Victorian armchair, upholstered in a Caucasian design kelim fabric, on turned supports £200-300
822.    A set of six mahogany dining chairs with three Art nouveau design splats to backs and drop-in seats, on pole turned supports (4+2) £100-160
823.    An hexagonal wicker coffee table, 36" dia, and a rectangular mahogany coffee table, on square supports £30-50
824.    A pair of mahogany single beds with scroll-shaped heads, decorated line inlay £30-50
825.    A pair of Louis XV design giltwood open armchairs, upholstered in a green fabric £50-70
826.    A giltwood bedside table, fitted two drawers with a cane undertier £40-60
827.    A giltwood framed console table with shaped marble top, 29" wide £50-70
828.    A reproduction yew circular single pedestal dining table with centre leaf, 44" dia £30-50
829.    A Korean red lacquer cabinet, fitted two drawers and lower cupboard, 45" wide £80-120
830.    A Korean black and gilt decorated two door cabinet, 29" wide £80-120
831.    A Korean display cabinet with glazed sides and door enclosing glass shelves, over two lower drawers, 35" wide £80-120
832.    An oval oak two-tier coffee table, 34" x 23", and a rectangular two-tier coffee table, fitted two drawers, 35" x 20" £40-60
833.    A plain marble coffee table, on square base, 49" long £50-70
834.    A G Plan teak dressing table, 60" long, with matching circular stool £80-120
835.    A G Plan teak dining suite comprising an extending table, four chairs and a sideboard £150-250
836.    A set of four G Plan coffee tables, the largest 21" wide £80-120
837.    A G Plan coffee table, 33" square £50-70
838.    DUPLICATE 832 £40-60
839.    An ebonised coal purdonium with decorative brass mounts £20-40
840.    A mahogany three-tier folding cakestand £20-40
841.    A glazed table top display cabinet, 21" x 21" £20-40
842.    A rectangular rustic wooden stool with dished seat, on four splayed supports £50-70
843.    A rush seat ladder back armchair and a matching standard chair £30-50
844.    An Edwardian folding bridge table, decorated satinwood banding, and a folding bridge chair £30-50
845.    A 19th century elm carver chair, the back decorated narrow spats and bars, on square fluted supports and a pair of matching standard chairs £60-80
846.    A 20th century dark stained open bookstand, 18" wide £30-50
847.    A small domed top wooden trunk, covered in a nailed leather, 24" wide £30-50
848.    A pair of Edwardian inlaid mahogany occasional chairs with rush seats £20-40
849.    A stained wooden framed display cabinet, fitted two glass shelves enclosed by sliding glass doors, emblazoned "Cadbury's Chocolates", 32" x 17" x 28" high (glass cracked) £50-70
850.    A verdigris finish metal torchere with reeded column, on circular base with paw feet £30-50
851.    A cast iron book press, on wooden stand, fitted two drawers £50-70
852.    A Victorian circular giltwood footstool, on bamboo turned supports, and TWO other footstools £30-50
853.    An oak gun stand for four guns, 18" wide, and a wall mounted fishing rod rack £30-50
854.    A staved wooden barrel, on four supports, and a two-handled slatted wooden bin £80-120
855.    A 19th century polished as mahogany six-drawer specimen cabinet with hinged top, 13" wide £100-150
856.    A set of three floral print fabric covered boxes, mounted in a cream painted wooden frame, and a Remy Martin wooden wall cabinet, fitted five glasses £30-50
857.    PART 843 £30-50
858.    A Lloyd Loom tub back armchair with sprung seat £20-40
859.    A carpenter's black painted pine tool box with assorted tools £40-60
860.    A pine cupboard enclosed two doors with metal strap hinges, 40" wide £100-150
861.    A set of four Oriental coffee tables, the tops inset carved panels, 19" wide £60-80
862.    A Victorian walnut chest of two short and one long drawer, on turned supports, 48" wide £30-50
863.    A polished as mahogany low cupboard enclosed two panelled doors, 25" wide, and a pink wicker ottoman £30-50
864.    A modern brass framed club fender, upholstered in a green leather, 48" long £50-70
865.    A set of six spindle back dining chairs with carved top rails, saddle-shaped wooden seats, on turned underframes £50-70
866.    A sloping wooden desk top with panelled back, 24" wide, and a walnut semicircular hall table, on cabriole supports £30-50
867.    A 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, on plinth base £50-70
868.    A Scandinavian painted pine table, fitted one drawer, on turned and stretchered supports, top 53" x 34" £80-120
869.    A 19th century pine kitchen table, fitted drawer, on turned supports, 42" x 33" £50-70
870.    A 19th century pine two-stage bookcase, the upper section enclosed two glazed doors over base fitted cupboard enclosed two doors decorated lozenges, 37" wide £100-200
871.    A 19th century pine sideboard, the back fitted central mirror and four open shelves over base fitted cupboard enclosed arch panel doors, 50" wide £100-150
872.    A pine open bookcase, fitted three adjustable shelves and reeded uprights, 48" wide £50-70
873.    A Victorian pitch pine and line inlaid chest of two short and three long graduated drawers, on block base, 42" wide £200-400
874.    DUPLICATE 873
875.    A waxed pine kitchen dresser with boarded back fitted two shelves, over base fitted five drawers and two cupboards, 62" wide £150-250
876.    A waxed pine kitchen dresser with boarded back, fitted two shelves, over base fitted three drawers and cupboards, 74" wide £150-250
877.    A pine two-stage kitchen cupboard enclosed by sliding doors £100-200
878.    A French pine kitchen table, fitted three drawers and slide, 54" x 32" £150-250
879.    A pine three-tier wall shelf, 23" wide, and a three-tier book trough £40-60
880.    A tall narrow pine open bookcase, fitted adjustable shelves, 18" wide £40-60
881.    A dark stained pine wall cabinet enclosed two glazed doors, 36" wide £30-50
882.    A 19th century pine wall hung corner cabinet with plain panelled door, 42" wide £40-60
883.    A pine cupboard enclosed two boarded doors, 54" x 84" high £100-150
884.    A pine writing desk, fitted two frieze drawers and two shelf bookcase over, 30" wide £30-50
885.    A wooden ottoman with hinged top, inset fabric panel, 33" long £30-50
886.    A 19th century pine alcove standing corner cupboard, fitted two shaped front shelves and lower cupboard, 36" wide £60-80
887.    A French wooden wheelbarrow £30-50
888.    A cast cement garden urn, painted cream, 23" high, and a small metal shell bird bath £40-60
889.    A pair of black painted cast iron garden urns, on square bases, 27" high £100-150
890.    A black painted cast iron garden urn, on square base, and a similar urn, 14" high (edge damaged) £50-70
891.    A black cast iron garden urn, on hexagonal base, 20" high £50-70
892.    Two part Jaques croquet sets, in wooden boxes £80-120
893.    A stone corbel, carved medieval grotesque face £50-70
894.    A set of green and gilt painted personal weighing scales £50-70
895.    A Pether solid fuel stove, in brass case, 21" wide £100-200
896.    A Midland steel safe with key, 12" x 13" x 20" high £50-70
897.    A stone corbel, carved medieval grotesque face £30-50
898.    A Kazak rug decorated central ivory medallion on a red ground with three border stripes, 48" x 30" approx, and a similar rug (both worn) £50-70
899.    A Tabriz carpet decorated central blue floral medallion and spandrels on a red floral ground with three border stripes, 120" x 100" approx £80-120
900.    A Heriz design silky pile rug on a beige ground, 110" x 79" approx £80-120
901.    A Bokhara design silky pile rug on a red ground, 110" x 79" approx £80-120
902.    A Heriz design silky pile rug on a red ground, 91" x 63" approx £60-80
903.    A Keshan design silky pile rug on a blue ground, 91" x 63" approx £60-80
904.    A Keshan design silky pile rug on a beige ground, 75" x 55" approx £50-70
905.    A Keshan design silky pile rug on a red ground, 75" x 55" approx £50-70
906.    A Caucasian prayer rug decorated stylised motifs on an ivory ground with three border stipes, 55" x 36" approx £40-60
907.    A Caucasian rug decorated double anchor medallion on a black ground with numerous border stripes £50-70
908.    A Persian design rug decorated Herati pattern on a red ground with border, 64" x 33" approx, and another rug decorated Caucasian style rectangles £30-50
909.    A Kazak rug decorated blue and ivory hexagonal medallion on a red ground with three border stripes, 82" x 67" approx £100-150
910.    A Persian prayer rug decorated stepped mihrab on a red ground with five border stripes £50-70
911.    A Bokhara rug decorated three octagonal guls on a red ground, 57" x 32" approx, and a smaller rug, 39" x 26" approx £30-50
912.    A Persian design rug on a gold ground with border £30-50